Positive Affirmations Failed Me (Avoid this From Happening to You)

Last Update: September 07, 2019

I’ve been picking some really weird pictures lately. Yesterday, it was a lion and today, it's a bulldozer. Hahaha.

They all tie into what I'm saying though. Let me explain...this may take a second to make sense, but you'll get it. I promise.

A few years back, I went in head first into the laws of attraction books, and the "thoughts become things" ideology. It felt so liberating to think that anything I imagine can become my reality. I enjoyed thinking like that until I realized IT WASN'T WORKING.

I would imagine living anywhere I wanted and going wherever I wanted, and it didn't become my reality. People would say, "It's because you have to believe it from deep down in your core" or "You have disbelief", but I remember when I was a kid and I didn't have a disbelief in my imagination. Things still didn't come into existence solely because I desired them that way.

Do Positive Affirmations Work?

Yes and no. Let's talk about the "no" first. Positive affirmations don't work when:

  • You have habits that you haven’t begun to implement that will make the dream a reality
  • You don’t follow thru and execute those habits until the compounding generates a result
  • And, You don’t use the positive affirmations as fuel to stay on course

I don't know why, but it seems like many of the Law of Attraction circles seem to miss the mark on talking about habit change and habit formation. Why is that?

What We Have to do to Get What We Want

In order to get what we want, we have to be honest with ourselves. Sometimes, we will tell ourselves excuses to "dumb down" our dream to what we think we'll be "able to accomplish". In other words, your confidence isn't where it needs to be to fully execute on the dream, but what you don't realize is if you stopped using the money excuse, the time excuse, or other excuses like that, you'd actually open yourself to dream.

Take a second and think about:

  • What would life be like if you didn't worry about money or time?
  • What would your family be like?
  • What would your income be like?
  • What would your wealth portfolio be like? Would you have real estate? How much would your websites be worth? Would you have licensing deals where people use your logo (because you've established a reputable brand)?
  • What would your spirituality be like? Would you help the poor more? Would you help the uneducated or sick more? Would you help more people? Would you visualize, pray, meditate, read content that made you focus on your purpose?
  • What would your recreation be like? Would you travel? Would you learn a language?
  • What would you look like professionally? Would you be the best affiliate marketer? Would you be the best healthy lifestyle blogger? Would you be the best niche site builder?

Now, once you're clear about what you want, then the next step...

Can you think any bigger?

Sometimes, we struggle with big thinking, which is why I love to listen to big thinkers like Elon Musk whose thinking about implementing changes that impact large populations. If you don't challenge your thinking to stretch, you might be stuck with small dreams when you're capable of much more.

For example, if you said, I'd like my income to be at $50,000/yr and for my husband and I to argue less, it's commendable, but try imagining even further. Write down that step because it's likely that will be a milestone along the way, but if you stretch your thinking even more, you'll start to notice opportunities every day that will take you to the milestone goal and even further!

What's stopping you from getting there?

We all like to say "Google isn't ranking me" or "Facebook banned me", but in all reality, those are tools that help us to grow our social circle at a faster pace. The other tool we have is our cars, our feet, our phones, our business cards, and our boldness. We have to take initiative and not allow excuses to hold us back from getting from where we are to where we want to go.

Identify the excuses you're telling yourself and practice correcting yourself when the excuse pops up.

Where the Bulldozer comes in -- Bulldozing Past Limiting Beliefs

Once you realize how many times your excuses are causing you to redirect into mediocrity, then it's time to bulldoze thru them. Identify them and override them! Yesterday, I wrote about making the decision to stop making money excuses, and today, I'm challenging you to bulldoze thru all of your excuses.

My Questions for You

  • Are you committing to bulldozing past your excuses?
  • What word of advice do you have for those of us who have made our minds to bulldoze past our excuses?

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marchanna Premium
I'll tell you why it is!

Positive affirmations based on the Law of Attraction have no scientific basis of support, other than the placebo effect.

The Law of Attraction peeps don't like to look at this serious problem with their favorite ideology and so basically, the retort is that you are the one who's nuts because you have failed to think positively enough. No science, just shaming.

Geez, thanks for that fake news, right? :)

Bulldoze that as well!
DaveSw Premium
I do think that the positive affirmations ploy is overhyped...It really comes down to grit and tenacity...either you have it and use it to create the world that you desire, or you don't...

Most certainly some reinforcement can keep you on the right track, but essentially a positive affirmation post or meme is not going to make up for a lack of effort, commitment, and time...

People today want an instant solution for everything, and what they have forgotten (or never learned) is that delaying gratification and real work to achieve your goals is the key...

Obviously, you need a plan, the resources, and the will to find workarounds as you go along, but you do this knowing that there is an end game, the gratification so to speak...

Bulldozing is a good analogy though for what you do...

Perhaps a bit more finesse is required (i.e. EQ) but it comes down to refusing to give up, and making corrections along your way, and keep pushing...

Good topic for discussion!

Dave : )
marchanna Premium
Well said Dave, spot on!
TDenise Premium
I agree with Marc! You’ve said this very well.
Fredeim88 Premium
Fantastic post. It reflects the life in whole. Everybody, my self included, are experts to make excuses and blame something, or someone for not reaching the goals. We should read this post before we get up from bed, and before we fall at sleep for the night.
TDenise Premium
We have to give up our expertise in excuse making and become masters at bulldozing. Hahaha.
FKelso Premium
Excellent post.

I think positive affirmations should be used to help reprogram your subconscious. If you repeat an affirmation long enough, you might convince your subconscious it is true, and your limiting belief system may change. That's your aim.
TDenise Premium
Yes. Faith and deeds. The habits have to align,
LauraFuller Premium
Tiffany, this is powerful. I have always believed the mind is powerful. But just thinking it is not enough. We have to put action behind it. I tend to forget the action part.

Like my bed this morning. I wanted to positively think it is made. I made all kinds of excuses so I wouldn’t have to get up. The bed did not make itself just because I had a positive thought about it. So I got up and put action into process and made the bed.

This is a simplistic example. You brought this one home so well. Thank you.

HeidiAnders3 Premium
Love this! Think BIG! Thanks for sharing your thoughts here! :)
TDenise Premium
You’re welcome! Yes. Let’s change things big time!