Newbies Pay Attention! $5,195.20 Affiliate Check for June: Thanks WA!

Last Update: June 19, 2018

When I was new to Wealthy Affiliate, like most newbies, I didn't understand the entire process of building a simple niche site or an authoritative blog.

Like most new internet marketers, I focused on the money as well. We've all heard it here at WA not to do this - but it's tough to do so.

Especially if you've got a family, monthly obligations, limited time, or you are conditioned to a monthly paycheck, etc.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Many times we also want to know if Wealthy Affiliate is a good investment in our time and money.

I know I did when I first started out.

Is the education worth it? Is the time we spend researching keywords and targeting blog posts going to make the big money in the long run?

We'll, I'm proof that it does. Like so many other successful WA members, I'm here to tell you what Wealthy Affiliate teaches works.

June's Looking to be Shy of 8K

My goal this year is to be consistently at 10K/month. Last month I hit $6,454 for May and this month's looking great thanks to my latest commission.

Check it out...

There's a 45-day wait on this commission with the 30 day money back guarantee provided by the affiliate. So these commissions originated in April were paid out in June.

This is the PayPal Statement...

What Wealthy Affiliate Teaches Works!

I know that's why you're here, because what WA teaches works great.

So here's the thing to do...

Take the education seriously and do every class and every task to the best of your ability.

Learn the entire process!

Learn the strong foundation that WA teaches of content marketing first to build your foundation.

Later you can add email marketing and eCommerce, etc. if you like.

After going through the entire WA program (Entrepreneurial or Bootcamp) you should understand how to target keywords, rank content, help your niche out which will result in commissions.

The only thing to do from there is...

Scale Your Business!

Once you know the gist of how to run your online business, the next step is to mass produce it.

I could only produce 6 - 12 posts per month when I was working full time at my online business the first 9 months of taking WA classes.

With writers and a team, I can easily produce 20 - 30 quality posts per month working 10 hours per week.

The more I build my site, the more authority it has, the faster the content ranks, the more traffic it brings and that equals...


I hope you get the picture. Learn the process, nail it down, repeat.

Once your site starts making money, don't go spend it, re-invest in your site/online business.

Maybe that's a professional theme, writers, ppc campaigns, etc., but continue to build and scale that business to the point where you're happy with it.

I hope this helps those that are new or those that have some experience but aren't seeing the results the'd like to see yet.

Don't give up!

I think the biggest thing I've seen year after year is that too many new marketers give up too soon.

Many times they're so close to success but they give up due to one reason or another.

Don't make the same mistake! It's totally worth it in the long run!

Hang in there, never look back and your will, will be done!



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tmaltz Premium Featured Comment
Hi Everyone,

I've had several questions about my online business and I'll do my best to answer the questions in a follow up post.

In general. I posted about 6-12 posts/month for the first year. I did the first 99 posts on my site before I started using writers full time. Now I try to consistently produce 20 posts/month.

I do some PPC ads for other sites and a few ads for my affiliate site.

I have an email marketing system as well but my main design is what WA teaches.

Organic traffic from ranking, try to get people to opt in to our email marketing and then from there try to help them out with their internet marketing goals.

Currently 398 posts on the site. Sites a bit over 4 years old. I work the business part time (10 - 20 hours/week) for the past 3 years and have a handful of quality affiliates.

You can see the programs we promote on our site here..

I made about 1,000 bucks the first year, then like 12K year 2, then close to 35K the 3rd year. I just finished the 4th year and we were close to 62K.

On a check like this, I can expect to pocket close to $3,400 after paying expenses.

Little Note/Perspective on Online Money: I like to think of my online business in terms of value like I would with real estate (like a rental). How many rentals would it take to get to 2K/month, 5K/month, etc.. The reality is that if you can make 2K/month from your site on auto pilot, that's like the same worth of 400K to 800K of real estate. I know this doesn't equate, but just keep this in mind. I think you'll be more appreciative once you get to the 5K/month level.

Future Plans: Get the site to auto pilot 10K/month. The daily plan is always to produce quality content that ranks quickly. Continue to tweak and improve upon our email marketing system. Possibly launch my own digital product. Let this site be run by my team and then launch some eCommerce product or go back and work on my therapy site.

Last thing: I've talked about this extensively, but I probably wouldn't have gone into Bootcamp. I would have gone with something more interesting than MMO like my Therapy Site. It's easy to get burnt on writing so it's important to follow your passion. All in all, I can't complain because I learned so much, but I think I would have seen faster success by following my original passion. Another thing I might have done is to continue with eCommerce instead.

