Improving Your existing Content Is Vital To Get Your Content on Page 1

Last Update: Sep 20, 2023

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Today, it is getting harder to stand out in a competitive world, and Search engines like Google reward what they consider an authority website. So, what constitutes an authority website?

Key Characteristics of an Authoritative Blog:

- Original research and insights - An authority blog provides unique perspectives, analysis, and insights not found elsewhere. The blogger shares original research, statistics, interviews, etc. to create value for readers.

- Expertise - The blogger is recognized as an expert in their field and provides in-depth, knowledgeable content. They have credentials, experience, and expertise related to the blog's focus.

- Credible references - Claims and facts are backed up with links and references to credible sources. The blogger cites research, expert opinions, studies etc. to support their positions.

- Professional design - The blog has a clear, uncluttered design and layout. Easy to navigate categories and archives. The tone and writing is professional and polished.

- Engagement - The blogger actively responds to comments, questions and feedback. They participate in their community and build relationships with readers.

- Consistency - Content is published on a regular schedule. Readers know when to expect new posts. The quality and voice remain consistent over time.

- Prominence and domain authority - The blog has been around for a while and has gained respect within its niche. Other influential sites link back to and reference its content. The domain authority is relatively high.

The most important criteria are probably expertise/authority of the blogger, high-quality original content, and engagement with readers. These factors help establish a blog as a trusted source and voice within its niche,

It's impossible for a new Blog to Achieve This Authority

That is a fact of life, but just because it is doesn't mean that you roll over, and give up!

if you are new to your niche your knowledge is limited, but you can accelerate your learning process. In my humble opinion to be a great writer you have to be a great reader. Read as much as you can about your niche. If reading isn't your bag, then watch YouTube videos. Watch what your competitors are doing .

Tips for Improving Your blog Writing Skills

- Read widely - Consume blog posts and articles from top writers in your niche to get a sense of their style and structure. Take notes on what works.

- Study storytelling - Great blogs don't just present information, they tell a story. Learn storytelling techniques that compel readers.

- Focus on benefits - Craft every heading and section around specific reader benefits and takeaways. Why should they care?

- Use an engaging voice - Adopt a conversational tone that feels natural. Use active voice and relatable language.

- Tighten your prose - Eliminate unnecessary words and phrases. Streamline sentences for clarity. Concise writing engages readers.

- Write scannable text - Break up long blocks of text with subheadings, bullet points and other formatting techniques to aid skimming.

- Structure content - Use an inviting intro, logical flow, and satisfying conclusion. Subdivide topics into quick-read sections.

- Show don't tell - Use specific examples, case studies, anecdotes and analogies to illustrate points rather than just stating them.

- Add personality - Infuse some humor, personal stories, interesting details about yourself to connect with readers.

- Include graphics - Images, info-graphics, Flowcharts, videos etc help break up text and drive the message visually.

- Check readability - Target a 7th-10th grade reading level. Use free online tools to assess and improve readability.

- Write, rewrite, repeat - Writing is an iterative process. Allow time to rewrite drafts to refine and tighten the post.

- Learn from editing - If working with an editor, review their edits closely to see how your work can be improved.

- Study your analytics - Determine which posts resonate best with readers. Double down on those successful techniques and angles.

- Find a community - Join blogging groups and connect with other bloggers to exchange tips and feedback.

All of the above tips can be utilized after you have written your posts.

Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.

Anton Chekhov

Here are some tips for a new blog to build authority and credibility over time:

- Focus your niche - Pick an area you have expertise or experience in to focus on. Become an authority just on this specific, narrow topic. If your niche is wider then niche down onto one topic and write about that until you have exhausted that one subniche. Lets say your niche is traveling with dogs then break this down as in the examples below.

  1. Air Travel - Regulations, tips and preparation for flying with dogs. Best airlines and tips for in-flight care.
  2. Road Trips - Planning and packing for driving trips. Keeping dogs safe and comfortable on long car rides. Best rest stops.
  3. Hotels - Finding and choosing pet-friendly hotels. Reviews of dog-friendly chains. Tips on hotel stays with dogs.
  4. Camping - Camping with dogs. Equipment like doggie backpacks. Keeping food safe. First aid for the outdoors.
  5. Hiking - Hitting trails with dogs. Leash training for hikes. Dog hiking gear. Water safety. First aid.
  6. Beaches - Traveling to dog beaches and dog friendly beaches. Water safety. Best dog-friendly beaches.
  7. National Parks - Tips on exploring national parks with dogs. Rules, limitations, best parks for dogs.
  8. International - Traveling overseas with dogs. Import regulations, paperwork, animal quarantine rules.
  9. Road Trip Gear - Reviews of useful gear for travel like crates, seat belts, dog vehicle accessories.
  10. Health & Safety - Precautions for dog travel safety. Managing anxiety, motion sickness, dehydration. First aid kit contents.

