Before we get into the training I want to talk about what I believe are some essential do's and don'ts of affiliate marketing.

Give Results Time (But Not Too Much Time)

If you're creating a blog and trying to build an affiliate marketing through SEO, it takes time. This is especially true if you're a beginner.

You have to learn how to create good content, keyword research, picking a niche, and a whole bunch more that goes into building an online business.

Chances are you're not going to be seeing any tangible results in the first 3 to 6 months if you're brand new

I've created websites that made $2,000 per month in 6 months but that's after having years of experience and the discipline to write every day.

However, if you've written 100 pieces of content and are getting no traffic or making no money it's time to go back to drawing board and rethink your keyword strategy/niche.

Stick With One Site At A Time

Do you know why I'm making this training and made other trainings that give away exactly what I do to make money?

Because there's a million different niches out there that I'm not afraid of competition. The odds of you picking my niche and my keywords and really being any threat is minimal.

After going through this training you might get a hundred ideas. And guess what? A lot of those are probably good ideas and will make you money.

But you'll never get success if you're juggling too much at once.

Until you have enough money to scale out and hire writers you HAVE to stick to one niche.

One successful website is more than enough to take up all your time, trust me.

Money Keywords

Info content is actually hard to rank for if you're in any sort of competitive niche. Info articles tend to be hard to monetize too.

You'd have to link further to reviews, collect emails or make money from running ads.

The truth is reviews and best of lists tend to be easier to rank for and are much easier to make money.

In a perfect world you'd write 30% best of lists, 30% reviews, and 30% info articles.

But you can honestly get away with not writing any info articles as long as you don't put affiliate links in all your reviews (just put links in the ones getting you traffic).

Competitive Niches Are Fine But Super Competitive Keywords Aren't

Google is ever evolving and in my opinion Google prefers corporate brands over smaller ones (this is ESPECIALLY true in certain niches).

When I created my last training a couple years ago you could rank for "Best wireless Routers" but it would be pretty hard to do that now.

If you type "best wirelss routers 2019" there's 9 corporate websites that get millions of views a month and have multi-million dollar content budgets.

There's only one affiliate site on page one and I think I know who's the creator of the site. This person is a superstar link builder and goes as far as setting up charities to make donations to colleges to get links from .edu websites.

I've never gone too far into link building and wouldn't even know how to do it.

The point I'm trying to make is super broad and competitive keywords are very hard to rank for. This goes for best of lists and reviews.

Keywords like iphone 11 review, best smartphones, best laptops 2020 and keywords like that I would stay away from.

You can still do competitive niches like technology, health and niches like that. Just don't expect to rank for the crazy competitive keywords in Google (Youtube you still can).

Youtube Is A MUST

Competitive keywords are in play on Youtube.

Keywords I couldn't rank for in a million years in Google can still be targeted in Youtube.

Compare the results for the keyword "best smartwatches 2019" in Google and Youtube.

In Google the search results is the same as wireless routers - super competitive and dominated by multi-million dollar brands.

Can you beat them? Maybe but I wouldn't know how to do it.

Check the results on Youtube now. You see channels like 10bestones, The 5 Best, Too Much Tech and channels like that.

None of these videos actually show the watches and are made for very cheap. I'll show you how to make them later in the training.

Your face doesn't need to be on camera, you don't need the products and all you need is a good mic ($50) and a good editing software ($100 to $200).

You can make quality Youtube videos with that.

So there's nothing to be afraid of with Youtube and it's necessary that you do Youtube.

Consistent Effort Brings Success

If you're not willing to give affiliate marketing AT LEAST 10 hours a week you shouldn't even bother.

Making money online is like exercising. If you do 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there and only do it for 3 months you'll get zero results.

However, if you do 1 hour a day 4 to 5 days a week for a whole year you're guaranteed to get results. It's science.

The same is with affiliate marketing.

You need to give your online business at least 10 hours until you can hire a writer. When you hire a writer you can literally give less than 30 minutes a week to your business.

Create Quality Content

You don't have to make the worlds best content and it doesn't have to be perfect but it does have to be quality and honest.

