Picking a niche and picking an affiliate program goes hand in hand.

For example, certain niches do better with Amazon's affiliate program and other niches do better with private affiliate programs (like the make money at home niche and Wealthy Affiliate's affiliate program).

In a perfect world you'd pick a niche that you can write a lot of best of lists and reviews. In this case you could combine Amazon's program with a private program.

Camping/outdoors would be a good example

When writing your best of lists you can link to Amazon and you could create individual reviews and link to an outdoor's affiliate program like Backcountry or Rei.

A lot of times Amazon won't have the newest outdoor gear and Backcountry and Rei will. It just helps to be a part of both programs.

My advice is if you have a niche or hobby where there's a chance at good commissions ($10+ per sale) I would just go with that niche. It'll be easier to write content and make Youtube videos if you know the niche well.

But if you don't have a hobby like that and need help picking a niche follow these rules:

  • Must be a niche where products are actually bought online (a niche around sheds or huge products like that are products people like to buy in person).
  • Must get at least $5 per sale (anything less than that you'll need a lot of traffic to make it work)
  • Must have a ton of reviews or best of list content (having both is optimal).

Here's how I would go about finding a niche on Amazon:

Step 1

Type into Google "Amazon Best Sellers" and you'll find this page:


On the side you'll see they have every single department in alphabetical order (potential niches).

Step 2

Click on a department that interests you. Let's say Pet Supplies interests you. This is what happens when you hit Pet Supplies:


You get brought to a best seller page for pet supplies where they break things into more potential niches:

You can honestly make a pet supplies website on each section or all of them. Just have a general pet supplies site and have a section for each animal group.

Step 3

Pick one of the sub groups and see what products and categories come up. Let's say you're interested in dog supplies:


As you can see they break down into even more categories that can be turned into best of lists:

So right here you can see a ton of best of lists:

  • Best dog toys
  • Best dog monitors
  • Best dog grooming supplies
  • Best dog training aids

and more.

If you click on each section you'll get even more ideas. For instance, if you hit health supplies you get this:


There's even more best of lists. Best dog dental care products, best dog digestive aids, best dog ear care products and more.

Obviously there would be a ton of products to review too.

So in my opinion dog/pet supply niche is a winner (you can just focus on dogs or incorporate other animals in as well).

There's enough content here to last you years to write and dogs and pet care is a niche that's not going away.

If pet supplies isn't your thing just do what I just did in each department until one niche jumps out at you.

Step 4

Next you'll want to see if there's any affiliate programs for dogs and pet supplies.

Search "best dog supply affiliate program" and Google and compare options.

The first result actually comes from Nate's website One More Cup Of Coffee and you'll see he already did all the hard work for you and compared the best programs against each other:


The top program (Pet Care Supplies) offers 10% to 13% sales commissions with 60 days cookies. That's much better than Amazon's 8% with 24 hour cookies.

I'd probably sign up for both and maybe one more. I wouldn't get carried away and join a hundred different programs, though.

What I would do is write my best of lists and link to both Pet Care Supplies and Amazon (it would be kind of suspicous to the reader if all your links just went to Pet Care Supplies).

When writing individual reviews I would review Amazon products but not link to them.

Instead I would just put a link to one of your reviews that links to Pet Care Supplies best product ot just link to your best of post.

For instance let's say you're writing dog digestive product reviews.

Let's say you decide to write 10 reviews. I would only put an affiliate link in the best one that goes to Pet Care Supplies and I would just link to that review in your other reviews. Put a button on your reviews that says something like "see my top pick for dog digestive products."

The reason for this is you don't want all of your content to have affiliate links in them.

If you have a review getting a ton of product I would throw an affiliate link in it, though.

Your goal now is going to make a brand in this niche and make money. You do this through content (reviews + best of lists + Vs. articles), Youtube (best of lists work good on Youtube), Running ads on your site (Ads like Adsense and Mediavine can make you thousands a month if you have good traffic), doing paid advertising and collecting emails (There's a process for this and running ads on Youtube is working well now), and hiring writers to scale.

The rest of this training will show you how you would go about doing all of this in the pet supplies/dog niche (obviously everything coming up can be used in any niche).

Tasks 0/4 completed
1. Look on Amazon for niches
2. niche selection
3. Find a niche that interests you
4. affiliate programs

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Safia369 Premium Plus
Hi Dylan,

I just got question. The best seller for any niche will be different from Amazon.com, and Amazon.com.au, and Amazon.com.uk, Amazon.com.ca as we know.

In this case, we will have limitless product to review and make best of list. Am I right?

Note: I know that Amazon made onelink possible for associated affiliates.

Have nice day.
Safia369 Premium Plus
Hello friend,

I got what you mean about using YT NOW.
We use the YT to get rid of competition so we can make video with keyword not the same as that used into the article ( the same meaning) to drive traffic to the website.

It just WOW. YouTube is easy and great.
skmorrow Premium
One more question. I completely understand not adding affiliate links to a review until it gets some decent traffic. But why link from an individual review (without an affiliate link) back to a "best of" post? Maybe I am not reading that right?

As a reader, I would be irritated if I am looking at a product review and am not directed to a place to buy that product.
AndrewMichae Premium Plus
Hi Steve,

That post may contain further information relevant to the reader. And it makes sense to have affiliate links in a best-of post.

Also, creating internal backlinks within your site adds up to good SEO.

Hope this helps.

All the best.
skmorrow Premium
Yes, I understand the value of internal links. I edited my question, I don't think I asked it correctly. If I am reading a product review as a consumer, I probably want a link to buy that product, not a link to a "best of" post.
Zarina Premium Plus
I would link to the product sale page too. Of course, interlinking it somewhere like "best ____" and then affiliate link to that particular product.

Same with best of posts - I link to an individual product review then an affiliate link.

Hope this helps, Steve.
skmorrow Premium
Yes, that's what I was thinking too. Internal links are excellent.

I understand not adding an affiliate link to a review until it gets' some decent traffic, that sounds like a good idea.
Zarina Premium Plus
Yeah for sure. Once you get traffic, def add links, and make sure you have a few really at the top so people click on those.
skmorrow Premium
I don't understand this part:

(it would be kind of suspicious to the reader if all your links just went to Pet Care Supplies).

Why would it be suspicious if all the links point to Pet Care Supplies? We link to Amazon all the time with these "best of" posts and that isn't suspicious, is it?
AndrewMichae Premium Plus
Hi Steve,

it probably means that a reader may not think you're unbiased when it comes to products from Pet Care Supplies.

By having Amazon and maybe another 1 or 2 affiliate programs you don't just look like a salesperson for Pet Care Supplies.

Hope this helps

All the best
skmorrow Premium
Not really, because normally we just look like salespeople for Amazon. Most affiliate programs (in my experience) will not approve a brand new website until you have some traffic. Amazon gives you a chance, with 180 days to make 3 sales. That's why so many people start with Amazon.
AndrewMichae Premium Plus
Perhaps. And Amazon isn't just Amazon. They're also a marketplace for other sellers to have profiles and sell products.
Zarina Premium Plus
I think people just got used to Amazon, that if you link to anything else it might be unfamiliar for them. Even for my niche I mostly link to Amazon and then I have another link to a specific store specific in my niche.
earlofpearl Premium
Hey I learn a lot from this course and never really mention, one question on lesson 8, Why use that funnel only when you making money already? What about if you have all these FREE bonus on freeway?
I think its very well done, and I trying that, It wouldn't cost me cause I have the products (bonus) to give.