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When I was new to Wealthy Affiliate, like most newbies, I didn't understand the entire process of building a simple niche site or an authoritative blog.Like most new internet marketers, I focused on the money as well. We've all heard it here at WA not to do this - but it's tough to do so.Especially if you've got a family, monthly obligations, limited time, or you are conditioned to a monthly paycheck, etc. Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?Many times we also want to know if Wealthy Affiliate is a g
When I first got started online, all I wanted to do was sell products. I certainly didn't want to write a lot of content in order to be successful with my online business.I think this scares away a good amount of online entrepreneurs and Wealthy Affiliate students, and I must admit, at first it scared me as well.I do feel that online entrepreneurs need to learn how to write/copywrite and that this is a skill set that can vastly be improved upon and perfected.But that being said, you don't have
We just completed an in depth analysis on who's got the better website hosting...Wealthy Affiliate vs. Site GroundWe used Google's Page Speed Insights, Ping Dom, and GT Metrix.Take a look if you want to see who's the winner.https://learntogrowwealthonlin...Any comments or social shares would be really cool.ThanksTodd
Hi Friends,I've been with WA for over 2 1/2 years. After the first 4 months I knew the training here works and was right for my business needs.Regardless of whatever niche, I understood the value of WA training's and membership. The first Black Friday I was a bit upset that I couldn't get in on the deal, since I'd already bought my yearly membership.The next year I was still a bit bummed, but I made over $2,700 during the sale, so I didn't really worry about not getting the deal.But like I've s
I continue to get asked this by new WA students and by my blog audience about how to leverage traffic and keywords. This, of course, I have all learned from Wealthy Affiliate's daily classes as well as Jay's webinars. But this is a post I created after really sinking my teeth into the WA training. I think it would help other new members understand how to leverage keywords, keyword placement, and what you do after you post new content as well as...This Will Give You All A Simple Check List On Bl
Hi Everyone,Black Friday is here and the deal is in.Today's the day to jump start your online business and really get motivated to vamp up your online success. It can be challenging to stay motivated when you first get started working online. But if you really want to make online income a reality, there's no better way to get started. This last year I have been able to create an extra income that has turned into a passive income source and I owe that to WA. Thanks Kyle and Carson. This has been
Hi guys, just wanted to reach out to any fellow Bootcampers who are looking for commenting partners, or commenting buddies as I like to call them.This is easier and more efficient than the commenting platform, with commenting buddies, it's a 1:1 ratio.Same premise.. You need to read the post, make a relevant comment and socially share the post. You need to have a Gravatar as well. If you can put the keyword phrase so it naturally fits within the comment, all the better.I of course, will do the
If you're in my list of friends and don't know Robert, this post is for you. It's a great read and really hits home for those that are wanting to make real money online.,Todd
Hi fellow WA'ers, there something I've wanted to blog about for a while that is a bit anti - WA. And it's a bit controversy to many big wigs here as well. But the online make money niche/internet marketing niche is sooooooooo saturated. If your new to WA, start with the online Entrepreneur Course and go for something that you are truly passionate about, if your not sure of how successful it will be, measure it with Google Trends and keyword research using JaaxyBut don't just blindly think, OK,
Hi Gang,Here's a couple new referrals to WA who could use a little welcome to help get connected here to WA. Thanks so kindly,Todd