6. Create Your Own Product

If you are completely new to internet marketing I would suggest that you start out with affiliate marketing, when you know how to get traffic and turn that traffic in to buyers then you might want to move on and create your own product.

Don`t get me wrong creating your own product is a great way to make money and it should be a long term goal but getting some experience first will only benefit you.

If you are ready to create your own product Carson has a great training on this topic, Product Development


Now I gave you a taste of 6 ways to make money with your website. If you want to dig deeper down in each of these here are some helpful trainings:
Another great resource on this topic is ”Make Money with WordPress”


Building a list – Email marketing


Amazon products – Top 10 tips to improve your amazon earnings


To be able to make money you need traffic to your website - 5 Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Website:

If this is completely new to you then there might be some words or lingo that is not familiar to you, if that is the case check out this Wealthy Affiliate Glossary a lot of the words are explained in there:


Let me know if you have any questions at all, I will be happy to help.
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Best of luck to you!!

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KatMillar Premium
Veronica, I feel like I've stumbled on a gold mine! Thank you for this. I already have a product and website but you've made me see that the skill I need to gain is learning how to drive traffic there. I'm thinking I'll do a review site for now - to learn the ropes. Thanks for opening my eyes.
varah Premium
I'm an artist selling my paintings so I'm not sure if it solving any problems for anyone. Unless the buyer wants to know more about the subjects that inspire my paintings. Then I guess I will be solving the issue of not being able to understand Sacred Geometry.
When you research Sacred Geometry the information on websites might be hard for the most people to understand. Even I have trouble understanding because the language is so advanced. It's like trying to read and comprehend The Oddesy without any help.
But is this a valid problem that needs to be solved? And who exactly is my customer?
jonelles Premium
I believe you are solving a problem if you are selling art. If I have dead space on my wall, I'm looking to fill that void. You are helping me solve that problem.
Each piece has a story behind it...
Have you sold pieces?
varah Premium
I have sold 2 paintings so far and given 2 more away for birthdays, that's the reason why I'm here so I can sell more of my paintings. I guess I was thinking a bit too hard about the problem part of the equation lol! I keep forgetting that art is such a simple pleasure because my paintings are inspired by something not so simple.
Hi, this is one of the best articles ive been to. Its quite an honour to meet you Veronica. I wish you and your family the best of luck in your future endeavours. God blesses you and your family. I cannot thank you enough for the information. I am in debt to u. Enjoy your stay here at WA.

EF1 Premium
Hi I am a beginner and this is my first lesson. Thanks for the information. My question is I see "Tagged" with key words on the side of the lesson. I have checked them out and found more quality information but should I just be concentrating on the lesson for now and go back to the "Tagged items later?
Lev Premium
Hi Ed. You don't need to worry about those tags. Those are just there to help categorize what the lesson is about. For your official training I suggest you start up at the green tab the says 'Get Started Here'.

Here is the link that will take you directly there. Great to see you making progress.
This is by far the best article I have ever read on the topic at hand. I am ever so grateful for your experience, determination, and willingness to help out the Wealthy Affiliate community. Especially with myself only having been used the site for a few hours now as a new member to the internet marketing community.