METHOD # 2 - Selling

The next method we will cover for you to start making money online quickly is to sell something!

This seems like a no brainer, but of course there is more than meets the eye when it comes to exactly HOW to go about doing this successfully...

In this section, I will give you ideas to get started.

You have drawing power with the blog you have created, and of course you want to make money from this.

You would probably like to be able to make a full time income from your website and blog I think?

This is one way to do just that.

How & What To Sell Online?

There is just so much that you can sell online and your blog can be used as a foundation from which to promote and educate your website visitors as to what you have to sell.

I will mention some websites where you can sell what you may have, or alternately, if you have no products to sell, use other options to make sales and commissions...

Many new online marketers who join Wealthy Affiliate do not have their own products, hence the affiliate marketing focus...

This is okay and it is a good way to get your feet wet when it comes to online marketing.

You do not need a lot of cash and you can start promoting and making sales quickly. This business model is a good one...

Let's get started with our lists...

(1) Affiliate Marketing

The first area we will cover here is affiliate marketing. This is what you are here to learn about, and of course I have to start off with this category of selling!

You may already know about some of the big names like Amazon, or Clickbank, or perhaps Shareasale, but there are MANY options out there.

Here is a list of some affiliate programs that you can tap into:

  • - AdPlosion
  • - AdmitAd
  • - Amazon Affiliate Program
  • - Avangate
  • - Clickbank
  • - Clixgalore
  • - Commission Junction
  • - CPA Lead
  • - Digi Results
  • - eBay Partner Networks
  • - Epic Direct/Azoogle
  • - Forex-Affiliate
  • - Get-Ads
  • - Google Affiliate Network
  • - Flippa Lead Pile
  • - Link Connection
  • - Link Share
  • - Market Leverage
  • - Maxbounty
  • -
  • - Offer Vault
  • - Offer Web
  • - Shareasale
  • - ThinkAction
  • - JVZoo

This list should be enough for you to explore and get started with. New programs are being rolled out all the time, so you do have to keep checking...

(2) Your Own Products

Next we will look at selling your own products. This can be anything from eBooks to physical products or services. Literally the sky is the limit as to the directions you can go in selling your own products.

Reading through what I have gathered will give you a good idea on just what is possible, and you can use your own creativity and research to come up with even more or explore the ones I mention...

You can then use advertising, reviews, add in banners and links to your website, and use the blog you create with Wealthy Affiliate to sell your own items online.

Remember that when you sell your own products, you get all the net income versus a commission. It is more lucrative.

Of course, it is likely that more effort will be required on your side, but on the other hand you make more profit at the end of the day.

You can do a combination of selling your products and others' products too.

It is all up to you!

Where To Sell Your Products?

There are the major sites that you likely are familar with such as Amazon, eBay, or perhaps Etsy.

There are many more places that will also work.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to sell would be to use a WooCommerce based or supported theme for your blog. This way you can sell right on your blog website.

You may want to combine the use of selling on your blog website and use the big name sites as well. This will allow more people to get eyes on what you are selling.

So here are the big sites you can sell pretty much anything on:

  • - Amazon
  • - BackPage
  • - Craigslist
  • - eBay
  • - BigCommerce

On the next pages we will go through some of the other market websites you can use in tandem with your blog that you learn to put together here to make money online...

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