I Hit $1000 In Affiliate Sales + I Have a New Training for You

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First things first, I hit $1000 in affiliate sales, and I noticed yesterday. Plus, I have more coming in this month, so I'll actually pass 4 figures with flying colors. Yay!

I've made a full time income from home before. In fact, I have the time for my business because of the construction business my husband and I built and live off of now. Even with that, learning the affiliate business was a learning curve for me. The challenge and actual fulfillment of performing the work in affiliate marketing makes it my favorite business model. It's not for everyone, but it's by far my favorite.

I'm grateful to Kyle, Carson, and the community for your generosity towards me, and I plan to continue giving back as a result.

I Heard Your Feedback Loud and Clear

Today, I decided to publish a training for monthly and annual members in response to all your feedback. There is an address in there about my freedom of choice because I don't plan on making accomodations or rendering the same sympathy based on the arguments I heard over the last few days. However, I did expedite the publishing of this training because I empathized with the few people who are in a financial bind.

I had so many technical difficulties I'm hoping you all don't see every one of them in the video. In fact, I even had to cut my curriculum in half to make this training on How to Sell High Ticket Products part one and part two. Fingers crossed, tomorrow, I'll be able to get thru the rest!

My motto is "Use what you have until the wheels fall off". Hopefully, by wise decision making, my sales will allow me to upgrade my equipment and serve you all with even higher quality soon.

I don't have the best equipment for what I currently do. I bought my computer maybe 6 months ago, but I had no idea I'd be doing a Youtube challenge, publish 100+ videos, and the impact it would have on my computer!

Learn from my mistakes. This business requires certain tools. Don't say you're a leisure computer user, and buy for that. When you buy a computer, buy for the professional person who uses the computer to make a living.

That should be common sense, right? It wasn't for me. Hahahaha.

Why I Decided to Publish A Training For All Premium Members Today

I decided to compromise for some of you because you have expressed a level of confidence in my work that I am mindblown by, and I couldn't ignore you. I read your messages saying you believe my training could make the difference in your financial futures, and I appreciate your confidence. It didn't escape my mind, so I decided to push up the date for publishing the training on High Ticket products from next week or further out up into today.

I think the training will better help you understand my point of view and decision making as well as it can help you to position yourself well in your business. I sat down and wrote the course and filmed it today for you (you know who you are). I believe some of you who are starting at the bottom will get to the top. I'm working my way there too. I've taken my time to create a training for you to show you my belief in you.

Unfortunately I Don't Think Any Training will Make You Successful without This...

On the other hand, I could see that my training, the Wealthy Affiliate training, or any training for that matter wouldn't be enough for you if you don't realize something important. I decided to write this post to reiterate a quote I said in the training that says, "Your mind has to come out of disability before your finances can".

This quote isn't referring to a mental diagnosis or any psychiatric disorder. It's not meant to be insulting or rude (although I'm almost 100% certain someone will choose to take it that way). This quote was more in reference to your realization that you are enough, and you have something you can reciprocate with.

Take Your Confidence Back

You can look all over the internet in every library and in every university, but if you feel you aren't enough, it still won't work. You have to believe that despite anything you've done, someone did to you, or association you might have had (you may have to let a few go), you still have a fair chance, and you can do this.

I could sense in some of the responses I read that some of you feel like you're missing pieces that no training module could fill for you. It hurt my heart, and it made me angry towards whoever damaged your confidence like that. You are enough and you have a fair shake at this.

Take that mantra with you and repeat it.

The ability to be able to reciprocate is a sign of maturity

Once you realize you're not fragmented, dysfunctional, an accident, or broken beyond repair, then you can also start to see you have wealth too. Maybe you don't have financial wealth yet, but you have something worth value.

When we're immature, we're unaware of the privilege we have access to. We overlook what we do have, and instead, we magnetize what we don't.

I heard people say:

  • My budget is tight
  • I'm a dependent
  • My health is in crisis
  • And, many other things

I truly empathize for you and I applaud you for making a step in your business: whether monthly or annual. I think you shouldn't jump into annual until it's feasible.

One member suggested saving $1/day, $10/mo, or whatever you can do, and I think that's a great idea. You have to sacrifice for any business or any goal for that matter. You'd be surprised how fast a small choice to save a few dollars can add up!

I think a small incremental savings would be a good idea if you pair it with work ethic and the belief that you are enough and you can do this.

Inventory What You Have

Whenever I've been financially strapped, I inventory what I have. I've realized even when I don't have money, I always have something. The something you have can make money a byproduct.

You may have health, skills, talents, connections, work ethic, and ideas to name a few resources you can take inventory of. Consider how you can use what you have to get what you don't.

In most cases, you're not disabled, disadvantaged, crippled, incapable, shortchanged, or dysfunctional unless you think you are. You are enough.

