What a welcome home!.The 1000 follower mark, I can't belive it!

Last Update: August 19, 2016

After spending a wonderful week away holidaying with the family I arrived home to see that I've finally made it to the 1000 follower mark.

I can honestly say with great delight that I am making headway through the course due to all the assistance, teachings and encouragement of my network.

Even today with the problem that i had trying to upload images to my WA post, the Calvary came rushing to my aid and were able to put me back on my feet again.

I can't say that I have found it easy going through the course but, I am learning something new every day thanks to all here, especially with their ability to be able to teach a fish like me how to walk on land!

Looking back to my starting point, I can honestly say I have learned a lot more than I originally thought possible but, only through the assistance and guidance of so many.

With a bit of luck and a lot more help I may just come out the other side of this tunnel, a man with much greater freedom and an ability to make a comfortable online income.

With a concentrated effort to learn more about the online world of affiliate marketing and hard work, I might come out the other side in less than the eighteen years it took for Andy Dufresne, to escape Shawshank Redemption!

All the best


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Steve1958 Premium
Congrats & welcome back!
Now that's a deep hole!
TommyK Premium
Still not deep enough to hide the wife's shoes though!:))
janmar Premium
Excellent accomplishment. Thank you for updating us on your progress.
TommyK Premium
Thanks Janice, have a wonderful weekend.
Compsol99 Premium
Congratulations Tommy! That's a great accomplishment. On to the next 1000!
TommyK Premium
Thanks Shawn, onwards and upwards!
Dreamer56 Premium
That is awesome Tommy! That Andy had a plan and stuck to it. Tha t is what we all need to do.!
TommyK Premium
How true Tim....so it's out with my rock hammer and away i go!!
stevecox Premium
Congratulations Tommy - Significant achievement ! And thanks for the picture of you digging for gold !

All the best,