(HTN + Crataegus) - SRTD = Divine Health?!!?

Last Update: May 09, 2014

Just posted new 'blahg' article on my website with the above title. If you're into healthy, go give it a look and leave some positive comments please.


Thanks much, my WA family! Remember to click the "Like This" button below because I return the "Like This" click when I read yours.

Blessings, Ms Terry Ash

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jazzfairy Premium
Hi Terry,
Thanks for your great article. I have been doing holistic healing for years and it really makes a difference. I did not know about the hawthorn berries and will check into them. I am in the process of doing some self healing myself and I know that stress has been a major cause in illnesses. Keep up the good work!
SowAndReap Premium
Hi Terry, What a great post. I read your about me page and was touched by your story. What a strong woman you are. You're site will help lots of people. I want to learn more about natural healing to help my son so I added your site to my fav.
CathyS Premium
Terry - what a BEAUTIFUL soul you have! I think you have enough information on your site to make it more than one niche site ... there's so much to tell people who lack knowledge. You are blessing to those who seek wellness and truth. God Bless You! ~Cathy
KatieMac Premium
Great article these days I think more and more people are looking for alternative medicines, my mum used a lot of stuff for different ailments when I was younger, remember picking all sorts including hawthorn.. well done your site is looking good
ar20746 Premium
Well written! I didn't know that hawthorn is so usable during hypertension problems.
But I know from my experience that white wine is very healing in this case. It seems that wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy. :)
TerryAsh Premium
Amen! I like wine on Shabbat, Passover (out, under & through) as well! Its always good with a really nice steak dinner too. :-) Blessings, Ms Terry Ash