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November 30, 2015
Goodbye everyone it will be next four hour before my yearly membership will expire and I choose not to renew my status according to a personal reason. I write this last blog to give a sincere thanks to every WA member here who helped me sort out all questions throughout the year. Nathanielle is a great guy here as well as Ian who always be very hand on and helpful in a desperate moment to get thing thorough. There are still many friends here who have really good chat and nice comment but it is
Yes I wish some day I might get something like that on my website. But I am a bit curious on how to make it happens. With the lesson in WA to make engagement content and more than fifty post and page added in, and with some helping comment from here the real comment from outside visitor has not yet seen so far.Please let me know if your website has some outside participant coming in and gave you a comment which will be the indicator that your website is on the right track. Would it be in relatio
February 24, 2015
My third month in WA is arriving just in time to my learning in course 4 lesson 7. A small milestone in a learning process that point out how rich in network we have here in this community. I agree with the learning instruction and would love to blog this post to share among us my accomplishment in this community so far. One note to you is I love to read the post that appeared in my mail box but not all that I can respond to since it is so many post coming in each day. Doing regular job basis
February 03, 2015
It is statistics everywhere in the research and sometime I feel overwhelming with it. Website needs infographics design that is a new learning for me. Owing to the surrounding of social media we tend to change the habit of eyes use, and to skim the information based on graphic design rather than deep digging into the detail - if it is not necessary. I am amazing how fast the human eyes react on website and decide whether to stay reading or to leave. This image post is explaining how people see
January 11, 2015
I was recently looking around the Google pages to get to know how to resize the Youtube video on my website. You may realize that copying the link from Youtube and pasting it on your website is one easy thing but the video frame will stretch out to full width of your page, and thus having awkward looking. One of the WordPress tutorials suggests me to install the plugin but I have already eight plugins in my website, and having too many plugin will result in slower page loading. So I try this an
December 27, 2014
Happy holiday to all friend here and everyone on earth. I don't have intention to make any blog during this time, but reading story of many friend around WA inspires me to share a good feeling I have found on this planet. This video speaks to itself and I have no more word to say. Sorry if you have seen it before. View this video.
Hello new member here at WA have a hard time finding good program to make the tutorial video for the website. My blog is about the Training with Flight Simulator, so I was looking for the program to capture the screen when I played on the flight Simulator. Well the first two programs that I found in the internet did not work as good as what they described. So at the end I deleted them all. And here I came across one comment in the Games forum which talked about the choice of programs to record
December 15, 2014
Hi everyone the first month is already gone. I’ve got a website in accordance with the learning here at WA. In fact all the content is not yet finished as it has a ton of things to put in. I wish I can produce at least one websites with good content in every two month. Starting from the content that I am deeply involved in, then extending to the other topic leaded by interesting Keyword . This will be my plan for the year 2015 however. I am exciting to discover tha
December 11, 2014
I think here is the place to revive and share what I had learnt during my study in USA. The reason is once we understand some type of customer trait we will have good chance to attract them to our business. So impulse buying means unplanned decision to buy caused by promotional message. Such purchase may range from small clothing, magazine to substantially large product such as jewelry or vehicle. Why many people is motivated to impulsively buy products? It is the personality trait called impul
To be honest on learning I take a pebble step through out the lesson given by Kyle. Now my time is tight as I have to work on my regular job, but I am pleased to discover that at least nearly 30% of the content has been added in. With this opportunity may I request you our WA community to take a look of the content in my post and let me know what you think. This website is all about flying radio control airplane which I am interested in. I would like to get a comment from our WA friend on the