New features for Wealthy Affiliate Members

Most will know by now that Carson, Kyle and the WA team have been hard at work behind the scenes for our benefits. Just recently they introduced two amazing feature that will benefit all here in WA.

Adding Images via SiteContent

In a nutshell SiteContent which was created earlier on is for new posts and pages you wish to create and add to your website.

But now allows you add Images at the same time.

Once you are ready to publish your great work, you simply click publish and it will not only place your content on your website but also compressed the images you have chosen for that page or post.

It is my understanding I could be wrong but the image feature is for Premium members only.

As I said this is a quick explanation so please read Carson’s Post on his link shown below

For more detailed information on SiteContent Images here is Carson’s Blog below

This is great leap forward which Wealthy Affiliate has worked hard on and to the WA team, Carson and Kyle thank you so much.

The Second feature which will also relates to my training is PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights

Apart from creating great content which I know you are capable of another important aspect is to add images within the great work you have created.

This is because many people are visual by nature and adding images can make your page or posts more inclined to keep your reader experience in staying longer on your website with the aim of clicking a link from your image that will take them to the affiliate program you are part of.

Unfortunately or fortunately the size of images can also affect the speed of your website and this is where the PageSpeed Insights come into play as well along with the training below.

Too large a size can slow down your website to the point if it takes too long your visitors can easily be turned off and leave your website before it loads up which can easily lead to a loss of a potential customer and a sale or commission.

On the other hand having an image that has been compressed to it smallest size without compromising the image quality can easily help your page or post load up quickly giving the user a better quality experience.

There are other factors to help improve your PageSpeed but here we are just discussing the Image portion.

If you are not sure on how fast your website is loading you can go to SiteRubix then SiteManager and on the right-hand side relating to your website you will find the word Details click on that and all your pages and posts will be on display showing your current PageSpeed.

Note that with Google’s PageSpeed Insights you will need to manually enter each URL relating to your page or post but in SiteManager as mentioned above you can see all your pages and posts in one hit a big-time savers just there.

Example of PageSpeed Insights feature.

Here is an example of how it would look using the PageSpeed Insights with the SiteContent for Wealthy Affiliate Members.

You can also see when it was last Scanned along with a Refresh button which is very important along with a big G.

Clicking on this Big G takes you directly to Google’s PageSpeed Insights which will give you your results as is.

It will tell you what issues you may have that could be slowing down your website and most of the time it will be your images that can be reduced further.

For more information on PageSpeed here is Carson’s Blog below.

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SadieChan Premium
Thanks, Andrej.
By the way, do you know of any software that can convert your photo image into a transparent background?
SadieChan Premium
Thanks so much Andrej, will look into those links.
apache1 Premium Plus
Great Sadie let me know how they all go.
LouisaB Premium
Excellent tutorial. Thank you for sharing this detailed information.
apache1 Premium Plus
Thank you Louisa hope this will hope when in need.
Have great weekend
Judy-B Premium
Hi Andre,
Thank you for the tutorial. I did not know about the site speed. I like that. All very helpful. Yeah to the WA team. Nice to see you here. Best wishes. :)
apache1 Premium Plus
Thanks, Judy yes yeah to the WA team there are awesome and there is more to come.

Great to hear from your too Judy.

Have a wonderful weekend coming up. :)
Judy-B Premium
You have a great weekend as well. :)
apache1 Premium Plus
I will thanks Judy :)
Triblu Premium
Great tutorial Andre!
Tagged, shared and "Liked".
apache1 Premium Plus
Thank you Trish,
Tagged shared and "liked" love that.
Have an awesome weekend
moniquerene Premium
Nice article apache1, thank you! I am under the impression that to compress site images that I have to do this one at a time and re-upload, so I have not done it even though Google says I need to. All my Google speed buttons are yellow.

Looks like Carson's Blog says this is now resolved with the new automatic image compression software, yes! :) So my buttons should be turning GREEN soon!
apache1 Premium Plus
Hi Monique

Thanks for the comment and visit much appreciated.

As the lesson explains you can compress up to 20 images in one hit as long as they don't exceed 25MB which is all explained in the training above.

This will enable you to download it to your computer.

Once done if you are downloading to your websites media library you can download them either one at a time if you wish or click and highlight a few from your computer to the media library on your website and it can download them.

All is explained in the training above.

As for you having yellow for your speed you still need to click the refresh button which I explained in the above lesson.

The first step is to ensure that you have the Site speed is turned on.

Go to SiteRubix the SiteManager then details bottom right. just like in the lesson above.

Ensure that all three which are Site speed, Site SSL and Site Protect are all turned on and green.

That is the first part which has nothing to do with images but can help increase your speed as well.

Then scroll down and you will see all your pages and post showing the colour if they are green then that is fine as far as WA is concerned but you should also hit the refresh button as this will update your new results with Google's insights.

Once you have clicked the refresh button then hit that Big G to your right which will take you to Google's speed insights and you will find that you should have the same colour as in WA.

All this is explained above.

Now if your score is still low and yellow they will give you further insights on where you can improve to increase your scores.

As I stated in the training this is only about images but there can be other factors which can keep your speed lower.

Hope this all helps.
moniquerene Premium
You're training is fine. Something else is strange . . .

1. Site speed is on
2. I am only using images
3. I have refreshed several times, still yellow buttons
4. Big G analysis says all is optimized except for WA affiliate links and compressed images?

apache1 Premium Plus
Might need to check with support in case there is some issue their end.
moniquerene Premium
Software issue. It's being looked into. TY