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Hi guys, I just published my new book. For anyone hoping to travel long term, i think you would really benefit from it. It's called, Get away worry free and is currently free on Amazon. I'd love it if you left a review if you think it's useful. so far it's rating 5 stars.
After two months of sheer frustration due to cut undersea communications from Vietnam (3 times NO LESS!!) It's back to normal. Not great but not bad either. I just published a new blog post and thought I'd have a quick peek in Jaaxy to see if it had been indexed....Da, Daaaaa........less than 30 minutes and it's ranked on page 3... I was asking the other day if there was any tool that would give you a page ranking greater than 20...I'm being ranked very easily for my low hanging keywords and ha
September 10, 2014
Just happenned on this site that checks your site speed form a number of different sites around the world. Thank goodness Ho Chi Minh City wasn't one of them or I'dstill be waiting!!!
Hooray, Just got the message from Amazon that my new eBook "Get Away Worry Free. Pre-trip tips for long-term travel" is now available for purchase. It's had me a little distracted but now that it's done I can get back to blogging. It's really just an experiement into the world of content creation. Still sorting out my money making proposition and figured 8 years of constant travel and 100 plus countries relatively worry free must have taught me something. Anyway, it priced at a very reasonably
If anyone is interested there is a very good Free tutorial on setting up W3 Total Cache here. After much searching on and off WA this was the easiest to follow for someone like me with very little coding.
August 11, 2014
Went looking for contact details on one of the biggest shopping centes in Ho Chi Minh City so I can do a post on Downtiwn shopping options on my website. The website was totally in Vietnamese, no contact form whatsoever...they have some huge brands onsite and it's smack bang in the middle of the tourist district so I thought this was pretty poor. Both Google plus pages and Facebook pages are totally without structure or content...No Twitter Found the biggest investor and went to their site. Tri
August 06, 2014
How therapeutic is it when you finally hit that publish button?. Yes I know...there's still work to do with social media links, internal linking and the like but at least for a moment you have pushed past your writers block, beaten procrastination and FINISHED something. Savour it for a moment before you move onto the next thing on your list.... A small win but these add up...
Even as an ESL teacher and well educated English speaker I still have stumbling blocks when it comes to correct grammar. In an effort to improve my writing I've been looking for a concise guide to written grammar (for free of course) Just thought I'd share it with the rest of you Enjoy! :)
That's Life. An Australian mag published an article on us today AND they kept in the URL to our blog. Hopefully it creates some more traffic. Can't get the whole pic up due to cropping requirements but you'll get the idea.
Sigh.Just when the little guy starts to understand and get on top...Big business seems to win. Or does it?...I'm still deciding,,,