I Am Going To Make This Happen!

Last Update: April 22, 2019

My Big Life Change

A few weeks ago, I had a big life change. I got laid off from an Information Technology job that I had been at for 8 years. Yes, 8 years! I have been in Information Technology for over 20 years. To say I was blind-sided is understating it!! I got called into the office where 3 managers were sitting and 5 minutes or so later I was out the door carrying my small box of belongings.

This is what they call Workforce Reduction... Whuut!!

Is This How You Want To Live?

Do you want to devote years of your life to a company only to be escorted out the door with a small box of your belongings and the smidgen of pride that has not been smashed to pieces? Or, do you want to build your own future knowing that it is all up to YOU? The person in this world that you can depend on the very most is yourself. And God, of course. :)

My Decision

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2015 and for years I have been giving it the crumbs of what is left of me and my time although I did make some progress. I have always had a passion about building my online business but there was not much of me left over after my IT job and busy life.


The day after getting laid off I got an e-mail from Kyle saying that I had been chosen to join the Super Affiliate Challenge. What a blessing to get that e-mail and confirmation that I am making the right choice!! Thank you Kyle!

I have been pushed out of my comfort zone and onto my real dreams. I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate and building my online business full-time. I am devoted to building my dreams and I am going to make this happen!

I could go out and find another IT job but that is just not my destiny.

To Make It Happen

I know it takes 6 months to 1 year to see full time income results. I am down-sizing my expenses and I have some money saved to last me for that duration.

Building my own full-time business on-line is one of the most important things to me next to God and family. I am putting my all into it!

I believe in myself that much and I also believe that much in Wealthy Affiliate ... Kyle, Carson and Jay and the experts here! You are all amazing and I am thankful to have such incredible mentors.

I know that shadowing a person in a position that I want to be in is the key... listening to the guidance of my mentors... thank you!!

Any Advice?

If any of you that are running a full-time business online have any advice for me, I would love to hear your advice for me.

I consider all of you friends and supporters, not just fellow Internet Entrepreneurs. I will be here for you as well if you need me!



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KaiserKody Premium

I feel your pain 😢 a few years ago i put all my time an effort into helping a company / friend build up a large electrical firm often working overtime and not getting payed for it ,after nearly 8 years they stopped taking my advice and started listening to other people ,so i left an started up on my own and 3 years later i heard that they went bust , shame as there were a lot of good workers there who had to find new jobs 😐
texasprinces Premium
That is a shame but it looks like they had it coming by letting good workers go. They did you a favor although it may not have seemed like it at the time!
KaiserKody Premium

Yes your right and it lead here so fingers crossed 🤞😊

NidaV Premium
It is a blessing in disguise Alisha. I left my job as a nurse last year to spend more time with my children. I have been a nurse for 26 years which left me so drained and burnt out.

I had the courage to quit as I have been seeing more and more of how much employers does not care much for employees but more of what workers can give to them.

My advice to you is focus on your training here and persevere. Perseverance and hardwork is nothing new to you as I read that you devoted much time on your IT job before. The only difference this time is you are now your own boss and you are not going to let anyone decide for you when to go to work because it's going to be on your own term.

Take care and God bless you!

texasprinces Premium
I certainly can relate to you feeling drained and burned out. Years of life can just pass us by an those are precious years with our children that we never get back! My son is 15 now ( he was 7 when I started that job) and although I worked hard to provide, I came home so many times exhausted and not able to give him the very best of me which my son deserves.

I am ready to change my life... I have to. I wish you and your family the best also. Thank you for the words of encouragement!!
lynnsam61 Premium
When one door closes another one opens. Wishing you much success in the Super Affiliate Challenge!

texasprinces Premium
Thank you so much!!
MarlaineB Premium
Wishing you all the best! The timing sounds Providential. :)
texasprinces Premium
Thank you! I agree!!
Avecita Premium
Seems like this is going to be a blessing in disguise Alisha! Go for it! You already have a great background in IT to get the ball rolling, so I will watching for your success story. : )
texasprinces Premium
Thank you! That means so much to me!!