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Please welcome Ken to our WA Family! Ken is my Referral and he just went Premium! I am so proud of Ken for making such a wise decision!Let's all let Ken know that we are in this journey together and here to help each other succeed! Add him to your Network too!Ken, let any one of us know when you have a question while going through the training or building your website! You can also post questions on your Blog Post, Live Chat or Private message 24/7. You can also message me directly anytime
I have an Amazon Affiliate site and I cannot figure out which Amazon Buy buttons I am allowed to use. I have read about people losing their Amazon Associates Account for using the wrong buttons.I know that Amazon is strict and I do not want to violate their terms.Does anyone know which buttons I can use on my website? I do use SiteStripe but what I am looking for is an Amazon Buy Now button of some sort to place under the product image.Thank you!!!Alisha
July 26, 2019
So, I have THREE very important questions. Here they are...1. I am tracking my keywords in JAAXY. It tells me that my post is on page 4 of Google, it has a link to page 4 of Google where my post is supposed to be.. then I click on the link to page 4 of Google to see my post... much to my dismay, my post is not there. I don't see it anywhere.2. My Rich Snippets are not showing up in the SERPS with my post. I read that it can take time for the stars to display. It also mentioned that Goog
My site speed scores are too low.I have Kraken so all of my images are optimized.What else can I do? Are there any plug ins that would help increase my speed?It pulls up fast but my Google Insight scores are low. I don't get it. :(Thank you!Alisha
I spent a lot of time writing a Blog Post that I thought was great. I was never able to finish the SEO part or submit the post through Google Search Console. My internet was out for a few days so a few days passed.When I had internet again, I felt excited to finish the SEO on the post and submit it to Google and Bing. Much to my dismay, when I submitted the post URL through the URL Inspection Tool, I got a message saying that the URL is on Google but has issues. I never submitted the post b
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I get obsessed with my rankings and I check JAAXY several times a day. I think that is too much and I need to chill, don't you?When I check my rankings that much it slows down productivity. But then again, when I get a new ranking, it motivates me! What's a girl to do!?I also have each of my main keywords set under Site Ranking to track them automatically. It is nice to be able to scroll down the page and see all of my rankings. I heart JAAXY!What Do You Think?How often do you check your r
May 17, 2019
Finished My TasksI finished all of my tasks! In addition, I even went back and revamped some of my past articles. I still have some questions on revamping my past articles. I want to make sure I do it the right way. Some mentioned changing the date. Since it takes time for SEO to work, does this effect the time frame for rankings?Moving ForwardI am now working on writing some additional articles and doing the SEO to them. I have 29 total posts so far. I have been with WA since 2015 but I
My Big Life ChangeA few weeks ago, I had a big life change. I got laid off from an Information Technology job that I had been at for 8 years. Yes, 8 years! I have been in Information Technology for over 20 years. To say I was blind-sided is understating it!! I got called into the office where 3 managers were sitting and 5 minutes or so later I was out the door carrying my small box of belongings.This is what they call Workforce Reduction... Whuut!!Is This How You Want To Live?Do you want
April 18, 2019
So, I have some questions.Should I be adding additional content and SEO techniques to posts or pages that I have already created to increase their ranking? These are pages that are indexed in Google but not neccessarily a page 1 ranking. They are also posts that are already over 1k words and I have done the SEO to them. Or, do I wait for the ranking to increase over time on its own? How long does it take for my post ranking to increase?Should I just be focused on creating new posts and not