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Last Update: Jan 27, 2017


Hi everybody, me again.

Following my last blog of today, I'm now unable to sign in my facebook account. See below what I'm requested to do.

Then when I clicked on continue, I get the following screen.

And finally the following.

I'm now very confused. What should I do? Is this normal? Have you ever experienced something like this? If yes, then what did you do?

Thanking you in advance for sharing your experiences.

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Usiba, Don't do it.

Thank you my dear Barbara.

Never saw this before...looks very suspicious....ignore / delete.

Thank you my friend.

Looks like a scam buddy

Yes, but i guess it's from FB itself. See below, Alan also had this issue.

This happened to me 2 weeks ago. I didn't do what they had asked me to do, I feared that they would use my information for something else so I left it. A week later, I logged in again and I got through. Pheeewww.
Hope that helps


Oh many thanks my dear Susan, I'll also wait for a week or a couple of weeks. Hope it works for me too.

It happened to me 2 weeks ago. Don't upload anything, after all Facebook sells all your personal data anyway. They are the most untrustworthy social media ever.

What i did, was i simply didn't do anything. After a week, 10 days i was able to log in like it never happened.

Next year they will probably ask for a DNA sample.

Hello my dear friend, many thanks for sharing your experience.

Yes may be after sending my ID, if they are satisfied then they will ask me for a DNA sample.

No way I upload my ID. I'll wait for a couple of weeks and see what happens.

I never experienced that situation yet. I hope this problem gets resolves soon!

Thank you for the good wish.

You said earlier that you had a facebook account some years ago, did you try to log in using your old log in details?

As far as I remember, I requested facebook to unregister the old account; and it was unregistered.

Sounds a bit suspicious to me, I'm with Loes I,ve never known Facebook to ask for photo ID

Yieckkss, I wouldn't do that! You only upload ID's on secured IRS sites etc., NOT on a FACEBOOK account! This is crazy!

Try your library card instead, stick some magazine photo on it, I don't trust this

I guess I should create another account. I need to use another email address and another name.
I think I'm stuck.

I would try that for sure, I would never copy my ID and send it to FB

I haven't experienced this... I never knew Facebook asks for ID.

Let's wait and see what other members say.

This is all new to me. I would be afraid of identity theft, but they did tell you to cover certain info. Let's wait and see what other members have to say.

Yes good, let's wait and see.

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