That's it for now. Hopefully we will create a 4 year breakdown of the business this month that might be helpful for those who had more questions.

royalpirate Premium
Very interesting, thank you so much for the insights.
forest4438 Premium
Tmaltz. I just want to double check to make sure I understood correctly that you made 64k and only pocketed $3,400? or is that a typo?

MedeyinloA Premium
Thanks Todd. I am inspired. The details you provided sufficiently helped me appreciate the work behind the numbers and what I should be doing and never do as a newbie.
Thanks again for your post.
MarcMcc Premium
Not to speak for him, I thought the same at first but I believe he may be talking about the monthly revenue of $5,195.20
shazzaWA Premium
Thanks for sharing!
phakacha8 Premium
This is terrific. 20 posts per month?
Hope your upstairs don't go derailed from normal track - I mean that's a big haul.
If you could do that, perhaps, I can also do it.

Thanks for sharing this inspiration.
tmaltz Premium
No. The affiliate commission check was for 5195 and out of that my take-home is the 3400.
Labman Premium
forest4438 Premium
Thanks :-)
Oscar19855 Premium
You absolutely solved some questions I was having. Thanks so much for openly sharing your experiences and learning. I benefit from that!

Have a great day,
Very inspiring for us newbies. Thanks for sharing!
Shweta10mg Premium
What would you categorize into the auto pilot category? I’m re reading for motivation that for this month has been off.
HeidiY Premium
Thank you for sharing this, it is very motivational for those of us just starting out. It seems do-able :)
tmaltz Premium
I’m referring to passive income or things that happen automatically. Like when you create an article and it ranks number one in Google and you don’t have to do anything to it and it makes money for years to come.

Things like that.
MatildaP1 Premium
Very nice website. Thank you for sharing.
derekmarshal Premium
Thanks for that update. 5k monthy part time..outstanding.
Swangirl Premium
Wow! Thanks so much for the details Todd!
Nancy29 Premium
Hi Forest4438, I read it as meaning the PayPal check for $5195 netted him $3400. However, I could have misunderstood, but I hope not! Those would be some heavy cost of business expenses. :-)
netadco Premium
Wow...AMAZING inspiration! U wanna ask u...Do you use
Thrive? On you site?.Also do you send them to WA lander
on ALL your optin links?
Was that from one affiliate product or a collection of affiliate products under a single affiliate network? In your own words, please kindly what mistakes you made the first year that made you earn only $1000 the whole year, thanks.
tmaltz Premium
The check was from one affiliate. It was a couple different sales Within the prior month. I didn't make any really big mistakes the first year, as a matter of fact to be able to make $1,000 in your first year online is pretty good. It just depends on your niche of course but it's pretty normal to not make much money your first 4 months working on your online business. Hope that helps.
BElliott56 Premium
A very good read. I know that I will not be left on the sideline and left behind.
My drive is solid. Failure is not for me. If I do have something happen. I regroup, adjust, and change.
I feel some people are reluctant to change. That's why they fail.

I've only been with WA for a little more than a month. I will be getting paid for February. I set up Google Affiliate today. For me this will work because they help me remain accountable. I need that personally.
This is not the only thing I will do to make an income.

I also agree that the money made should go back into the business in the begining. Work real hard in the begining. Then pull back a bit once your movin.

Brian E.
Hi Todd,

Wow, I read a little of your beginning, then hit on your writing about when you were starting and in the corner of my eye I spotted a piece written by you and addressed to 'Newbies'. I sure qualify so I read.... and kept on reading.

You are a natural at this. Been here only 5 days and feel buried alive. I can't even imagine where to start for the first Blog. My mind is a muddle with no idea of a topic.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I have chosen to follow you before I read up on all I did about you. Now, I would be foolish not to follow you. So, I will be in the wings watching what you are up to in your corner of the world.

Continued success, Todd.


Shweta10mg Premium
Wow though I read this the second time I read below to your yearly figures, you are stellar really amazing !! I think you have it down to the perfection now...and this is in the best wishes possible. just breath taking ! Ofcourse its your diligent hard work that is reflected here.

