Platforms To Sell On...

We continue with our tutorial on ways to make money from your blog right now and into 2018 and beyond.


This tutorial is intended to go into some level of detail and although there is similar training that was posted several years ago, this is an updated version for you!

My hope is that this tutorial will be helpful for the brand new member and even experienced online marketers.

They will be able to mine some gold nuggets found here for further building their online business.

We are covering online platforms to sell your own products in this section, and will look at various market segments and where to sell...

Let's get started!

Online Sales Market Segment 1 - Arts and Crafts

Most of you will have heard or visited Etsy, which is a big platform, but there are many more that you can offer your creations on too.

Here are a few:

  • - Aftcra
  • - ArtFire
  • - BigCartel
  • - Bonanza
  • - Dawanda
  • - Etsy
  • - Folksy
  • - iCraft
  • - Lilyshop
  • - Luulla
  • - Made It Myself
  • - Not On The Highstreet
  • - Storenary
  • - Uncommon Goods
  • - Yakaboo
  • - Zibbet

Online Sales Market Segment 2 - Music

I know there are many members that are involved in music one way or another. I am an avid consumer myself and a dabbler in the music world and always find myself on the lookout for new platforms where music is being sold online.

As with book writing and publishing, the internet has leveled the playing field for the masses when it comes to promoting and selling your music, and there are now many places you can get the word out and make sales.

Of course, you can use your blog as well to promote and explain what it is you have on offer, and add in links, samples, and even create videos to support your offers. Once again, the blog and website you have can serve as a cornerstone for growing your name and business.

Here are some sites to consider selling on:

  • - BandCamp
  • - CD Baby
  • - fetchapp
  • - Indaba Music
  • - sellfly
  • - Slice The Pie
  • - Song Cast Music
  • - The Orchard
  • - Tune Core

As you can see, there are plenty of places to have a look at and one or more to use. You will be making sales quickly and generate some income from all your labor!

Next, let's look at Video...

Online Sales Market Segment 3 - Video

There are many creative souls out there, and you can include video producers who have enjoyed the growth of the internet. No longer do you have to pay the exorbitant fees to get some really professional quaility work.

The software and platforms available today have opened the market to millions more creaters who often work from their own homes and use professional editing software and tools.

If you are one of these people, there are platforms where you can sell your creations and use digital downloading to fulfill orders. This is a good business, and video sales and use continues to grow.

It also complements what you are working on with your blogs. Every post can use a video, or at least most can from what I have seen. You can not only build your business creating your own videos, you can make money through selling them to others!

Here are some places to check out...

  • - ClipCanvas
  • - Cruxy
  • - iStockphoto
  • - MetaCafe
  • - Minibites
  • - Pond 5
  • - Revostock
  • - Shutterstock
  • - UpBlogger
  • - Vimeo

These sites will get you started, and additionally you can add videos to your own website and blog to get some SEO juice going for your blog and get more attention from prospects. Also have a look at the social platforms to see how you can add in these too to support your overall sales effort.

Next let's look at photography...

Online Sales Market Segment 4 - Photography

This is a good way to make some extra money online. These days images are being used in so many ways and so often that people are always looking for decent images to use with their posts and content.

Of course, you can use your images for your own blog and content, but consider also adding them to sites that focus on images for sale. if you have good ones, likely you will be able to sell them.

Here are some places you can offer your images to interested online marketers:

  • - 123 Royalty Free
  • - Big Stock Photo
  • - Crestock
  • - Dreams Time
  • - Fotolia
  • - iStock Photo
  • - Photo Stock Plus
  • - ShutterPoint
  • - ShutterStock
  • - StockXpert

There you have it!

There may be more sites you can find for each marketing segment I mention, but these are up to date as of the time of this training...I urge you to do research also on your own in addition to what I have added here...

Next, we will look further at more online sales markets for sellling what you may have...Remember, the idea is that you are looking to make money online from your assets, skills, or from products. services, or competencies...


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Wow Dave, this has to be one of the best training ever! Great job putting it together buddy.
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Thanks for the kind words...

I thought it was time to update some of the other tutorials that have piqued the curiosity of members for years, and with reason!

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Good work
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Thanks! Sorry you were a bit early, so had to put up with my editing as you went through this! Cheers! Dave : )