I kind of touched on how to find best of posts in the last section but I'm going to show you every way I find them.

You can usually find hundreds of you pick the right niche.

There tends to be three kinds of best of posts:

1) Best of posts (best dog houses)

2) Best of posts with year (best dog houses 2019)

3) Specific best of best of posts (bes dog houses for small houses)

All of these works but for more competitive keywords the second two work best because they're less competition. But if you can rank for regular "best dog houses" that'll bring you in the most traffic.

Here's how you find them:

First is to just go to the niche in Amazon and check out the best sellers.

Below is the best sellers for pet supplies

To find best of lists you just click on each section and see the different categories you get.

For instance let's check out cats:

If you check these keywords in JAAXY you'll see if the keyword is worth pursuing.

For example if you check out cat beds you'll see:

best cat beds: traffic - 147, QSR 161

Best cat beds 2019: traffic - 56, QSR 40

For this keyword you'd write it with the year because it's less competitive. You can update it every year without re-writing it as well by just switching the year and re-rank.

If you want to find more specific best of posts click on each section and see what you get.

Let's click on grooming and see what we get:

"Best cat hair removal brush gets traffic," "best cat shampoo gets traffic," "best cat nail clippers gets traffic."

These are very good long tail, low competition keywords that will definitely lead to sales and good traffic.

You'll want to do this for other well known pet supply retailer websites as well like Petsmart, Petco, Chewy and more.

Next you'll want to do the alphabet keyword technique and type into google "best cat a" "best cat b" "best cat c" and let Google autofill each section and see what you get:

So as you can see "best cat backpack" gets traffic, "best cat box" gets traffic, "best cat calming products" gets traffic and so on.

You'll want to go through the alphabet and just create a list of best of keywords.

You can also find specific best of posts for broader keywords by putting in "for" after the keyword.

For example "best dog bed for" and see what autophills:

You can do it this way as well: "Best a for dogs" "best b for dogs" and so on.

Here's what you get:

By now you should have a pretty substantial amount of best of posts to target.

But there's even more out there and the next step is competitor research.

Basically you just type in some of the keywords into Google and see who's already ranking.

After that you look at the sites and see what best of posts they're writing.

Let's try by Googling "best dog beds 2019"

Here's an obvious affiliate site that is on the first page for the search term:


Now just go to their blog and see what they're targeting:

"best dog ball launchers"

"Best dog ramps"

"best electronic dog doors"

"best dog shampoos"

"best dog anxiety vests"

And a lot more.

You can go a step further and put the domain into Alexa.com or Similarweb.com and you'll some of their top keywords.

Here's an example from The Pets Master:

This may not be 100% accurate but you can still find some good keywords this way.

Lastly, you'll want to find best of posts that may be popular in future. The reason for this is if you can be the first one to create a best of posts you'll be guaranteed page 1 and you may even rank without the word "best" and rank for just the term.

This usually means finding technologically advanced products and a good place to find them is a place like this:


Just type in "dog" there and see what comes up.

This is what I got:

Automatic poop scooper..

Dog fitness tracker..

automatic cat feeder..

Wearable dog camera..

These are keywords that may not show up in JAAXY as getting traffic but can in the future.

One hot keyword can change everything. I've had single best of posts make me more than $1000 a month and they were like this - new technology and I was the first to create a best of post around it.

You definitely want to mix in best of posts like this one.

If you want to read more about best of posts you can read the following trainings/posts about them below:



The first one is training I did on best of posts with the year and the second is a post I did that goes over specific best of posts.

Tasks 0/4 completed
1. Find best of posts
2. Research best of lists
3. Research them
4. Go over to Amazon and find keywords

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Safia369 Premium Plus
Hi Dylan,

I just got question. The best seller for any niche will be different from Amazon.com, and Amazon.com.au, and Amazon.com.uk, Amazon.com.ca as we know.

In this case, we will have limitless product to review and make best of list. Am I right?

Note: I know that Amazon made onelink possible for associated affiliates.

Have nice day.
Safia369 Premium Plus
Hello friend,

I got what you mean about using YT NOW.
We use the YT to get rid of competition so we can make video with keyword not the same as that used into the article ( the same meaning) to drive traffic to the website.

It just WOW. YouTube is easy and great.
skmorrow Premium
One more question. I completely understand not adding affiliate links to a review until it gets some decent traffic. But why link from an individual review (without an affiliate link) back to a "best of" post? Maybe I am not reading that right?

As a reader, I would be irritated if I am looking at a product review and am not directed to a place to buy that product.
AndrewMichae Premium Plus
Hi Steve,

That post may contain further information relevant to the reader. And it makes sense to have affiliate links in a best-of post.

Also, creating internal backlinks within your site adds up to good SEO.

Hope this helps.

All the best.
skmorrow Premium
Yes, I understand the value of internal links. I edited my question, I don't think I asked it correctly. If I am reading a product review as a consumer, I probably want a link to buy that product, not a link to a "best of" post.
Zarina Premium Plus
I would link to the product sale page too. Of course, interlinking it somewhere like "best ____" and then affiliate link to that particular product.

Same with best of posts - I link to an individual product review then an affiliate link.

Hope this helps, Steve.
skmorrow Premium
Yes, that's what I was thinking too. Internal links are excellent.

I understand not adding an affiliate link to a review until it gets' some decent traffic, that sounds like a good idea.
Zarina Premium Plus
Yeah for sure. Once you get traffic, def add links, and make sure you have a few really at the top so people click on those.
skmorrow Premium
I don't understand this part:

(it would be kind of suspicious to the reader if all your links just went to Pet Care Supplies).

Why would it be suspicious if all the links point to Pet Care Supplies? We link to Amazon all the time with these "best of" posts and that isn't suspicious, is it?
AndrewMichae Premium Plus
Hi Steve,

it probably means that a reader may not think you're unbiased when it comes to products from Pet Care Supplies.

By having Amazon and maybe another 1 or 2 affiliate programs you don't just look like a salesperson for Pet Care Supplies.

Hope this helps

All the best
skmorrow Premium
Not really, because normally we just look like salespeople for Amazon. Most affiliate programs (in my experience) will not approve a brand new website until you have some traffic. Amazon gives you a chance, with 180 days to make 3 sales. That's why so many people start with Amazon.
AndrewMichae Premium Plus
Perhaps. And Amazon isn't just Amazon. They're also a marketplace for other sellers to have profiles and sell products.
Zarina Premium Plus
I think people just got used to Amazon, that if you link to anything else it might be unfamiliar for them. Even for my niche I mostly link to Amazon and then I have another link to a specific store specific in my niche.
earlofpearl Premium Plus
Hey I learn a lot from this course and never really mention, one question on lesson 8, Why use that funnel only when you making money already? What about if you have all these FREE bonus on freeway?
I think its very well done, and I trying that, It wouldn't cost me cause I have the products (bonus) to give.