Day 5 and going crazy

Last Update: May 24, 2014


So its day 5 and i have changed a lot I bought a domain i changed my theme of my page i changed the ideas in my mind and on paper of the direction i want my site to go i went to the live seminar i think i am over thinking things so my goal is to comlete more of my content pages tomorrow slowly but surely it will happen. I hope others out there feel my pain.

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Doing great! Don't forget to take a break. There is sooo much information here that you don't want to burn out. keep up the good work!

Sounds like your way ahead of the game. Just remember, it's a "real" business. Would you expect to profit from a brick and morter "real" business overnight? Stay with it.

Aww Tammy. You are makign a good progress. Keep it up. :)

Think you would be wise to take a step back and plan out what task you want to accomplish each day, it is better to go at a pace that is steady than go flat out and burn out before the finishing line, there is a lot of training and information can really overload if you try and keep up with it all

Slow down a bit so you don't get too overwhelmed. And try and use some periods in your sentences, lol

Hey keep moving my friend. WA is much more pleasure than pain, just take everything in stride and set realistic goal. Success is within your reach.

You can do this, just take a deep breath and relax. Hutcho is correct, there is a lot to take in and it's not a race. Following the training and not getting side tracked by all the other stuff to learn is the key. After you complete the training then you can hone your skills. Best of luck - you're doing great.

Hi you are doing well, keep on.

Hi Tammy, just relax and go with the flow. At the beginning there is a lot to take in but very soon it will all begin to gel together. Best wishes and hang in there for the rewards of having your own successful online business.

Thanks for the your wonderful motivating words. Yes i am here for success and i am grateful for your words of encouragement.

Step by step. You can do it!

Thanks for encouraging me i need it!!! the community is motivating me

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