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Choosing a keyword and writing about a popular topic?

Choosing a keyword and writing about a popular topic?

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Is it advisable to write about a topic that when a key word was researched about it i found out that there's already a lot written about it but since I rephrased the key word t

Hey Nida, please PM me the actual details of them and I can advise you much better.

Ok Grace. I'll pm you in the morning. Thank you.

Hi Nida yes you can do this, if the competition is low you should be OK. But in this case I like to check out some statistics from competing sites to find out the word count of the top articles. If you write a longer post than your competition it gives you a better chance of getting to page 1 of Google.

I see. I will make sure to do that. Thank you.

Thanks for this tip Crazy!

Hi. Nida. You have touched on something I have been finding. The keyword research is so fascinating, just by tweaking a little adds a backdoor into a subject. Good luck... Mike

I know right. I get confuse as to the amount of competition.

You've done exactly the right thing, Nida.

Found a keyword related to a popular topic but with low competition.

As long as it's got reasonable traffic, you should be good to go.

Thank you Phil. Appreciate it.

I am going to blog about that said topic then.

Take care.


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