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Hi all,I was saddened to hear about today's attack of Brussels airport and the Metro line close to EU headquarters. My heart goes out to families who loved ones where among the 29 deaths reported. I also want to wish those injured God's healing hand and quick recovery.My thoughts are with you all out there.
May 12, 2014
The human connection - is key to personal and career success - Paul J. Meyer Terenzia
Hi all, I am 6 months here at WA.I still love it. I have learnt a lot from here and continue to do so.I have made money from my website, from WA through proving trainings and from referring others.It is awesome.To get more cash I need to continue doing the things that have generated money for me. Wish all of you the best of luck Terenzia
April 29, 2014
Hi all, Sustainable success lies at the end of the evaluation - where the direction of the vision is tested, measured and improved upon until the right coordinates for success have been established. (Wilson Luna) I love this one too Terenzia
April 28, 2014
Hi all, Success is falling down nine times and getting up 10 - Jon Bon Jovi
Hi all, I find this very informative - By Eric Thomas - A young asks Google to help him succeed and get to the same level as he is. Google said if you want to be at the same level of success I am meet me tomorrow at the beach at 4.00a.m. The young man thought it was not a big deal and indeed got to the beach as agreed. Google got in the water and asked the young man to come in too.The man said but I want to make money, Google said yes come in the wate
Hi there, This article can be found on It is a very interesting article. I just want to highlight the grading in social engagement. In social engagement, simple likes in Facebook and retweets in tweeter fall at the bottom of the list. In the mediums engagement with our target market ends after they agree with the marketer or like the marketer.This is a short lived and little value after the click A level up
Hi all, I am promoting a HDMI Pocket Projector as a Personalized Gift for Mother's Day Please click the link and like my page on Facebook. Here is the URL for my site as well Smart Mobile Electronics Thank you for your help Terenzia
Hi all, I have tested one of my keywords in Google on 4 browsers Firefox, Chrome, Torch and Internet explorer using Google search engine. Now when I go to Google search tab in Firefox, Internet explorer or Torch and type my keyword, I see my page on first page. BUT when I do search on Chrome with same keyword, my website is not to be found at all in any of the pages 1 -10. Does anyone know was Chrome result is different from the other browsers?
Hi all, Last night before going to bed I saw a note from WA that I have pasted below. I went what? How did that happen? I have started doing emarketing and I wrote 2 emails to 2 people and one signed up already? This is really, really, really exciting, I have a job to do the next week. I will tell you more later Have a nice weekend Terenzia Hi Terenzia, Great news! A new member at Wealthy Affiliate just accepted your invitation to try things out, and they have been added to your followin