Method # 3 - Renting


We covered writing and selling, two major methods for you to leverage the power of your blogs to make some fast cash.

A good thing, as of course you are interested in seeing results as fast as possible. But these two methods I mentioned already are not the ONLY ways to make some fast cash...

Let's have a look at the next method - renting.

How To Make Money Renting

It is very likely that most members here have access to real estate or things that they own or rent themselves for their own use. Likely too is the fact that they are not using these things full-time.

This means that when they are NOT in use, they are costing you money. There are other people that could use these things during the times you are not using them. Why not rent them out?

You can think of your website space as potential rental space, but this is not what I am talking about. That is covered in the affilate portion of the tutorial and you already have some ideas there.

if you DO have some space in your home or perhaps a car that you do not use 24/7, or maybe you have some equipment that is just sitting around gathering dust, look at making it available to other people that could use it...

Here are some websites you can look at to do just that:

  • - 9Flats
  • - AirBnb
  • - Camp In My Garden
  • - Easy Room Mate
  • - Rent My Items
  • - Rentalo
  • - Roomorama
  • - StoreMates
  • - Winbdu

Method # 4 - Leverage Social Platforms

You will be taught at some point in the lessons about using the social platforms and accounts to help grow your business faster. These can supplement your blog and website work to get more eyes on your content.

There are some ways that you can also use these platforms to get some quick sales and commissions. You can create a Facebook business page account and link your blog and website to that account.

From there you can add in your most recent posts, any products you may have to sell, and start generating interest from the users of Facebook. The same can be done for the other social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Have a hot new post you want people to look at? Have you just added a review of a product or service that you are an affiliate for? Do you want to build your authority and name recognition?

Joining the social platforms and participating with others on them will help you do that. You can leverage this into immediate or more sales, and ,marketing campaigns (free or paid) can be run through these pages as well...

If you are interested in making some extra or immediate income from the social platforms, have a look at these options:

  • - Adfly
  • - MyLikes
  • - PaidPerTweet dot com
  • - RevTwt
  • - Twivert
  • - FB Paid To Like
  • - Get Paid For Likes

Method # 5 - The Finance World

This is a huge market online and you will be well served if you decide to make a go of leveraging your blog and content creation abiliy learned here to make some extra cash fast.

This does not replace what you are doing to get a viable blog in place. Rather, as with the other methods, it can be considered as a way to generate some fast cash. If this is a niche that DOES have a high degree of interest for you, then quite naturally you can work it further..

Let's look at the ways I have found so far:

(1) Loan Money

  • - Lending Club
  • - Prosper

(2) Stock Trading

  • - ETrade
  • - Fidelity
  • - Interactive Brokers
  • - Scottrade
  • - Sharebuilding
  • - TD Ameritrade
  • - Trade King

(3) Switching Bank Accounts

Many banks want you business so bad they will pay you to switch your accounts and funds over to them.

A way to make some quick bucks and easy to do these days.

(4) Switching/Signing Up For Credit Cards

As with the bank idea, you can make some rewards that might include cash if you agree to switch credit card providers or open an account with card providers.

Do some Google searches using these terms to see what is out there and how you might be able to make some quick cash:

  • - Best Reward Credit Cards
  • - Best Airline Credit Cards
  • - Best Travel Credit Cards
  • - Best Credit Card Signup Bonuses

Method # 6 - Freelancing

You may be thinking that we have already covered this in the writing section of this tutorial, and you would be right that we did mention the term there and also some ways of tapping into freelancing using your writing skills.

But there are other forms of freelancing I want to include for you to look at...The skills that you gain here have potential to make you money when you offer to use them to help out others...

Three cases in point for you to consider:

(1) I was able to secure a very lucrative contract for helping out a company with their social marketing program.

(2) A colleague approached me to put together some mobile apps for his clients so they could monetize them using a local MENA ad network.

(3) I have created marketing videos for walk-in clients, mainly offline companies.

In all these instances, I was able to leverage the training I went through here to ask for some good sums of money.

None had anything to do with my blog or websites. But I think you get the point.

So what ways can you monetize your skills?

(1) Websites.

  • - Dollar3
  • - Fittytown
  • - Fiverr
  • - Jobs for 10
  • - UpWorks
  • - Ten Bux

(2) Tap Into Freelance Communities

  • - eLance
  • - ODesk
  • - Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • - Click Chores
  • - iFreelance
  • - MicroWorkers
  • - UpWork
  • - PeoplePerHour

Method # 7 - Newsletter Marketing

This is a way to generate some sales quickly and is most useful once you have a list of subscribers. Of course there is some work related to your blog and website to get this in place, but once you have that you can really use this regularly.

Most likely you already receive a bunch of emails daily from other online marketers, and this is what they are doing. Some only send out notifications of products they are promoting, but the smarter ones will add in free materials that you can use for your own online marketing business, and less often send out buy requests...

You have to create something of value to give away to people that show up on your website. They are already interested, since they likely came across your website from content you have posted on your blog.

If you offer to give them something they want and need for free inexchange for their email and name, you can then start mailing them newletters. You do not want to just have offer after offer when you mail them, or they will likely unsubscribe.

Better is to prepare a newsletter that keeps them up on what is going on in the niche, and inside that give more value to them for free. You can also add in coupons, sales, and other related offers. Sprinkle these throoughout your content...

How can you get these newsletters out to your subscribers? Most online marketers use what is called an autoresponder service. This is a company that helps you create and add subscribe forms to your blog website and then you can mail these subscribers using their mail service.

The best ones will allow you to do a lot more than that. You can segment your lists, you can retarget prospects, you can use them to send out verification mails of purchases, etc. You can also conduct A/B testing to see what is working, or not...

Here are some service providers to look at:

  • - AWeber
  • - FreeFollowUp
  • - Getresponse
  • - iContact
  • - Inuuo
  • - MailChimp
  • - MailerLite
  • - SendFree
  • - StreamSend
  • - Topica
  • - SendGrid

Note these are just a few, there are many more. Have a look and select one that will work best for you based on your needs. I would wait until you have your website and blog up and running and when the content you have published is drawing in 100 or so visitors a day...

Method # 8 - Advise/Consult

Remember we talked about the skill set that you have at the start of this tutorial? It is very likely that the things you can do well and know a lot about are areas that others would be interested in having you do for them.

As you learn to create copy for your blogs, you are also gaining skills in the many tasks having an online presence requires. You can offer these to others for remuneration. Time and using these for money.

It may not be something you want to do forever, but think of this as a way to start generating income online, and how this is going to make you long-term goals attainable. We all had to learn to crawl and walk before we started running, right?

Here are some ideas to generate cash from your new-found skills:

(1) Read/Respond to Emails

  • - Inbox Pages
  • - SendEarnings

(2) Forum Participation

  • - Crazoo
  • - Forum Boosting dot com
  • - FinAdvise
  • - myLot
  • - ChaCha
  • - Google Helpouts
  • - JustAnswer
  • - Jyve
  • - Keen
  • - kgb
  • - Twtr dot com

Our next method has quite a few different locations and ideas for monetizing your blog and online skills, so I think this is a good place to stop for this page.

I know that this tutorial is likely a lot for you to digest in one sitting. I recommend you bookmark it and come back from time to time as you may need to.

You can also send new members here to have a look at what awaits them as they start gaining iin prowess at copywriting and standing up their blogs.

It can be helpful to them in regards to earning some quick cash as well as letting them know just how important the training here is for their future!

In the next (and last) section we will cover two more methods of making some fast cash online and then wrap up this training.

NEXT PAGE ==> Methods 9 & 10 - Consumer Research and Potpouri

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