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It's great to be here at WA! Paul and I have tried to come in as separate members but that didn't quite work, so we





Has anyone used drip from leadpages for their autoresponder?

Has anyone used drip from leadpages for their autoresponder?

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Email Marketing

I am looking into a variety of email responders and have come across Drip from Leadpages and wondered if anyone had any experience with it.


Thanks, Tania,

Yes that has helped.



No I have no experience with it, I just use the one in the All in One SEO.


Ooh! I didn't know there was an autoresponder in the All in One SEO.

Is that for their Pro Version? Can you tell me more, please?

Thanks for responding, Paul.


Yes that is in their pro version, but I also downloaded a multi media icon plugin and it has a section to where every time I place a new item/write a new blog it sends it out to my customers.


Sounds interesting. There is always so much to learn at every corner. Still, I will look into it tomorrow. Thank you for the information, Paul. I appreciate it.


No problem, anytime.


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Why do comments require you to put in a website?

Why do comments require you to put in a website?

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Getting Started

What happens to visitors that don't have websites? I'm guessing many of the preWA traffic won't have websites already, so what happens if they want to leave a comment on one o

Great question:)

The website URL in a comment section is usually discretionary. You don't have to put in a URL. If you do, it's a backlink. I make a judgement call when leaving a comment. If the site relates to my niche, I'll leave my URL. If not, I won't because then it's not a quality backlink. I'll just leave my email address. Hope this helps! Alanna

It looks like most of you have said you don't have to, but as there's still a little doubt, I will check it out.

I hadn't thought of the backlink issue before, so this was helpful on another level.

Thanks for taking the time to respond Alanna. Much appreciated.

No problem!

I have tried commenting without leaving a URL and it will not let you on a lot of sites, so I would think it depends on the theme used.

Okay. Maybe I should try it out on my site in incognito mode, just to be sure. Thanks, Jude. Appreciate you taking the time to respond.

There is no need to fill that field out. It is not mandatory. In fact, on a personal level, I'll only fill the website in if the site I am commenting on (or the page) is related to my website topic. Hope this helps?

Thanks, Tony, yes that makes sense.

Nothing happens when visitors don't have a website. Don't think you have to populate the website field anyway.

If people post without sites and expect a comment back they just simply won't get a comment back.

Thanks, John. Appreciate you helping me out with this.

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Does site comments have a glitch?

Does site comments have a glitch?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I have tried to enter two comments on the Site Comments platform and received the following error:

Oops! Your comment is not unique

I have also noted yesterday an

Seen this complaint quite a lot, try to shift around some sentences and words, I hope they will look into this soon.

I tried that but still had no joy!

Something definitely is wrong there

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