Think about how you can use what you DO have to be at an advantage rather than thinking of what you don't have to be at a disadvantage.

You have my support in this trying time. If you persist, you'll make it thru.

My Questions to You

  • Have you ever gotten out of a tough time?
  • What did you do to get out?
  • Do you agree or disagree with my advice? Why?
  • What would be your words of advice to someone struggling financially now, and giving their last to build their businesses?

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Great job Tiffany! Glad you reconsidered. Always insightful to read your works.

Yes I have been in tough times! But hope and rewiring my mind to focus on what i choose to see then my current position and speaking to the right people led me through the process.

Totally agree with you to start or use what you have at the moment to pull through making informed decision.

If you believe and get to work you will be amazed at the heights you will reach. These success stories are here in WA. There is HOPE!

I love the advice you've left Faith! Thanks for sharing your story and giving those who stop by hope.

Congrats on your achievements Tiff and thanks for sharing your journey!!! I should get back to your training tutorials and watch from start to finish.

At the moment I'm living at my brother's babysitting nephews because his wife is stuck in Cuba with an expired PR card 🤦‍♀️ Barely taking laptop out! (Made me realize what an enormous job entrepreneurial minded parents do, I personally feel exhausted by night time and last thing I want to do is work on a site).

Anyway, to answer your questions...

Well, most WA'ers know my worst time of my life when was I couldn't walk for months and was stuck in 4 walls with broken ankle/foot. Luckily I'm feeling a LOTTTT better but it is during those days that I started my Amazon niche site that's a regular income earner.

Basically back then, I was FORCED to take action, I wasn't active physically and I didn't want to go crazy without mental/intellectual activity too. Even though I was in pain, I could sometimes distract myself by writing/learning. I was suuuuper slow with articles but I just got it done whenever I could.

So yes, I do agree with you.

Focus on what you have, what you CAN do, not what you cannot do. There's a wonderful saying "energy flows where attention goes", so focus your attention on the things that matter, on the advantages you have right now rather than disadvantages.

My advice to those who struggle:

It's a good idea to get some job when building a business on the side, so you don't feel too pressured/stressed.

It could be offline or online, there are a lot of freelance opportunities, even teaching English to foreign kids (and you don't have to have a degree for that). Or call agent. Or writing articles for others (and polishing your skills!)

Keep your ears and eyes open. Another saying I like by Thomas Edison: "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Just because you're doing work online, doesn't mean you won't do anything. You WILL have to put in time, efforts, work and learn how to be consistent and disciplined if you want to succeed.

No other way around it.

Whoooaaaaa! You left a powerhouse of solid advice! That motivated me. I feel like running a mile. Now, I know who to call if I ever decide to do something like run a marathon. Hahahaha.

Hahaha making up for all the comments that I wanted to leave but haven't left on your previous awesome posts! 😆

Well done Tiffany.


Thanks Derek!

You sure deserve it Tiffany! Congrats and thanks for all that you do!


Thanks Mel! This is the hardest $1000 I worked for in my life! Hahahaha. Every other one from here will be much easier I'm sure.

Hey TDomena, I've just spent the last 10 minutes reading your previous posts--getting to know you, getting to know your struggle when you decided to go all-in with affiliate marketing. You're a very impressive woman and I hope you know that! Congrats on your recent success! I look forward to reading more from you.

Woweee! What an honor! Thanks so much for your attention and time. If you're interested in the posts I've written, you'll probably enjoy my video trainings even more. I have case studies thoroughly sharing my journey and I just published a training on High Ticket Sales today. Best wishes and I hope to get to know you better.

She is isn't she...really proud of her sticking to her guns.

Hi Tiffany
Life is filled with good times tough times and all kinds of challenges and if we let them get to us, we are done for.
I have experienced life-changing moments in my life and always believe I am capable of anything I set my mind to achieve.
This is a great post and I hope the people that need this, read this, my friend,
Enjoy all you do and keep being awesome

I agree. Tough times aren't the most fun, but the character that you have when you come out of them is one of a kind! Thanks Vicki for your advice.

Thank you for sharing Tiffany much appreciated.

Congratulations and well done to you.

There is a saying "if your mind can conceive it you can receive it"

This goes both ways for positive thoughts and negative thoughts.

Mindset is key.

Have a great day


I totally agree. That's a great quote. Thanks for contributing it Jennifer.

You are most welcome Tiffany.

You have a great post here.


Awesome post, T. You are so right...we ALL have something of value to give to others..we are enough and we just need to 'edit' our mindset.
Thanks for this inspiring post.
Congrats on your latest accomplishment.

Erase and re-record. Hahaha. I like how you say "edit". Great phrase for it.

Well done Tiffany, keep up the good work.
Darren & Nicola :)

Thanks Darren! I appreciate your support.


Congrats on all of your achievements.

I will take a closer look at your post tonight.


Sounds great! Blessings to you too.

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