A Break for the Bear - and a Big Teddy Thank-You

Last Update: October 30, 2016

Hi everybody - Terry here:)

Teddy Bear's wife, Sunshine, wanted me to tell you that the family is okay, and that Chris is fine and will be back with us soon. They want to thank everyone so much for your overwhelming support, prayers, and good wishes!

Sunshine says, "Please give my best regards to so many who have commented, and I must admit I have logged on and cried at the responses from the blessed community at WA" .

Also, they send a special big thank-you to Ultimateless (Michael:)

So, our great friend to everyone - Chris Scott aka The Teddy Bear - has been improving rapidly:) He is going to require bed rest; first in the hospital, then at home for a spell.

As we know, he likes to help - he can't help himself!

But this won't hasten his healing; it will be a hindrance to him regrouping his energies:(

So let's keep our hearts and prayers together, try harder our own selves, - LOL - and see that our beloved Teddy Bear gets the rest he needs;)

Thank you, and love to all:)!

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KeithMaki Premium
suzzziq Premium
Wow, I guess I must have missed quite a bit this week:(. I had no idea that anything had happened with Chris. Thank you for reaching out to the WA community:)
littlemama Premium
GREAT News!!
PatLemy Premium
Thank you for sharing !

verazhelvis Premium
Great news! Thank you, Terry!