Shweta mg
JohnBochtis Premium
Taking your mindset off the money and focusing on the process itself is the most crucial thing. It is difficult especially if you are stuck in a job you do not like which pays the bills. But enjoying the process of creating your unique content and giving it your all is a must if you want to experience success. I haven't made any money yet after 14 months but I understand that it takes time because I'm in a highly competitive and technical niche and it takes time to establish a brand. Content consistency is what I am lacking but I will get there as I understand that I am constantly improving.
Shweta10mg Premium
me too
SuzeS Premium
I'm a definite newby and my concern right now is that am I doing this right? I've looked at other WA sites and wonder if mine will ever look that professional? My niche means a lot to me but will I ever appear to be an authority? I know this is 1 day at a time and I have a full time job, so I work this in evenings and weekends. I love writing, so I hope that will move me into the right direction!
tmaltz Premium
I think you'll do great SuzeS, just keep at it and focus on quality content that helps your niche. Keep your site looking simple and clean.

RDulloo Premium
Hey Suze. Just want to let you know that we all started there.. :) So don't worry! Just focus on the training, follow everything that Kyle teaches you. When you're done with the official training there, that's when you can start to add to your website and make it look more professional.

And I also suggest taking ideas from the other websites out there and making it your own. At the end of the day, we're all following a proven system and if their system is proving to work, then why not BORROW the idea and turn it into your own? We always have to learn from the successful ones, no matter who they are.
xenaninja Premium
Thank you Todd! What an informative but mostly very encouraging article! I stand at the doorsteps of this huge opportunity, just barely starting out with my new site. But I am so confident that with consistent work and learning the system, the earning possibilities are endless. There will surely be days of doubts... and when those days come, I will have posts like yours to think about believe in, and to help me hustle just a bit harder, until I too make it to success.
tmaltz Premium
That’s about as perfect as it could be stated. And that’s what I felt like when I went through this.

That’s also one of the coolest things about this community and Wealthy Affiliate.

Amazing support!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
littlemama Premium
I totally agree! It was success posts here on WA that got me through many dark months. Keep on reading them!! :)
ceiben Premium
Todd THANK YOU for this article!!!!!

I am so glad I took the time to read it because I am literally working a full-time job right now that I could not care less about, but coming home at 5:30 to start WA has encouraged me so much. I honestly crave learning more and getting better at this. I am wondering how long it took you until you could do this full-time? Also, do you hire writers, if so, from where and how much do you pay them?

Sorry for the abundance of questions, it's just nice to hear it from someone with literal proof of their success! :)

tmaltz Premium
Check out my last blog post. I think that’s got all your answers
RDulloo Premium
This has been a very inspiring read! Thank you so much for sharing your successes. This is what's happening with me rightnow too, I am only able to write between 6 and 10 posts per month due to work obligations and I have been at WA for close to 6 months now.

I have not made money yet, but I know that it will come with time. I believed in this training and I will keep at it until I see the results.

This is what it means to make your dream a reality; that's why I will work for it. Living from paycheck to paycheck only makes your boss richer and makes his dream a reality, not yours!

That's what I have come to realize. Doing this work and getting the kind of pay where we can say we are finally financially free will need to come from ourselves because nobody else will do that for us.
Defiant6 Premium
Thank you so much for sharing this as this is a big motivation booster. I see that you started around the same time I did, but you have become a far bigger success in that time than I have. You consistently worked on your site and to post as much content as you could. I haven't always done that consistently. Sure, I would get little spurts, but then I would left off the gas so to speak.

I'm now learning that you can't do that if you want a truly successful online business. Don't get me wrong, I've had some successes and I have earned a tiny bit of revenue both from AdSense and a small few affiliate sales, but that's all. I need to kick it up a few gears to get the ball really rolling and I've got to believe that I can do this as well as continuously taking action.

I'm getting a new book that's been released today by one of my most favorite radio talk show hosts and the book is called "Fail Until You Don't: Fight, Grind, Repeat". He basically gave a brief summary about what the book is about on live TV yesterday and talked about how he worked so hard to get to where he was today and he never let up, even with major mistakes and failures he had to endure in his life in order to get to where he is today. He's basically saying don't let failure stop you, let it be the inspiration to get back up after you fall and keep pushing forward, that's what successful people do and that's what ANYONE here at Wealthy Affiliate can do.
TBain1 Premium
Hi Todd,
Thanks! I did another website in April 2017; I knew nothing about it, but my knowledge grew and so was my site.
June 9, 2018 the Federal Trade Commission shut it down (this month).
I still have the knowledge through, but all the money I made is gone...
What I would suggest have your money in various websites, including WA. So when the FTC swoops down, we will be ready!

NWTDennis Premium
Pretty incredible story Todd. Thank you for sharing. We came to WA about the same time, but my goals are much more modest. I'm was just looking to replace a 10 year certain retirement annuity.

