Super Affiliate Pre-Start Preparation

Last Update: January 26, 2018

Almost ready to go in Kylle's the Super Affiliate programme. I have followed Kyle's pre-start list and here is where I am today:

1- Get my own domain. I have built and registered a new domain - set up and hosted by WA. It is appropriate to my niche and brand.

  • Privacy Page - Added
  • Affiliate disclamier - Added
  • About me page - Added

I also have an existing website, again appropriate to my niche and again hosted by WA. This one will get a final tweak over the weeken

2 - Commit to the programme for one year. I can certainly confirm that. That is why I am here.

3- Ability to communicate. I am sure i pass this test. I have been in contracting and consulting all my working career and since I changed course 6 years ago I have been writing and communicating on line on a regular basis.

4- Ability to research - This is something I have regularly enjoyed doing and I have discovered some great content over the last 6 years. I will continue to carry out research, above and beyond the basic requirement, throughout the duration of this course

5- Autoresponder - I have currently one Autoresponder, which I have not used recently

My target today and tomorrow is to write 2 posts to be published on my existing website

I have started to re-familiarise myself with Bootcamp phase 1 and will complete that task in the coming week (Week 1) and Kyle's instruction.

Really excited now and ready to take my WA experience to the next and next next levels.

Success to us all.


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mtatar Premium
You are off to a good start!
AlanJE Premium Plus
Hi Terry, Thanks for sharing! Best Alan
HarveyBrown Premium
Well done Terry, you are on a roll.
MarionBlack Premium
Great start Terry. We can do this!
terrycarroll Premium
Wow! Glad you're here Marion. Didn't see your name in earlier posts

Timotheus Premium
Super, Terry!

I've done all that too. And just finished writing one of the two posts. Will add graphics/images and publish tmr. Then start in 2nd post that I hope to complete and publish tmr. :)
terrycarroll Premium
That's great too Timotheus.

Really excited to go now!