Week 4... Arghhhh!!!

Last Update: August 19, 2014

Well if I thought Week 3 was unproductive, I'm not even sure what to label this week!

The sum total of the work to my site... 1 article post! Very disappointed that is all I have achieved. I took on some freelance work (needs must) and it has virtually taken over my life this past week and I've not even finished yet. Very frustrating as I hate the work but love working on WA and I just haven't had the time.

On a positive note, I have remained active in the community... in case you are wondering how I have time to be active in the community and not work on my site. I spend time on here first thing in the morning while I'm having my coffee, my brain is not capable of writing content or doing anything technical at this time of the morning!

Another positive is that I now have over 1,000 lovely people in my network and I reached my goal of being in the Top 100 :)

And... I also have 3 referrals

Really looking forward to getting back to the courses and progressing with my site and hopefully by the end of the week I will be able to do this.

Network: 1,187

Rank: 83... YAY, reached my goal of being in the Top 100

Referrals: 3

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dynamical Premium
Congrats on the 3 referrals!!! Congrats on making it into the top 100.
Tallell97 Premium
The 3 referrals don't seem to be active as yet but hopefully with a bit of encouragement, they will see that WA is the place they need to be to succeed
atlanticus Premium
Your progress is astonishing, well done.
Tallell97 Premium
Thank you, what can I say... I love it here!
bazboy247 Premium Plus
I run a business as a full time electrician so I understand you
I have found that meditation is really working for me I am more productive, less stressed and more creative
I have a blog post here that may inspire you so you can check it out if you want to


Tallell97 Premium
Hi Barry, your blog is lovely and very inspirational, thank you for sharing. Best wishes. Debbie
Loes Premium
I think you are doing very well, building on your site, on your downline and on your social network, in 4 weeks time, splendid! Loes
Tallell97 Premium
Thanks Loes, I maybe need to concentrate a tad more on my training than my socialising though :)
ar20746 Premium Plus
Don't worry work always waits on you. :)
Anyway you have done great progress here in WA.
Tallell97 Premium
You are quite right Joze, it's just frustrating as I DON'T want to do my work but I really DO want to do my WA training. Oh well, we can't always have what we want