Then life's responsibilities came into play and dampened my progress. But I'm still in the game.
DDarragh Premium

That is so awesome.

It is so good to hear from you guys!!!

I am mildly successful lol WA is free and I can buy a bottle of rum LOL but I haven't scaled up like you said and yes it's a giant AHA moment for me. I started in Aug of 2016 and had revenue right away by December I had 2 sites with revenue YAY I could buy coke to go with the rum lol

But hearing your story is helping me get back on track with my original goals~~~~~~ oh how the shiny objects catch my eye lol

Thank you for ther inspiration

onward n upward

Lambertsavag Premium
Thanks, Todd
Just finishing my first month of Premium membership and have been clearing up old business to give myself space and time to start serious work on an online business. I appreciate the encouragement and hope gleaned from posts like yours and others by folks who have been at this a while.

Many thanks,
ClaudiaHB Premium
skipping steps, thinking I was able to do a certain thing already anyway, is what got me in trouble. I was not new to working online when I got here, but I truly should not have skipped through the lessons as carelessly as I had. I am glad, that you wrote this post, and I also thank you for re-encouraging everyone to hire people. Could you elaborate on how you find staff - meaning your virtual assistants and writers? I have a hard time finding some who can deliver quality work - thanks
Asgeir Premium
Thank you, Todd, for amazing inspiration! From time to time I've had some big doubts myself and struggling to believe that it actually works, WA, the training and everything. It is so great to read this, yes, this is a proof, and yes, we need to be reminded that consistent work following the training here at some point will pay off. Probably much more than we ever dared to think.
CalvinC Premium
Thanks for sharing this.

It's so motivating, I always believe that WA works since I've joined.

I haven't had a date with Success yet, in fact, I had a lot of dates with Failures.

However something inside me taught me I'm on the right track, I need to continue to walk.

I'm curious where I would be in 6 months because now I have a totally new mindset, I still need to change my habits to make them more efficient.
JerryHuang Premium
This is very encouraging Todd! In fact, I’ve been on your site several times when researching for my post. You’re definitely doing a great job so you deserve it.

For me, June will be my first 4-figure month with Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, I actually hit the $1K mark half way through June.

Left 187 sales this year to go Vegas. Really looking forward to it!!
KatieGards Premium
Thank you Todd for this inspirational post. I need it lately! I'm still so focused on building my site and adding content that I feel like everyday I only make about a millimeter of progress on 3 meters of to-do's. I'll keep plugging along as I know with dedication and perseverance I'll get there too! :) Katie
midhunvm Premium
Congratulations! Todd

This is really inspiring :)

I have some questions for you.

Have all these commissions came
from your bootcamp or niche site?

How old is your site and how many
articles you have on it?

How much of these commissions
came from organic traffic and
email marketing?

Which contributed more?
organic or email marketing?

I know you have done promotion
for Amazing selling machine, and
you have used email marketing
for that.

I guess most of the commissions
came as a result of ASM.

Have WA helped you to build your
email marketing skills to get these
kind of results or you have used
other email marketing courses?

Have paid or social media traffic
contributed to this in any way?

How many years after you started
the site you begin making consistent

Also if you get a chance to start over
from scratch, what would you do
differently to reach where are now faster?

10 years from now on June 2028, what
affiliate check you want to earn to feel really
happy and think that you made the right
decision choosing affiliate marketing?

Do you think, you can achieve that by
using the same strategies that you are
using now?

Really appreciate it if you can answer
these questions.

Thank you, Todd
Chrisie1 Premium
Hey Todd,

Wow, that's awesome! Congrats.

I feel like I'm still a newbie. I am still working through the training as we speak but I will get through it. You are right, giving up was haunting me. I won't let it win as much as it seems so easy to do. Your story gave me some more motivation.

Thanks for the inspiring words,
Chrisie/ Cooki
CrawfordTara Premium
Thank you, very motivational post!!!
How long did it take you to start making commissions?
I'm a few toasts in to the second level of training (I try to do 2-2 trainings a day) & I figure I won't start making commissions until my training is complete and I have lots of quality content on my website. I have chosen a niche that is a little bit broad but I'm able to add a lot of content with what I have chosen.
CrawfordTara Premium
RussellO1 Premium
It's alwys good to hear from someone who is making it here. That's motivation. It's also good that you have given us and idea of the time and work it takes to begin to see results. This too helps us to adjust our expectations and bring them more in line with reality. Thank you for taking the time to share this.

