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Disclaimer: This post is like a journal for me. It's not SEO'd. It's not "buttoned up" to make me look like a "guru". It's my genuine thoughts and represents me as a student and growing entrepreneur (like we each are). Hopefully, you can appreciate that.You guys help keep my clock in sync. I started seeing all of the other income reports, and I said to myself,'s that time again. Hahahaha.May was a roller coaster. I had higher income but less traffic and it shook me up quite a bit. It
I've referred quite a few people here who are already small business owners. They may have businesses as chiropractors, consultants, or other local business types. You may be able to relate.Maybe you have a product, service, or trade that you're paid for, and you've come to Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to add revenue into an existing business or how to market online more effectively.The problem I see is that commonly, these small business owners get confused because they see so many people wh
Many of us question whether affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model, or if you need dropshipping, creating your own course, or creating a physical product to "make it to the big leagues". While I can admit, affiliate marketing is no "walk in the park", I think this affiliate site case study showing an affiliate business that made it into the Inc 5000 and earns $7.1M in annual income can prove that affiliate marketing can take you to the big leagues.What does it mean to make the Inc.
This post may make you roll your eyes, but when they come back to the right position, make sure to try this out. Hahahaha.There are quite a few metrics that can lead to posts ranking. One of those metrics is internal links.Most of us remember to put an internal link in each post, and we definitely don't forget to add an affiliate link, but we might forget that when we're posting a new article, it needs links going to it.What is an orphaned post?Google measures the importance and relevance of yo
I can't believe it's that time again! Months are flying by and we're still stuck at home. Hahahaha.I feel so blessed that the pandemic hasn't impacted my income in my business (even though I wish it was higher). In fact, this was a record month for me in terms of sales and learning lessons, and I plan to share those with you here.I know the pandemic will have some impact, but I think it's a great time to start a business that helps get us back on track.This post will be long because I learned s
This is my first written income report. I won't lie, income reports are kinda scary because you don't know who reads them and there are all kinds of people out there, but I wrote this for the good ones.I remember when I first looked into affiliate marketing, I loved the concept, but I wanted to know what was possible. Affiliate marketing is unlike other careers because as a nurse, doctor, or engineer, you can look on the Department of Labor website and get a roundabout number of approximate inc
The lockdown has been a time of reflection for me. I've been able to reflect on whether or not I've made the right decisions for my financial future, my family, and what I can do to make us even more secure.Choosing to get started in affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best decisions I've made. I didn't know much about affiliate marketing prior to joining here, but since I've been here, I've been earning affiliate sales (starting with my 2nd month here).I keep saying in my mi
It's crazy times we're in for sure!I was in the military working as a Public Health Technician for 9 years. I participated in many illness outbreaks and investigations, but none impacted the world like COVID-19.My kids are out of school. In my area, we're not on complete shutdown, but we're social distancing, and there's lots of fear and panic.I like to see the precautions we're taking, but I don't like seeing people making fearful and illogical decisions. What makes me happy is to see the comp
This isn't a statistical post. This is more about me sharing my thoughts and learning lessons on advertising.I've always been intrigued by advertising, but from time to time, I've talked myself out of it. I had piling hospital bills and other personal life things that meant I didn't want to take much financial risk: in business or anywhere.I don't regret my decisions to avoid advertising for some time, but I know that advertising is a great way to attract new customers and make sales. By way of
How are you doing? Hopefully all is well for you in your area of the world.I just finished recording my 24-25 month traffic, income, and learning lessons right before my Youtube Live today, and I've just uploaded it. In this training, I share my milestones: what it took me to grow in traffic and income over the last 24 months.I also share things like:My new bookkeeping processMy process of planning out my contentMy goal setting and review processand my learning lessons from along the wayI origi