Can't Write (or don't like to), Don't Give Up!

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When I first got started online, all I wanted to do was sell products. I certainly didn't want to write a lot of content in order to be successful with my online business.

I think this scares away a good amount of online entrepreneurs and Wealthy Affiliate students, and I must admit, at first it scared me as well.

I do feel that online entrepreneurs need to learn how to write/copywrite and that this is a skill set that can vastly be improved upon and perfected.

But that being said, you don't have to write for your site to be successful, you just need to learn what WA teaches.

Your Online Business Needs Content, But Don't Go Crazy

I wrote the first 100 posts/pages for my website before getting a full-time content writer, but I almost went crazy in the process.

If you don’t like to write, don’t let that stop you from building your online business.

You can always find writers for your site. Many times all you need to do is find one or two and then all you have to do is learn to edit content and do the SEO.

And this is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate teaches. So you're already way ahead of the competition.

If you learn the skills that Wealthy Affiliate teaches here, you can become a good editor and SEO specialist.

Then you can consider finding one or two writers for your site.

Let Me Give You A Cool Example:

After about my 25th post I started to look for content writers. I went to and found a writer that I thought was pretty decent.

I picked out the keywords… Fiverr, What is a Gig and I requested a 1000-word post based on the topic. I gave the writer a guideline for the headers and I paid a total of $10 for this post.

I used all the skills I learned here at Wealthy Affiliate, published and did the SEO just like I learned here and within a couple months it was on the first page of Google.

$10 Dollars to Get 500 - 1,000 Free Visitors Per Month

That was over almost 4 years ago since I published the post and it consistently brings in 500 to 1,000 new visitors to my website per month.

I originally got an affiliate relationship with Fiverr and installed a couple of affiliate links and checked it out over the upcoming months.

I didn’t see much in terms of sales so I removed all but one affiliate link and I took that traffic and tried to focus on bringing it into my email marketing system or to other relevant affiliates.

$10 Dollars Into $150

Last week I was contacted by a Fiverr affiliate manager and he let me know that I had $150 in commissions and that they had switched over to a new affiliate network platform and encouraged me to begin promoting their services again.

I thought that wasn't bad considering I hadn't been promoting Fiverr for like 3 years. I just forgot to remove one link. Which turned out to be a little blessing in disguise.

The Moral to the Story:

Don’t let your lack of desire or ability to write stop you from building your online business. I was a slow writer to begin with but turned into an OK one.

Over time, I found it more efficient for me to become a good SEO specialist and let my writers write. I edit, make sure the final product is just right, then repeat the process.

As you build your online business, you will find that outsourcing can make all the difference in your success or failure.

For me, I needed to find a system where I didn't have to do so much work. And the bulk of it was writing - for me personally.

Now I've got a system where my site is producing around 20 posts per month. I've got 2 writers and 1 content manager and the system is working really well.

You Can Do It Too...

I hope my story will inspire those that don’t want to write to know that there are other options out there to make it happen.

You can find writers on,, etc..

And those that struggle with writing, keep working on it, keep reading the aritcles/posts of other good writers to inspire your own writing skills and techniques.

Most importantly, learn the SEO and editing skills taught here at Wealthy Affiliate to take your business to the next level.

You can do it!



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Thanks so much , I have been very procrastinating in my writing have even bought some blogging books ,maybe just writer's block, Thanks can not give up need my retirement fund !!!

Actually I enjoy the writing process, at least the creative process part including keyword research. But I tend to be a perfectionist when I write so my output tends to be sluggish.

Becoming Chief Editor sounds like a great way to increase my output while maintaining good quality content input. Thanks Todd for the encouragement.

That’s exactly how I felt. An over perfectionist, sort of.


Thanks for sharing, Todd!
I'm glad I read this. Writing has taken up most of my time for this business.


Oh that's awesome.

Your story is always inspiring. Yes, I am struggling with writing but not giving up.

Thanks for sharing.

Very helpful post Todd.

I will keep in mind of getting writers as I know from myself that I a not a good one.

This is a very helpful post. I learned a lot reading it. Thank you!

Yes, thank you Todd That will relieve some anxiety and time for other things. ILL be signing up for that, no brainer.

Hi Todd
Good on you for finding a writer that could help you out in the beginning and not letting it stop you! I smiled at the little blessing in disguise where you got $150 for forgetting to remove the link, not often that one gets rewarded for forgetting to do things! ;-) LOL!
Thanks for sharing Todd!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

I'm not sure I am not willing to go your route of hiring writers, but it is excellent food for thought. I mean you've got the results to show for. Great work, Todd!

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