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January 30, 2017
No! No! I don't mean WA! I see absolutely no reason to unsubcribe all the trainings and professional-level material that is put out here daily, I'd be cutting myself off from a lifetime of learning and online improvement......No, I mean other things...... I'm writing this from the point of view of a consumer. Yes, a consumer who also strives to be a producer, a marketer.Online Messy SyndromeOn the Internet, you can lose yourself. So many fields of interest and connectivity, so many opportun
We all have these moments in life. Fueled by seemingly reflected failures. Unbelievable frustration, because in our previous life, we were busy doing something else. We question ourselves, and certain shadows rear their dusty heads...You ask, has my brain aged even more than my imagination could portray? An hour just passed like a minute.... But I've been busy being properly busy. I know I haven't messed up, I double-checked. The double-checking cost another 25 minutes...., you think, an
I really love the Give and Receive Feedback on Websites feature here at Wealthy Affiliate!I mean, even to find an affiliate marketing platform that has this feature - I'd be highly surprised if there was a second one.... So another well-earned Kudos to Kyle and Carson, and the whole WA Team!You know, as our websites start to grow, becoming more complex, and with new categories being added, it can develop into a challenge to remain relevant and consistent across the whole scope of the site. Re
December 31, 2016
To all my wonderful friends at WA, who have made my life so much more exciting and full of promise - have a Blessed and Prosperous 2017, and may we one day soon, celebrate our friendship and success together at the same table, face to face......Cheers, my lovely friends, each and every one of you☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺Therese
There are so many internet marketing businesses out there, of all grades and qualities, from downright scams all the way up to incredibly trustworthy authority sites with a monetary turnover of 10 000 + per month, operated by individuals who are sought out - they appear on TED talks, are interviewed by leading business magazines, and their valuable time is a high-grade commodity. They stand out. For people and robots alike.What have these people done, to speed up their platform university lea
December 24, 2016
And I was trying to put a little video in, but it wasn't a jpg., or a png. Guess I'll have to practice that a bit more....Well, at any rate, I want to take this opportunity to thank Kyle, Carson, the WA team, the ambassadors, my followers and all members I've had the privilege to meet this way and communicate with, for making this experience such a wonderful and rewarding one for me.It's so much more than a rewarding experience though, it's a future, not just for school and college graduates,
I'm getting to that point in my journey now, where I'm starting to realize-Site visitor results can be influenced greatly, by the amount of necessary and recurring information one is willing to put on one's site - and that's deep homework.....1) You have to concern yourself with everything your niche group will need.2) You have to know where they can get further tested information in their local area, if that's applicable.3) You need a good knowledge of, and relationship with, Authority Site
This last week, Amazon's three year old implementation planning for delivery of packages per drone had it's first test run.Well, uhhh, what's that noise? It's no bird this side of the T-Rex, and it's no plane, it's waaay too low......Fast foreward 10 years:"Hey, watch your head, that's MY package you're bonging!""Stay on the sidewalk, that's the Blue Flight Zone...."Don't play baseball there, with that new baseball from the mall sport store!!"Hmmmm.....They're saying, the pilot commercial run
A new app has been created by Google, which provides more ease in data storage security, when transferring from iOS devices to Android tablets and smartphones. Reports are coming in that the app successfully supports a new data security option. The app transfers locally, and in the Apple online service iCloud stored data such as videos, images, contacts and calendar, in the online service Drive by Google. From there, the data is easily transferred to Android tablets or smartphones.Google adv
Hi, my Friends!In today's fast paced world of e-commerce and marketing, it's important to be able to develop strategies to create a cutting edge to your business, an attractive and magnetic portal for your products and services. SEO management continues to expand and become more intricate, website themes and layouts start to play a significant role in generating larger - mass traffic, and conversions are often a subtle combination of many factors besides a well-presented product with top testim