Do You Fear the "Money-making Game"?

Last Update: January 25, 2017

We all have these moments in life. Fueled by seemingly reflected failures. Unbelievable frustration, because in our previous life, we were busy doing something else. We question ourselves, and certain shadows rear their dusty heads...

You ask, has my brain aged even more than my imagination could portray? An hour just passed like a minute.... But I've been busy being properly busy. I know I haven't messed up, I double-checked. The double-checking cost another 25 minutes...., you think, and with a film of cold sweat on your brow, you continue.....

You may feel like the ghost of yourself, like in one of those dreams where you're running through molasses, and everything is speed-aging around you, and events start to reflect it... You look around, put on a cuppa, warm your hands around it, oh, that warmth!

That brings you back to a semblance of yourself. You take a quick break, browse around, and catch a few snatches of what others are doing....

it's like magic, you think, but the magic is running around you, and flowing on.

They're big, they're fast, and they're after........ me!

They're selling their stuff to me, or trying to, just read another one and clicked it away...back to the drawing board - where was I? Oh yes, that e-mail system, that verification, this message needs to be answered, and you just can't shake off that molasses feeling. You realize:

You're scared of the jungle!

.....and it doesn't help that you read once that an original idea is the only valid idea, and that competition is a sign of "too late". You're in the midst of it! And feeling very alone....

What to do? Let that feeling wash over you till it subsides? Or take active action? Which action should I take, you wonder..... And during that ripening process, the thought naturally comes:

1) Call out. To a friend. To a mentor. Just talk. Tell them how you feel. Know, in moments like this, you are not alone. You were one of those who thought, "this can't touch me deeply, a screen of virtuality protects me" ? Well, now you know. It's a world as solid as the other one, just separated from its components by more distance. And more need for friendship. For shared humor, the release of laughter.

2) Remain yourself. Take a complete and total break if necessary, without abandoning your goal. Sometimes, a stretch of silence during a recovery phase is necessary. Sometimes you can protect your friends through a period of silence, broken again when natural recovery has set in, and you know you have satisfied yourself by taking certain actions to help yourself adjust....

3) Re-start slowly. This can be where Niche comes in. You are easily absorbed and edified by engrossment and involvement in the activities of a group of people who share your greatest interests and passions. This can be the warm, soothing bath after a long trek through a cold, windy moor in the middle of winter.....

4) Allow your creativity to become re-inspired. Live it naturally, write about it, and save your writing. The pen is mightier than the sword. The computer is mightier than information imposed on you by unknowns. You can use it to express yourself, promote your own cause, working from the base of your own experience. And you can always decide to re-focus on yourself, and those who are truly helping you....

Last but not least

There is no competition for the inspiration that is YOU.....

Cheers, my friends,


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Tezsie Premium
Hi, Therese, alles gute zu dir. Thanks for sharing your inner processes in this lovely read and I love your conclusion.
theresroth Premium
Thank you very much, Tessa, ich hoffe es geht dir gut☺☺☺
Calmkoala Premium
Hi Therese, it is a joy to come back to your shrewd wisdom and fine writing. Many thanks my friend, Sue :)
theresroth Premium
And it's a joy to have you back, Sue☺❤❤☺
NarasimhaRao Premium
Very nice.
theresroth Premium
Thank you, Narasimharao!
GautamWorld Premium
'inspiration that is YOU.....'

Thank you!
theresroth Premium
And thank You, Gautam!
reanna1 Premium
Love it, Therese! Thaks for sharing!
theresroth Premium
So glad you like it, Rebecca!