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Hi I'm Annie. I'm a former symphony violinist turned blogger and and mommy to 6. I now run baby blog at https://babypinch.com and an Etsy Shop called Baby Pinch Designs https://www.etsy.com/shop/BabyPinchDesigns where I specialize in personalized baby shower coloring books. I also create wordpress sites and landing pages do some social media management for clients.

You can say I am a creative person with an insatiable desire to learn new things while balancing many hats! I've tried quite a few ways to make money online and have gone through ups and downs, including a baby teething shop on Amazon I called Chew-Choos.

I'm hoping to add a nice sustainable income stream through affiliate marketing to help me reach my financial goals and build up my Etsy shop too. Looking forward to learning more fun tricks!
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As many hours as it takes while still leaving quality time for my family.
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Feb 7, 2020
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AnnieHerman Premium
How much money per month would you be happy earning?

How much money per month would allow you to live the ideal lifestyle?

How many hours per week are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
As many hours as it takes while still leaving quality time for my family.
Completely agree.
Kyle Premium Plus
I absolutely know this is possible and with the community that you have behind you here at Wealthy Affiliate along with all the tools, training, support and help you have available to you, I fully believe you are going to achieve all of your goals and then some!

I look forward to working with you Annmarie and seeing these goals become a reality. :)
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Aussiemuso Premium Plus
Hi Annie and welcome to our very happy community. We are so glad you have decided to go Premium and build a successful online business.

All you need is available here in the lessons, there is a chat and a question bar at the top of your page. No need to ever feel alone.

Enjoy your journey
allancurtis Premium
Welcome to WA Premium status ...

I am following you and invite you to follow back so we can be connected in this great community! This recent article explains the network "Following" program ... hope you find it of interest. Wishing you great success in your business venture ... enjoy the journey throughout 2020 and into the future!

"Awaken Your Potential"
NERunners77 Premium Plus
Hello and Welcome to Wealthy Affiliates...
Congrats on joining and choosing to upgrade to premium!!!!

Please be sure to look around and discover all of the benefits you get through WA Premium, especially the community and all it has to offer. There is outstanding training materials, and if you follow those step by step it will explain all you need to progress successfully.

Also be sure to check into the Live Events videos which are outstanding and cover just about any topic you'd need help with.

Finally, utilize the combined experience of the community by reaching out as soon as you have questions/challenges along the way. Everyone is very glad to help and share their expertise.

Best of Luck, Good Luck on Your Journey, and Don't Hesitate to Ask for Help,
Best Regards,
Joes946 Premium
Welcome to Premium where you'll meet lots of new friends, enjoy great training and support. Feel free to follow me and ask for questions if you need help.
Be sure to do each of the lessons and at the end of each lesson is a place for questions to Kyle, especially if you don't understand something.
We welcome you to blog here at WA and let us know how you're doing. Just remember to not put your website in your blog. That goes in your profile, where there is a place to put it. Just click on the Pen at the top of your dashboard, click on "blog at WA", write your title, choose your opening photo from the thousands of photos available and begin to write.
You will have a lot of questions. That’s normal. Most of your questions have been answered in the lessons, blogs, videos and tutorials. Ask questions at the end of each lesson. There is a place at the top of your WA dashboard where you can ask a question. Also, the chat roll is there to ask questions.
We're glad you're here and hope you enjoy your journey at WA.
AnnieHerman Premium
Thanks for the helpful advice. I was a little confused about the WA blog system ;)
izzraamiga Premium
Hello Annie...Great to have you here at WA. This is an incredible community and you will be amazed by all the people here.
Wishing you a great 2020 and success

And if you ever do need a hand with anything, you have an entire community of support behind you .