Heading Towards Ambassadorship

Last Update: February 06, 2018

I am at long last approaching the light at the end of the Certification Training tunnel level 2 and I have now set myself a 2018 target of reaching for the stars!

My chosen niche for the foreseeable future will continue to be Affiliate Marketing and the training here on WA (not to mention the awesome support of this community) lends itself beautifully to making progress and achieving stardom in this niche.

None of my sites have yet gone into the monetisation stage, but that will be up next and I will continue to hone the sites to that end.

My immediate goal now is to complete the Certification and Bootcamp training, at the same time as following the GoGetters training schedule. I realise this is a very condensed aspiration but I now have all the time I need at my disposal (grandchildren time excepted) and I am sure the next 3 months will see me safely through the schedules.

My longer term aim - the next 6-12 months - includes Kyle's Super Affiliate training, starting right now and continuing through the year - again easily accommodated timewise.

I am so grateful that, from when I first saw the link to WA, in 2014, that I took advantage of the offer and went PREMIUM almost immediately.

The fact that I have not progressed as far as one shuld in the intervening time frame is entirely due to me not prioritising the work required a) due to a serious family illness (now thankfully behind us) and b) not quite being able to shake off the position I formerly held in the Consultancy business.

Now that has all cleared away and I am 100% rocking here on WA

Success to us all!


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ElaineSmith1 Premium
You sound very determined Terry!!!.

Tried and true

Melissa901 Premium
Sounds like you are very determined and that is great keep it be glad to hear when you meet your goals
Loes Premium
"Gogetters" them Terry;))
terrycarroll Premium
Indeed! :-:
JamesJB Premium
Keep it up and you'll reach the stars :)
kimwolfe Premium
These are great goals Terry! Stay focused and prioritized, and you’ll do great!
terrycarroll Premium
Thanks so much. I intend to!