This is likely the most familiar method to you for making money with your blog and one that you signed up to learn when you joined Wealthy Affiliate.

The thrust of the training here centers on writing, after all, and indeed, it will be a main focus for your online business.

Of course, there are as many levels of competency as there are people when it comes to writing, and your ability to achieve desired levels of income will directly relate to your writing skills.

For that reason, you can expect me to add a full-on training here to include worksheets, exercises, and ideas that will help you add to the skills you may already have.

I feel so strongly that this is an essential part of how successful you will be that I decided it was needed for all members (to include me!)...

But that is the future, and this tutorial is the now...

Let's get started!

So just how CAN you make money writing?

This is a question I get from people all the time, not just here on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Many people just do not understand how to do this unless you are a reporter or an established author.

One of the draws that Wealthy Affiliate uses to assess members is by teaching prospects how to create content that will bring in interested readers to your blogs.

They have been around for 12 years now, a lifetime in internet terms. There are many 'would-be' similar sites that are not close in terms of quality...

Obviously, it is clear that there is a market for writers online and many ways to make money from writing.

Here are a few:

(1) Blogging

As stated, this is what you are learning here...

Looking for subjects that people are searching for using keyword phrases that you have created content around.

This means you will get the search traffic when people searching for answers see that your posts rank high on their search results and then click on your link.

There are many ways to make money when that happens and all center around what you have in that content and surrounding that content.

The external and internal links, the banners and buttons you can add, bonuses you offer, the images and video you include, and the lead magnets you create and give away will all help you to send your traffic to related offers they may need or want, based on their search...

You, of course, will get commissions when that happens and prospects buy what you promote.

This all sounds very easy, but as you may have learned by now, it is not that easy and it is not that fast. It takes time to build up a sizable body of copy and ranked posts and keywords to get that traffic.

This IS a good and tested way to have success making money online, however, and one that you should follow and work on. Many of the other means of making money online I will mention involve this core competency.

(2) eBooks

While we are on the subject of writing, it fits that you can consider writing and publishing eBooks as a good way to make money online...

You are a specialist at something I am sure, and there are likely others that would find value if you presented your ideas, advice, tips, and knowledge via an ebook.

You can use your blog to promote the eBook you write, and use the training here to create better copy for that eBook.

As mentioned, I think you will need some writing skills that are unique to have success with this means, hence my interest in adding some complete training on copywriting for you.

That is coming...In the meantime, there are more ways to use your writing skills to make some money within a short period of time...

(3) Online Courses

This is a good way to make some money fairly quickly too. We just mentioned that expertise you all have for one thing or another, and most certainly one option would be to create a series of training courses that people will pay for.

You can use your website to host the training or promote the training or both. There are free sales page building tools you can use to create sales pages for your books, your courses, or your offers.

Check out Elementor, they have a free version to create and publish sales pages right on your blog site! For training courses, there are free plugins you can add to your website that will allow for delivery of training your create.

(4) Podcasting

Although you may not think of this when you hear the word writing, you most certainly have to prepare outlines (scripts) of what you will cover in your podcasts should you pursue using this tool on your website.

These days you can add a widget for broadcasting podcasts on your blog. You can get the word out using social platforms to draw interested people to your blog site too.

This means that you then have a warm audience, as they have expressed an interest and a micro-commitment to get to your site...a good thing!

Now that you have them, you can add in offers both into your podcasts and the page surrounding the podcast widget.

Again, when people take action and buy or click, or sign up to the things you promote, you get paid.

(5) Membership Sites

This is a great way to get income started from your writing efforts. Perhaps you have an interest in affiliate marketing, as Kyle and Carson have, and you want to make some money leveraging that interest.

Why not create a website and blog that offers a platform for other interested people so thay have a place to go to commisserate, learn from one another, support one another, get training, and etc.?

You will have a degree of turnover, as Wealthy Affiliate does, but if you have enough value you will always be getting new members that join. A percentage of these people will stay a long time if you offer value.

There are Wealthy Affiliate members that have been here from the beginning almost, and they are making some really good money by now.

If you can create something that is remotely as close to the level of value that you get here, you will experience the same success as the founders of Wealthy Affiliate have had.

(6) Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great way to get paid for your online marketing efforts. Having a website that is full of your writing creations (blog posts) means that you will start getting free traffic over time.

