Hitting that publish button

Last Update: August 06, 2014

How therapeutic is it when you finally hit that publish button?. Yes I know...there's still work to do with social media links, internal linking and the like but at least for a moment you have pushed past your writers block, beaten procrastination and FINISHED something. Savour it for a moment before you move onto the next thing on your list.... A small win but these add up...

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SowAndReap Premium
It is very therapeutic.
Sui_generis Premium
I thought it was only me. Yes, it feels so good! LOL
Timshazz Premium
Been struggling for the past week...so many things to write about but lacking the spark...On a bit of a detox this month...my body is lacking the usual artificial stimulation LOL.
Judy-B Premium
A small feeling of power and accomplishment. Thanks for sharing.
Maxiam59 Premium
I second that all the best
cookma54 Premium