Goodbye WA

Last Update: December 01, 2015

Goodbye everyone it will be next four hour before my yearly membership will expire and I choose not to renew my status according to a personal reason. I write this last blog to give a sincere thanks to every WA member here who helped me sort out all questions throughout the year. Nathanielle is a great guy here as well as Ian who always be very hand on and helpful in a desperate moment to get thing thorough. There are still many friends here who have really good chat and nice comment but it is sad to say that most of them seems to leave WA since I saw his ranking here dropping below 1xx,xxx

My assessment to WA is B+ only one draw back is when I need to move the website from WA to other host. It is a painful job since there is no control panel available. I need to install one plugin, as they suggest, to migrate my website but the detail and process need more technical knowledge than you can find any available instruction given here in WA. I need to request a special help from the hosting personnel in my country to get this job done, so moving website from WA is a bad experience for me comparing to how easy I used to upload the website to WA hosting.

It does not matter anyhow since my website is looking good as it used to on my new host - and even much faster loading time than WA. I will come back to WA again when my website can make enough income to pay for yearly membership. Goodbye everyone I sincerely hope you all a successful future and enjoy a very nice community here.

Tinnakon Chhatrasen

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GWaldron Premium
Best wishes to you Tinnakon.
DaveSw Premium
Take care and best of luck Tinnakon! Hope to see you back here post-haste (fast!)! Cheers Dave : )
siamjerry Premium
Thanks Tinnakon, I hope you do well and we see you back some time. Cheers, Jerry
Tinnakon Premium
Thank you and have a nice time here.
IMc Premium
Hi Tinnakorn

Sorry to see you go. I hope your site does well . If you ever come to Koh Chang let me know.

Tinnakon Premium
Thanks Ian you are always nice.
MarionBlack Premium
I'm sorry to see you go.

Did you go to Account Settings to cancel your membership? If you don't cancel then you'll be billed again automatically. You can find Account Settings by clicking on the tiny profile pic in the top right of the screen and select 'Account Settings'.
Tinnakon Premium
I did it already thanks for your concern.