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I am inspired by a post this week by my good wa friend TopAchiever. Check him out everyone, he is always worth a read.His post is mostly about his 80 year old dad taking up the WA challenge and getting no small amount of satisfaction from it. A couple of comments reveal that quite a numberr of Seniors are also getting excitied about the possibilities of a late career move on this platform - a bit like discovering Walking Football.I am clearly the junior in all this excitement - I will turn 74 n
July 24, 2018
Ihave recently read and liked/commented on Mike Kearns'posts on the value of Pinterest in our marketing endeavours; these posts are among quite a number I have seen on this subject and I am beginning to think "they can't all be wrong!"So I now simply have to overcome my frustrations with Pinterest, as everyone whose opinions I value advise that it is the best thing since sliced bread!I now have 50 links to WA training - 23 of which are in video format - on virtually all aspects of Pinterest usa
I have just added a new post to my website and this landing page has appreared at the top of the blog.I certainly didn't consciously add it and I can't delete it.Can anyone advise please?Terry
April 02, 2018
I have created a few new posts in line with the training tutorials and I have reset my menu to put the latest posts first, but my blog roll and the view I see when I go to my website still has an ealrier review showing at the top..I cannot get this to change on the website view even though the menu setup is correct.Am I missing something obvious here?Terry
I have added Amazon Affiliate links to my review post "Plantar Fasciitis" in my website but the link is not working - nothing happens in the pc view.In the mobile view I get a message "the url can't be shown"Links on my other posts/reviews are working fine.Can anyone advise what is going on please?Terry
I have been publishing some new posts in line with the SWAG training program and I have noticed that the affiliate links I have set up are not obvious in the post until I hover the mouse over the actual links words. The words then turn blue and I can hit the link which works fine.How are visitors to my site going to see the links if they are not highlighted?Terry
February 06, 2018
I am at long last approaching the light at the end of the Certification Training tunnel level 2 and I have now set myself a 2018 target of reaching for the stars!My chosen niche for the foreseeable future will continue to be Affiliate Marketing and the training here on WA (not to mention the awesome support of this community) lends itself beautifully to making progress and achieving stardom in this niche.None of my sites have yet gone into the monetisation stage, but that will be up next and I
Almost ready to go in Kylle's the Super Affiliate programme. I have followed Kyle's pre-start list and here is where I am today:1- Get my own domain. I have built and registered a new domain - set up and hosted by WA. It is appropriate to my niche and brand.Privacy Page - Added Affiliate disclamier - Added About me page - Added I also have an existing website, again appropriate to my niche and again hosted by WA. This one will get a final tweak over the weeken2 - Commit to the programme for one
January 22, 2018
So, eight days ago my ranking here on WA had slipped from the mid-400's to 8802, due to the regular black art updates which I don't really understand, or indeed need to understand.Following a week of joining mentoring groups, writing a couple of posts, asking questions and commenting on posts by friends here in the community, I have now risen back up to the dizzy heights of 301. Amazing!Now, while this gives me a comfortable glow, I am adamant that it is not my real focus within my WA membershi
I have posted this as a reply to another post, but I feel the need to expand on the situation as I see it.I would dearly like to be in Kyle's group but as it appears it is going to be selective, I am not holding my breath.If I don't make it, I have a plan B which includes, but does not solely consist of, joining groups led by Bo and Dave and hopefully I can pick up Kyle's output from secondary sources here in WAIf members don't get into Kyle's group, please stay positive, as the main training