If you're writing content it should probably be at least 1500 words. Anything less than that probably won't gain much traction in Google.

Be Flexible With The Training

Some niches best of posts are best. For example products that have a lot of different categories and are broad (outdoos, cars, computer gaming, etc.).

Other niches individual reviews work best like in the make money at home niche and niches that are specific (like if you did a niche around workout supplements or blenders).

Some niches paid traffic works very well. This is when you have really just a couple of products that solve a problem like a dating course or something like that.

So don't just follow what's in this training verbatim. You have to learn your niche, reflect on what works and expand on it.

Start With Organic Traffic

Year one you should focus entirely on organic traffic which includes best of posts, reviews, vs. articles, info posts and Youtube.

Do that until you're making $1000 a month.

After that worry about adding ads, hiring writers and paid traffic.

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Safia369 Premium Plus
Hi Dylan,

I just got question. The best seller for any niche will be different from, and, and, as we know.

In this case, we will have limitless product to review and make best of list. Am I right?

Note: I know that Amazon made onelink possible for associated affiliates.

Have nice day.
Safia369 Premium Plus
Hello friend,

I got what you mean about using YT NOW.
We use the YT to get rid of competition so we can make video with keyword not the same as that used into the article ( the same meaning) to drive traffic to the website.

It just WOW. YouTube is easy and great.
skmorrow Premium
One more question. I completely understand not adding affiliate links to a review until it gets some decent traffic. But why link from an individual review (without an affiliate link) back to a "best of" post? Maybe I am not reading that right?

As a reader, I would be irritated if I am looking at a product review and am not directed to a place to buy that product.
AndrewMichae Premium Plus
Hi Steve,

That post may contain further information relevant to the reader. And it makes sense to have affiliate links in a best-of post.

Also, creating internal backlinks within your site adds up to good SEO.

Hope this helps.

All the best.
skmorrow Premium
Yes, I understand the value of internal links. I edited my question, I don't think I asked it correctly. If I am reading a product review as a consumer, I probably want a link to buy that product, not a link to a "best of" post.
Zarina Premium Plus
I would link to the product sale page too. Of course, interlinking it somewhere like "best ____" and then affiliate link to that particular product.

Same with best of posts - I link to an individual product review then an affiliate link.

Hope this helps, Steve.
skmorrow Premium
Yes, that's what I was thinking too. Internal links are excellent.

I understand not adding an affiliate link to a review until it gets' some decent traffic, that sounds like a good idea.
Zarina Premium Plus
Yeah for sure. Once you get traffic, def add links, and make sure you have a few really at the top so people click on those.
skmorrow Premium
I don't understand this part:

(it would be kind of suspicious to the reader if all your links just went to Pet Care Supplies).

Why would it be suspicious if all the links point to Pet Care Supplies? We link to Amazon all the time with these "best of" posts and that isn't suspicious, is it?
AndrewMichae Premium Plus
Hi Steve,

it probably means that a reader may not think you're unbiased when it comes to products from Pet Care Supplies.

By having Amazon and maybe another 1 or 2 affiliate programs you don't just look like a salesperson for Pet Care Supplies.

Hope this helps

All the best
skmorrow Premium
Not really, because normally we just look like salespeople for Amazon. Most affiliate programs (in my experience) will not approve a brand new website until you have some traffic. Amazon gives you a chance, with 180 days to make 3 sales. That's why so many people start with Amazon.
AndrewMichae Premium Plus
Perhaps. And Amazon isn't just Amazon. They're also a marketplace for other sellers to have profiles and sell products.
Zarina Premium Plus
I think people just got used to Amazon, that if you link to anything else it might be unfamiliar for them. Even for my niche I mostly link to Amazon and then I have another link to a specific store specific in my niche.
earlofpearl Premium
Hey I learn a lot from this course and never really mention, one question on lesson 8, Why use that funnel only when you making money already? What about if you have all these FREE bonus on freeway?
I think its very well done, and I trying that, It wouldn't cost me cause I have the products (bonus) to give.