Online Sales Platforms (continued)


This training offers you the chance to look at means to make money with what you have in hand or close by in regards to online marketing and your blog you have created with the training found on Wealthy Affiliate.

The problem for many members is that they need immediate or quick results. That is NOT as easy for many as what you might think.

This tutorial is intended to help you get some ideas and real concrete (solid) methods in place.

You CAN create a business out of your online marketing efforts.

It is a matter of knowing what your skill set is, what you may have to offer that other people across the globe are interested in, and where to go to to sell what you have.

What you are learning here will help get you a powerful and effective base for leveraging the platforms that are available online.

The blog you are learning to create, as well as the focus you are encouraged to follow, will allow you to make money with some creative thinking and action...

Let's continue with our look at online sales platforms where you can sell what you may have to offer...

Online Sales Marketing Segment # 5 - Selling Websites

You can use the blog you create here using the Wealthy Affiliate hosting and website tools to push selling of websites. These might be ones that you fully build out and start to monetize, or ones that are relatively new.

Here are some places to do this:

  • - Buy Sell Website
  • - Deal Site
  • - Empire Flippers
  • - Flipper
  • - Flippa

OK, next we will look at domains..These also offer ways to make some money quickly online...

Online Sales Marketing Segment # 6 - Domains

Did you know that if you have secured a domain either here or elsewhere you may have money in your hand without knowing it? That is true. Some domains are valued more than others, and you can cash in...

Here are some sites that you can sell domains that you may buy that have value to others:

  • - After Market
  • - Afternic
  • - Bido
  • - GoDaddy Premium Listings
  • -
  • - Sedo
  • - SnapNames

To give you some proof, let me tell you about a premium domain that we secured for our online business efforts. The name was EXACTLY what we were naming the company, and the dot com version of the domain was what we were looking for.

We found the domain and it was available, but it was not priced at the normal $13.99 or $12.99 etc. that you normaly will pay. No, this one cost us $2.500 USD! That may seem like a lot, but for us it was worth the expense.

There are people out there that are the same as us. They need a particular domain for what they are doing. They will pay, as we did. The trick is finding the domains that will have that kind of demand.

There are indeed many ways to make some quick money online! Using your blog that you learn to stand up with Wealthy Affiliate you can tap into these and earn sales and cash while providing something of value that other people across the globe are looking for!

Next, we will look at collectibles, a huge market...

Online Sales Marketing Segment # 7 - Collectibles

There are so many niches here to look at I am reluctant to drill down on one or the other. Know that if there is an interest (niche), you can bet that there are sites that are serving as platforms to buy and sell the products in that niche...

The purpose of this tutorial is to whet your appetite as to the many ways to quickly make some money from your online work, right? This is a way to leverage your interests and perhaps your skills at knowing what people are looking for to collect.

You also want to use the blogs that you stand up based on the training here on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and focusing on collectibles can be a good way to get a start. There are many niches you could look at...

It is likely that with some research on your part you can find websites that are set up to bring buyers and sellers together. Look for ways to buy and sell the actual collectible, and consider focusing your blog on this if you are so inclined. Be the expert.

I will not go into details on one or the other of what a collectible might be, but realize that the opportunity is there...Think basball cards, hummel figures, hats, or almost anything.

Online Sales Marketing Segment # 8 - Old Gadgets

You can create a blog that focuses on the re-purposing of old gadgets and then work with websites and companies that will help you make money from the niche...

Think about how many old nice to have (when they were new) gadgets that you no longer use. I have a ton of them, drawers full!

What if you could make some quick money from them as opposed to having them gathering dust?

Well, I am going to give you some ideas to turn these into cash...Here are some websites...

  • - Best Buy
  • - Costo
  • - Gazelle
  • - Itemcycle
  • - O2 Recycle
  • - Preloved

Have a look at these and see what you might be able to leverage to get some quick cash...

Now we will look at the last of the niches that I will cover in this portion of the tutorial...

NEXT PAGE ==> Selling Designer Clothing, Mobile Apps, and Paintings...

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