Grading of Social Engagement Values

Last Update: March 22, 2014

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It is a very interesting article. I just want to highlight the grading in social engagement.

  1. In social engagement, simple likes in Facebook and retweets in tweeter fall at the bottom of the list. In the mediums engagement with our target market ends after they agree with the marketer or like the marketer.This is a short lived and little value after the click
  2. A level up is a share of brand-related content. Engagement value can be boosted when fans are asked to share their experience
  3. Engagement is even higher in user-created content, such as photos. Contents that have photo links of experience/interaction with the product boosts retweet by 35%
  4. Audience reporting in video form carries even greater value – digital video in itself is an excellent way of engaging fans
  5. Real world event stands out in the list but it is more energy draining but rewarding at the end of it.E.g scavenger hunt game

Social media engagement is said to surpass sales in importance according to this report

In social media the more the likes and retweets the more volume on the other hand the below carries more value

At the other end of the scale, participation that requires thought on the part of the fan, that results in a fan sharing their participation, that calls out for a fan to create and deliver content, will make up for potentially lower volume with higher inherent value. Brands need to understand the difference, and measure accordingly.”

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Makes sense when you think about it......thanks for the insight.
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Thank you Terenzia. Interesting for sure! :)
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Thanks for sharing, helps keep our focus on what works, works best and doesn't work at all.
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This is very interesting information thank you for sharing it
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Very informative piece ~ Thank you Terenzia for sharing this. Regards damien