This is really exciting - emarketing works

Last Update: March 15, 2014

Hi all,

Last night before going to bed I saw a note from WA that I have pasted below. I went what? How did that happen?

I have started doing emarketing and I wrote 2 emails to 2 people and one signed up already? This is really, really, really exciting, I have a job to do the next week.

I will tell you more later

Have a nice weekend


Hi Terenzia,

Great news! A new member at Wealthy Affiliate just accepted your invitation to try things out, and they have been added to your following. You can check your invitation count by logging into your account at any time. Each invitation that you receive also earns you $1 WA credit when the user verifies that they are a real person by setting up their account. WA credits can be cashed out for a value of $1 USD.

You can login to check your invitation statistics here:


Kyle & Carson
Co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate

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techhound Premium
Hey Terenzia,

That's fantastic!

Also remember that if you nurture your list, i.e., add value to your emails and not just bombard them with "buy from me", etc., then even if they don't go premium with WA, you can get them to eventually buy something else from you, as long as you are tactful in your approach.

Best Regards,
james631219 Premium
That is awesome! Next week is going to be fruitful to you.As the saying goes "Find something you love to do, and you'll never work a day in your life" ...Good luck
nomda ploom Premium
if your conversions stay at 50% you will have your own bank soon!
Seriously interesting and great stuff, Andy
archan Premium
Hi Terenzia, that's amazing 1 out of 2, ( Derek )
KatieMac Premium
That is great your on your way, well done.. have a good weekend to