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Hi, I'm Judith and I'm excited to be working with Wealthy Affiliate and meeting some new people!
Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in NY, love warm weather, the beach, traveling, animals, knitting, crocheting, going to the movies, sports and fast cars. I am a very creative person. My first love is Performing. I Sing, Act and Dance. I also write lyrics and melodies, have choreographed and taught Hip Hop, Cardio Salsa and Zumba. Health and Fitness is an important part of my life. I've been a massage therapist for 16 years and a massage instructor for 7.

My goals are: To once again be making a living as a performer, help others live healthy lives, educate people on the importance of spaying and neutering their animals, donate to animal shelters and rescue organizations, be financially free doing what I love.
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davyrobot Premium
Hi Judith! -

Thank you for Following Back! :)
dhayman Premium
Thanks for the follow Judith. Glad to meet you.
azgorilla Premium
Hello Judith, great intro to yourself. Amazing how some folks (like yourself) can have all natural talents and then there are others (like me) that have 2 left feet and a voice like a toad.
It's always a pleasure to hear and watch others express themselves. My wife and I love to go to live performances. They're the best.

On the other hand, both my wife and I do care for all of our four footed friends. I see that you do also. Good for you.

:) Tom
davyrobot Premium
Hi Judith! -

It's Great to connect here at WA!

I am Now Following You!

** Have A Great Productive Day! **


And remember Rome wasn't built in a day...but they were laying bricks everyday!
cookma54 Premium
Hello! Glad to meet you ... you seem like a like-minded spirit! I'll be following. Melody
Hi Judith,
Thanks so much for following me. Welcome and I wish you all the best here at WA!

RateClip Premium
Hi Judith - Thanks for the follow :)
TerryAsh Premium
Thanks, jazzfairy, for the follow. I'll return the favor. May we both achieve the freedom to do what we love.
mabry101 Premium
Hello Judith, thank you for the follow! I hope that you are well on your way to reaching your goals, I know that here at WA you can make your dreams a reality! Wishing you the best!
OldMule Premium
Hi, thanks for the follow Judith.
Newbie or not, I have 20 plus years plus experience in this industry, so please shout if you need any help.
I still highly recommend this site too!
Please also read and "like" my blogs, (also top of each post Facebook), for my insights, tips and tricks!
Go for gold!
My blog for today is: Blogs and banners!
MrRic Premium
Hello Judith, nice to meet you, thanks for the follow,
I wish for you great success here at WA,
if I can be any help do drop me a line when you have time :-)
silah77 Premium
Hi Judith, you've got a wealth of experience. I bet you've been enjoying yourself here at WA. By the way, thanks for the follow.
jazzfairy Premium
Hi Silah77. I am enjoying learning how to set up my own website and getting to know some great new people. I have one more section of content to write on my website so I can move to the next section. Hope thins are going well for you.
jazzfairy Premium
Yes, I am an NYC girl. And yes Zumba and Salsa are both great. I can't wait to get back into them myself.
gtrtchr43 Premium
Hi Judith. Nice to meet you. I hope you are finding what you are looking for here at WA. Good luck with your goals and take care.
Sui_generis Premium
Thanks for the follow. I was attracted to the "jazzfairy" name. You must be from NYC not upstate, right? I'm about to get back to my zumba practice. I've done zumba and salsa and they are both such great exercise! Best wishes for your success.
Angelsway Premium
Hi there jazzfairy, I love meeting arty farty people! Thank you for following me. Enjoy! Judy
mamazepp Premium
Thanks for the follow and love your bio! Wow! :) Nice to meet you and see you on WA......
MLundrigan Premium
You are welcome Judith. Thanks for the reply.
hart48 Premium
Hello Judith, glad to meet since a talented person. Thank you for the follow and best wishes for a successful business.
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you Judith for the follow and many blessings to you here at WA. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask.
KostasS Premium
Hello Judith,
Welcome to WA, and thank you for following me.
Thank you for your kind words! If there is anything I can help
with the door is open.
I wish you much success in your new adventure and goals!

MyJobKiller Premium
Thanks for the love on my page , looking forward to seeing your success online !
Free2BMe Premium
Hi, thanks for the follow! Best wishes to you.
rightnow99 Premium
Hi and welcome, thanks for the follow. You have an interesting life. Best of luck
lcadataentry Premium
Thanks for the follow. If you like, check out my website catholicnetproducts.com and let me know what you think. Welcome to WA! Take care and God Bless Lisa
jazzfairy Premium
I finally got a chance to look at your website. It looks great and has a lot of great content. I think that anyone who is Catholic will really love it and I think it's great that you welcome people of other denominations. I wish you much success.
Internetgranny Premium
Thank you for following me back, Judith. Hope you are feeling well again. Wishing you all the best.
Caden Premium
Thanks for the follow Judith. All the best.
DoubleTap Premium
Hi there Judith, thank ya' for the follow. Considering everything that you've done in the past, everything that you've had on your plate... you're gonna do great things here!!! Just shout if ya' need anything!
CoachEd Premium
Hey --thanks again for following and with your back ground you will do just fine --See-Ya on the inside !!
Animate Premium
Hey Jazzfairy, saw your post somewhere and decided to check you out. I love your energy and many of your 'things' resonate with me. I love animals and agree totally with neutering pets, not allowing them them to breed. There are far too many unwanted, ill-treated dogs and cats, and far too many miserable people who do not care. I know - I used to volunteer at a local pound (see my pound-pic profile photo). I'm new here at WA, like you. Best wishes for great success in all your endeavours!
Labman Premium
Hi and Welcome to WA. Thanks for following me back. If I can help with anything please ask.
MikeyB Premium
Hello Judith and thanks for the follow. Welcome to WA and I wish you the best in here, i am only a click away if you need help.
cld111 Premium
I love your profile! It sounds like you do a lot of interesting things, and you're very fit an active. Good for you! I would also love to preach the spay and neutering message. Me, you and Bob Barker! Haha
Hudson Premium
Hi there. Thanks for the follow and welcome to WA. If I can help you at any time please just ask,
Kyle Premium
Hey Judith, just wanted to pop back and see how you are doing. I noticed that you haven't quite set-up your account yet, just wanted to let you know there is a video on how to do this if there is any confusion.


Setting up your account will lead to much better help here within the community as people feel like they can connect with you better (with an image and a description)

Just wanted to make sure that all was good and if you do need a hand with anything, just let me know! :)
Carson Premium
Hi Judith,

I wanted to take a few minutes to see how you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate so far and to officially welcome you to the community.

I am here to help, as is Kyle, and many other awesome (and knowledgable) members. If you have any questions about getting started please let me know, or post your questions in the LIVE chat on the dashbaord.

My suggestion for getting started is the "Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1)" course found here:


Talk to you soon.

Kyle Premium
Hey there Judith and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! I am Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate and I am here to help you along the way. If you ever have any questions or need a hand with anything, do let me know.

As a new member here, you should check out the Online Entrepreneur Certification getting started course (Level 1). This is a task based course that will get you taking action on daily tasks that will lead to you building web assets. Here is the link that you will see within your main menu labeled "Get Started Here".



If you join Premium within the first 7 days, here are some bonuses that I am going to be giving you:

(1) You are going to get a 59% discount on your first month Premium membership (only $19)
(2) You are going to get personal and private access to me! If you ever have a question or need help with your campaigns, I will be there.
(3) I am going to be giving you my "Diamond Traffic Bonus"

But only if you join in your first 7 days (this is what I call my "action takers" bonus).

Anyways Judith, thought I would just introduce myself and if you have any questions going forward, let me know. :) Wonderful to have you as part of the community here at WA!

Your friend,