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December 30, 2016
Or least that's how i imagined I was missed.... I keep having this recurring dream where I'm stepping of a plane onto a flight of stairs just like the Beatles in their heyday and there are crowds of cheering WA's to welcome me home (I think it's a dream).Although I've been away from WA for a couple of months with work commitments, broken laptop, lots of travelling and of course a lot of fun time with family and friends over the past couple of weeks. The number one thought that has been in the b
After spending a wonderful week away holidaying with the family I arrived home to see that I've finally made it to the 1000 follower mark. I can honestly say with great delight that I am making headway through the course due to all the assistance, teachings and encouragement of my network.Even today with the problem that i had trying to upload images to my WA post, the Calvary came rushing to my aid and were able to put me back on my feet again.I can't say that I have found it easy going throug
I Did It!!.....I finally completed the first course of the Bootcamp! felt like i'd landed on the moon!I know, I know it's not quite as thrilling an achievement as setting foot on the moon, neither is it one that ranks very highly on peoples lists of accomplishments. However I would like to look upon it as a small step, as apposed to a giant Leap. Then again it all depends on the perspective of the achievement.First Day of SchoolWhen I first arrived here at Wealthy Affiliate I was a young
Tipping my toe into the icy water of writing a post (as I have never ever done this before)has prevented me from writing full stop. However I feel it is high time that I took the plunge and immersed myself fully into the whole Wealthy Affiliate business of writing.I would love to thank everyone within my network and all who write such inspiring words for giving me the courage to at least give it go and let my fear subside enough to do so.So many of you have taught me an awful lot, of which acti