Focusing on one specific aspect such as air travel with dogs allows the blogger to really provide useful, detailed advice. For example, they could become a true expert on "flying with dogs" within the broader niche.

- Do your research - Spend time learning your niche thoroughly. Read industry publications, take courses, attend conferences to build up your knowledge base. Interview experts. Attend webinars and take notes. Build up your knowledge and then improve your blog posts and update them

- Create original, in-depth content - Write longform posts with your own insights and analysis. Don't just summarize what's already out there. Share new information. Try and write articles over 2000 words. However there is one caveat here dont dribble 3000 word articles if the topic is completely covered in 1400

- Cite sources - Reference research studies, expert interviews, statistics etc. Provide links to credible sources to back up your positions.If you cant find your sources ask AI to find them for you.

- Engage with influencers - Comment on their blogs, share their content, build relationships. Their approval and sharing of your content can help grow your authority faster.

- Respond to feedback - Ask readers for suggestions on topics and continuously improve your content. Be responsive in comments.

- Create social media presence - Be active on LinkedIn, Twitter etc. to network within your niche and promote your content.

- Pitch guest posting - Write for established blogs in your niche to gain exposure and credibility through author byline.

- Improve design over time - Start with basic, readable design and focus on content first. Later, invest in custom design/branding.

- Stick with it - Consistency and longevity build authority. Stay focused on your niche and keep delivering value over months/years.

All of the above steps will allow you to update your blog. However don't forget what you have learned here. When you learn something in a new lesson, apply it to all your posts.

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Hi Catherine,

Some good points.

I find that attention grabbing pictures are good for an article, blog or even a website page.

The attention span of a potential customer has dwindled over the past five years as they try and browse many websites or YouTube channels to try and find what they are looking for, even though they don't really know what they are looking for.



Yes it is important to visually break up a page. We live in a society where most people just want distraction.

Good point Brian. Really good visuals keep the attention focused on the content.

Hi there, Catherine.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise relating to existing content. Recently I've created a Catherine folder that I refer to before, after, and during my posting. It seems to be making a huge difference in my traffic.

My goal is to produce high-quality content to keep my readers engaged for longer periods of time. Hopefully, my efforts will help establish more trust and at the same time, gain more authority with my audience.

Happy Wednesday,

Ah Rachele that is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said, you brought tears to my eyes. All of my tips work although sadly none of them are quick fixes. I recommend you have a partha file too

You are the Best, Catherine.

Your writing is delighting and impeccable.
Partha and Diane are in a league of their own and I do have a P&D file.
I'm not sure if we can follow one without the other. They complement each other like PB & J, inseparable (lol).

I totally agree

Excellent blog article; I found it right on point and just what I needed to hear today. M

I am so happy, says me doing a little happy dance

Hi Catherine

A wonderful blog post, which everyone should read! 👍👍

You should use the same content to create training! 😎

Frank 🤘🎸

I concur, Frank!

Haha, I knew you would, Cassi! 👍😎

Rock On!🤘
Frank 🎸

Great minds, Frank. 😉🙂🤣

I like to write it so everyone can read it, I dont like the idea of geting $5 or $10. I used to do it but haven't don it for a long time

Yes, We do, Cassi! 👍👍😄

As I said I dont like the idea of profiting from my knowledge unless of course it enough to make a difference in my life

LOL Frank you know what they say about great minds

That’s true, Catherine. 👍😎

That makes sense, Catherine.

I often wonder about that especially when members like you, Partha, Frank and Diane share so much learning.

Every once in a while, I do a training series like the one I started last month on congruent behaviour.
That is more technical.


Yeah, Great minds play guitar! 🎸

Hmmm… That might not be exactly right. Lol 🤣

I totally get that, Catherine!

but perhaps it should be.......................

I agree that something more technical training has its place.

i thought you might.


Hi, Cassi

You’re so sweet!🙏

Most of what I write on WA is done with my phone from wherever, so I try to make it as simple as possible.

Also, I’m just “parroting” what I’ve read or heard others say.

I’m the “Guitar Guy!” Lol

Rock On 🤘
Frank 🎸

Hahaha! 😆👍

Oh so much more than that, but even if not, the day job will keep you in buttons

Lol Thanks, Catherine! 😎🎸

"parroting" = adding your own spin, creativity and words.

That reminds me of cooking, Frank.
Give 3 people the exact same ingredients and they will each prepare a different tasting, looking and smelling dish. 😉


That’s true, Cassi.

My grandmother could prepare a fabulous meal from whatever was left over in the refrigerator. 😎

Frank 🤘🎸

Couldn't have said it better myself Cassi

A cherished and admired skill, Frank. 🤗

Thank you, Catherine. 🤗



Absolutely, Cassi! My mom was the same way, but her generation was influenced by the Great Depression.

God, I’m old! Lol 😆

Frank 🤘🎸

And they came through it just fine, Frank.