That is a good thing, of course, and a positive that you can then leverage using PPC. The resource that most of you will have heard of and many Wealthy Affiliate members tap into is Google AdSense. They have a very strong and viable program and will work with you to maximize your earnings from your blog and website.

There are other options to consider as well...

  • - Chitika
  • - Clicksor
  • - CrispAds
  • - Feedburner
  • - Infolinks
  • -
  • - SpeedyAds

(7) Revenue Sharing

What do I mean when I mention this method? This is a way to make money from a blog or website that you do not own. There are plenty of such sites that will pay you for your writing abilities.

There are content based networks such as Huffington Post, Medium, and etc. where you can write for and get your content approved and published, but we are looking for sources that will pay you or share with you revenue earned from the content you contribute.

When you create content for your blog posts and publish them on their network, the hosts will insert links and ads for products and services and share the revenue earned with you.

The better your writing skills are, the more value you provide, the more people will read what you publish, and potentially take action for the ads.

Here are some places to consider if you want to go in this direction.

  • - 451 Press
  • -
  • - BestReviewer
  • - Bukisa
  • - Cracked
  • - DemandStudios
  • - HubPages
  • - Info Barrel
  • - PostLoop
  • - Seekyt
  • - SheToldMe
  • - Snipsly
  • - Squidoo
  • - SquidStop
  • - TipDrop
  • - Weblogs, Inc.
  • - WordFirm
  • - WriterTown

(8) Freelance Writing

This is yet another way to make money quickly writing and using your blog, If you do have such skills it will help you greatly to make money quickly while you continue to add to your own body of work that you publish on your website.

Making money is of great concern for many members...

First they would like to cover the cost of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, but secondly they also would like to see some results beyond that so they can show others that this online business is a viable one.

Freelance writing can provide that immediate income for you.

There are many ways to promote your skills and services, and also platforms where you can offer your services. Most will share the income generated, and you can leverage their platform to get a wider potential audience for your skills.

Perhaps the most well-known platforms include UpWorks or Fiverr, but there are other options as well you should have a look at. Remember, this is intended to get you some immediate income, so you will want to focus on just one or two at the start.

Here are some alternate sources for you to look at:

  • - Associated Content
  • - Demand Media
  • - London Brokers
  • - Mashable
  • - Need An Article
  • - Seeking Alpha
  • - Writers Domain

If you choose to go in this direction, my recommendation is to NOT let it intefere with development of your own website and blog content. Rather use it as an interim stopgap measure to provide some immediate income.

(9) Pay Per View (PPV)

This is similar to pay per click, except you get paid per view as opposed to clicks. As you start writing and adding content to your blog website, you will get traffic that is warm, as mentioned above.

Tapping into the ad networks that will pay you to add their related links, videos, or ads means that a percentage of these interested visitors will likely take action and view what is placed on your site. .

The pay rate may not be as good as PPC, because generally there is less action required by the viewers. The action takers beyond viewing is less, hence the smaller amount of commission earned...

Here are some sources to look at when considering using PPV:

  • - Ad Brite
  • - AdKnowledge
  • - AdSella
  • - Advertiise
  • - DirectCPV
  • - DoubleClick
  • - IndustryBrains
  • - Lead Impact
  • - Media Traffic
  • - Pheedo
  • - Qumana
  • - ROIRocket
  • - TrafficVance
  • - Tribal Fusion
  • - ValueClick Media
  • - Vibrant Media
  • - YesAdvertising

(10) Private Blog Networks (PBN)

These have gotten a bad rap over the years and many people will advise you to stay away from them altogether. Generally, I agree with such folks, BUT there are ways that you can tap into such networks.

I have 6 related websites that all have blogs, and I have e-commerce stores that also have blogs. In one way, these could be considered as a network, and we do indeed link content, offers, ads, and video between them.

At some point we will be able to charge money for sharing promoted content within these websites as our numbers of interested people stopping by continues to grow.

This is a way to make some money, but likely is also a long term method. Most certainly your content will add this potential for you over time, if you are so inclined.

So keep writing!

Wrap Up...

OK we have looked at the first method I am covering in this tutorial, and we have more to go through...If you will notice, there are already well over 50 ways you can make money with your blog, and we have SO much more to cover in the next section!

NEXT PAGE ==> Method # 2 - Selling!

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