I Figured Out Why 1 Post On My Site Gets Way More Traffic

Last Update: October 03, 2019

Why Does 1 of The Posts on My Website Get Way More Traffic Than the Rest?

It just dawned on me why 1 of my posts gets so much more traffic than all the others. It is't the newest, it isn't the longest. It isn't the oldest. It isn't the best post. It is "average". It gets 5 times more traffic than my other posts however. It does this day after day, week after week, month after month. That 1 post always has more traffic than the others.

I am talking about traffic in general but the majority of my traffic is organic so social media sharing etc. is not a factor here. This post gets way more organic traffic than any other post on either of my websites. It is the big winner. Why?

I Figured It Out!

The reason this post gets so much more traffic is that I am ranking #1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo for at least 12 variations of the title/keyword. That is 12 different versions of the title where the post is ranking #1 on ALL THREE of the top search engines. There are many other variations on the title where one or more of the search engines has it ranked in the top 3 but I am only including those with a clean sweep at #1 here.

How am I Getting the #1 position in the SERPS on All Three Search Engines for 12 Variations?

This is not the norm. I don't have any other post that gets #1 ranking for so many different variations. The reason this is possible for this post is that it is MY LONGEST POST TITLE. The long tail keyword I used as the post title is 9 words long. I thought it was very long and gangly when I wrote it but it checked out well in Jaaxy so I used it. Good thing I did!

For the sake of example, here is the original title and all the variations that are ranked #1 on the three top search engines:

Apple cider vinegar for upper respiratory infection in cats

Apple cider vinegar for upper respiratory in cats

Apple cider vinegar upper respiratory infection in cats

Apple cider vinegar upper respiratory in cats

Apple cider vinegar respiratory in cats

Apple cider vinegar for cat respiratory infection

Apple cider vinegar for cat upper respiratory

Apple vinegar for cat upper respiratory

Cider vinegar for cat upper respiratory

Apple vinegar for upper respiratory infection in cats

Apple vinegar for respiratory infection in cats

Apple vinegar for upper respiratory in cats


I am not a veterinarian and I tell people to always take their pet to a veterinarian and that serious infections may require a prescription.

Also, I am not advocating feeding apple cider vinegar to a cat or putting it into their water! You don't want to deter them from drinking water by putting anything in it and they don't like the smell of vinegar. It can be diluted with water and rubbed onto their fur.

Back to the story:

So, the bottom line is, use long tail keywords! Not only do they allow you to rank faster since you will have less competition but they also give you another great opportunity. You can rank for many different variations of the same keyword. I did not write all these variations in my post. The search engines are smart enough to figure these out. You just write naturally and the result can be many different ways to rank in the search results!

For each of these variations above, I am ranked #1 in all of the 3 top search engines but there are others as well like Duckduckgo. I get traffic from there as well. Also Yandex (Russian) and many more. I will not take the time to search on all of them to see where these variations rank but I am sure there are many more out there that I am not aware of.

Unintentional, Non Cat Traffic Too

There are also variations of the title ranking well that don't even have the word "cat" in them. A person searching for "Apple cider vinegar for upper respiratory infection" (for human use), will see my post at the #3 spot on Google right now! That is probably a big source of my traffic to this post since many more people would be searching for that topic for human use than for pet use.

I have no idea how many variations of this keywords are ranking well but it is dozens.

I decided to find more ways to monetize this post since it gets so much traffic. I will let you know how that goes.

Each Variation is Like a Fishing Line

Each variation of my title/keyword is like a fishing line in the water. The more lines you have out at once, the more fish you can catch (assuming there are lots of fish around and we know the internet is full of fish)! So if you just had a post titles "Respiratory Infections In Cats", there is no way you could get many variations. Keep in mind I didn't list ALL the variations on the title/keyword above. I only listed those getting #1 ranking in ALL 3 search engines right now. There are hundreds of different potential variations using those words. Each one is like a fishing line out there online and ready to hook readers.

Long Tail Keywords Have Less Competition

There will also be much more competition for a shorter title like Respiratory Infections in Cats. It would be much more difficult to rank for that title because you would be competing with all the vets, animal medical sites, companies selling products etc as well as sites like mine. This is why a long tail keyword is recommended. Less competition so you can rank higher faster.

I hope you go find some great long tail keywords!!

I will be keeping this in mind going forward and lean toward longer keywords.

Onward and Upward,


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