Kerjackie Premium
Hi, Todd, a very encouraging post you wrote, what you are saying through it. Is a strong message for newbies to not give up, I totally agreed with you, everyone has to learn and understand the process to build a strong foundation for their online business. and I believe that WA is the place you can trust. Just keep going with your learning process.
Thank you for sharing.
AussieJeff Premium
The ones that never succeed are the ones that give up. maybe living in a Modern Era, we have all lost our ways a little bit but how can you honestly build a thriving business without putting in the effort?
Shiny object syndrome is a disease that will never be fruitful either now or 100 years into the future...
YumaBloggers Premium
Having built multiple businesses the hardest thing to do is to wait to start paying yourself but if you follow your advice and put the funds back into growth and development until the income is enough to support the blog and give you the paycheck you want is a recipe for success. Love the way you spell out scaling up can be something done with multi-authors as I see a lot of people including myself burn out trying to do it all in-house with no help. Your health both mental and physical will take a lot of damage if you don't learn to delegate and outsource and get too deep in your own business. Be ready when the time comes to outsource content, take on a paid post, and guest bloggers, and even work deals to syndicate other niche blog content.
tmaltz Premium
Nicely stated!
RB46 Premium
Thanks Todd...I needed that to know yes it will work and that all I need is here at WA to make this successful for myself. Its ppl like you that have accomplished this that are willing to share your experiences and advice to encourage and inspire the rest of us who are working hard at doing this and trying to become successful also ....Thank you and congrats on your success!
- Ruth
Rae-1965 Premium
This is a very informational post that makes a ton of sense. My husband gave me a year to make money before he shuts me down. This is my second time around the block. I soared to Ambassador last time but my site didn't make a dime. I did exactly what I was told not to do, I focused on the ranking numbers instead of my site. This time I'm focusing on my site and not so much on the ranking. I've noticed I have a lot of road blocks this time that have seemed to pop up and try to stop me from succeeding. I am taking that as a sign that I'm doing things right this time.

I've read some excellent posts this Sunday, this one qualifies. Thank you.

Rae Anne
Suehila Premium
Good for you. Sometimes you just learn the hard way - I know what you mean. But sometimes - it's simply necessary to push you in the right direction.
I wish you the best of success this time around.
JohnBochtis Premium
Thank you for your inspiring post, Todd. This is what I needed right now actually. I feel like I am making progress and I have gotten rid of the thought of making money. However, thoughts still arise of whether I am doing things the right way as I am here for one year exactly and still have made no money. I think everyone has gone through the same thought process.
mlight56 Premium
Fantastic to see that things are good for you ... working at it will always turn out for the best in the long run ... we have to never give up as you says and I agree ... it isn't always easy but we just have to push through and learn to the best of our abilities ... things always turn out in the end ... cheers ... Michel
Jenny28 Premium
Hi Todd, thanks for a great post. I am one of the "newbies", and I will definitely be following your advice. It is often hard not to be discouraged when there is no money coming in, but I will keep at it and I truly believe that hard work pays off!

Vrtovic Premium
Totally agree with you! Amazing example :)

MargeCramer Premium
Great inspiration. Thanks
magistudios Premium
Awesome post Todd!

It's great to see you accomplish these goals.

- Jay
Daniellegp Premium
Thank you! This is very encouraging.
CandP Premium
Todd, this is great and thanks for posting!
We are following your advice and learning all there is to learn before implementing it. We are really enjoying the training. We read your bio and we love South America, too. Been living in Ecuador for a year and it is now our permanent home.
We aspire to your success. Thanks for sharing it as it helps motivate so many more of us.
Que le vaya bien, amigo!
Colette an Philip
Loes Premium
Thanks Todd, I will never give up:)
sns1977 Premium
OMG great job! You are an inspiration!
cookins25 Premium
Thanks for this very motivational blog post. These are the kind of post that get me fired up and want to push myself harder each day to get to the point where you are.

Do you have websites both promoting WA and in another niche? Also how long on average did it take before you were making a regular income from them?

Thanks again, and good luck as you push to that 10k a month point. :)
tmaltz Premium
Thanks for the feedback. I'm hoping to put out something like a 4 year report on my experience this month.

cookins25 Premium
Cool I'll be looking out for it. :)
AlanJE Premium
Hi Todd, I am so glad I came across your post today, so thanks very much for sharing. I would like to be in a similar position to yourself regarding earning, so i must persevere even though it is difficult to find the time at the moment, Best Alan