A couple of years ago, driven by my younger brother's quest for better metabolic health, I started to change what and how we ate.
Today, we grow most of our own food on a small estate in the hills and eat what we grow.

Of course, there are the few(er) times when we are out and about but still, we lean towards the whole foods, small farmers grown foods.
It has made a tremendous difference to our health (no illness in years) and functioning.

Processed foods and sugar were sent from the Devil, I believe. 🤔😐😯


Hi, Cassi

Yes, my sister grows her own veggies and stocks us up every year.

I’m not a big sweets guy and don’t even use sugar in my coffee. I think I had a massive sugar overdose in my young childhood, with candy every day, and I got sick of it. Lol

My mother was the expert dessert maker in the family.

She’d make 10 or 12 cakes and pies for our family gatherings.

They had to be transported in a separate vehicle! Lol

She cooked the “old Italian” style with all the fat and everything else you can imagine.

Her cholesterol and blood sugar were perfect, even in her 90s, go figure. Lol

Frank 🤘🎸

Like my maternal grandmother, Frank. 🙂
They cooked the way that you should, I believe.

We use A LOT of butter, Olive, Avocado and Coconut Oils (I used to make my own Coconut Oil) and healthy fats.

The rule of thumb is nothing processed or commercially preserved (I do my own fermenting) and as close to zero processed sugar as possible.

I even dry my own tea leaves and pick my coffee beans when I head up to the countryside. 🙂

And sleep matters.
Not how much necessarily but the quality.


That sounds wonderful, Cassi!

I ate out of vending machines and was sleep deprived for years during my medical training back in the late 70s and 80s.

We eat pretty healthy now and my sleep pattern is much better.

Still, we tend to eat lots of movie snacks, but fun is important, too! Lol 😎

Frank 🎸

It's all about balance and the Pareto principle works well here.

I still can fortunately prepare a meal from leftovers

Very true, Catherine. 😎

Yeah, we don’t waste any food, Catherine.

When we can’t seem to clean out the fridge we invite some neighbors over for a pot luck meal and drinks. Lol 🍸


Worse than that you remind me I am older than you!!!!!!

The embodiment of a life well lived.

We have tons of fun too, Frank.

Our snack meals are whole food based.

For example, we make something called 'chow'.
It is any fruit, mainly green mango, plums, pommecythere, paw paw, - anything firm enough really - with hot peppers, local seasonings, salt and black pepper.

We do throw in the popcorn and apple pies here and there. 😉


Haha, No worries, Catherine.

Just work hard doing things you enjoy and have all the fun you can. 😎

Frank 🎸

Thanks! 🙏😎

Wow, that sounds delicious, Cassi!

The hot peppers and black pepper would probably kill me, Hahaha!

Yes, food cheats, here and there, are a good thing! 😎

Frank 🎸

Ain't that the truth. Anything creative is totally individual


I am enjoying some "chow" now. 🙂
Cherries. 😋


I am a volunteer to pick coffee in Guatemala in December something that I have never done before and I am totally excited

That will be lots of fun, Catherine!
If I was closer, I would have joined you.

I am on a fruit doet the next few days my air bandb accomodation has a kitchen but no gas, so its raw all the way for me

Your body will love you more for it.

That’s outstanding, Cassi! 👍👍😎

Frank 🎸

A wealth of information, Catherine! Thank you! Happy HUMP Day!🐫


Thank you Jeff I haven't seen your post today I am off to find it

You will, Catherine, it is live now!


Great and informative post Catherine!


Thank you Mike

Fantastic insights and advice as always here Catherine!

A nice reminder for me that I must go back and update older posts... the info here will make that task easier, time consuming but well worth it in the end!

Much appreciated my friend and enjoy the rest of your week!

it is I agree time consuming and also a pain, but I have found the rewards to be well worth it

I agree with you there, Catherine, 200%!

Thank you for the much-needed reminder.


Thank you for your endorsement I know that you regularly update posts

I have no doubts about that Catherine!

We just have to grit our teeth, but to be fair when you start seeing results it becomes less onerous

I try my best, Catherine but falling behind a little these days as I have launched a new website.
But, I will get back to that by next week.

Hope all is well.


OOOH well done What is the niche?

Congruent Behaviour.

My research over the past 2 years revealed that it is a misunderstood and undervalued aspect of change.

I am enjoying building it out.


Oh why that sounds fascinating. I try very hard to put it into practice on daily basis, but writing a out it is a tough gig

It is proving to be quite engaging for me.

Change is the heartbeat of life, isn't it?
Yet, we all struggle with different aspects of it.

I know a lot is written about it but I am approaching it from a unique angle, tying all the pathways together.


I love the idea, it is super interesting to me.

I will share my framework and strategy with you as I tighten them up, Catherine.
My 4 years at WA and the websites I have worked on myself during that time are part of my research also.

The plan is to use WA Members to conduct research as I progress.
We do have a targeted audience here full of people who are seeking some sort of change in their lives. 😉


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