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The picture here was taken at midnight last night. It was raining, not even clear and still light out! Summer solstice here at our latitude means almost 19.5 hours of sunlight and even nighttime is only dusk. By 1:00 AM it was finally getting dark as a thunderstorm rolled over. This weekend we had smoke from wildfires drifting in. It was also hot at 82 degrees yesterday. That is hot for us. It will be even hotter this week probably closer to 85. When there is smoke and you can't open the window
I am really working hard to keep up with everything lately. It is just crazy how much we are trying to juggle. Our Building: We have a vacancy coming up next week. We need to get in and do new paint and carpet. In order to keep the price down we will be doing the painting ourselves. My husband is very good at that. We applied for a Small Business Association disaster assistance loan to fix the earthquake repairs. The inspector comes tomorrow morning so my husband will have to take time off from
I always prepare myself for the inevitable fact that I will likely not be able to produce as much on my site in the summer. I just simply won't have the time. No, I am not just being negative. Summer in Alaska is the most gloriously beautiful and crazy, busy time imaginable. It is (many of us feel) the most beautiful place on Earth in the summer. Green everywhere, flowers everywhere, birds, mountains, waterfalls, beaches, whatever you want. Crisp white capped mountains and glaciers in the dista
June 06, 2019
It is one of those times when everything seems to happen at once. We have a vacancy coming up in our building but the tenants can't tell us exactly when they will be out since they are buying a house. They are also getting married tomorrow so we are trying not to bug them too much. We have to get in there and do paint and carpet etc. to get it re-rented so we really need to know when that will be and I have to get it advertised. I know I will get phone calls asking when people can come look at
I posted here last weekend that there was a drastic change in the description of one of my posts in the Bing and Yahoo search engine results. I thought my post was hacked somehow until I realized the description was part of a comment from one of the posts on my site. Google did not change my description and it still showed correctly in its search results. Bing and Yahoo both showed part of a comment that someone had written in poor English and that honestly would be confusing for anyone else re
We took our orange, tabby boy back to the veterinary cardiologist to recheck his heart murmur. It has not changed at all and is stress induced. There is no structural problem with his heart and he is not be any danger. This is great news!The vet is a specialist who travels around the state doing echocardiograms and other screenings for all kinds of animals. She is a board certified veterinary cardiologist. This takes many years of extra training and testing in addition to a regular veterinary d
So, this was the end of my weekend. Everyone in the neighboring building and our buidling gawking at something and my tenant banging on the door saying "There is a huge fire". This is a picture of our dumpster...on fire...and the fire department coming to put it out. The flames were much, much higher before I took this. They were probably 15 feet high. The plastic lids were totally incinerated. I am just glad nothing else caught on fire. It looks like it was so hot it started to melt the lid of
This is a different problem. I have had my content stolen before when someone takes it all and pastes it onto their site. I had to report it to the search engines and it get taken down. Today I found something odd when looking at my post in the Bing and Yahoo search results. I thought my post had been hijacked again! As it turns out it wasn't but this could still throw you for a loop like it did me.I was looking at the search results in Bing and saw one of my posts there. It has my title, my h
There is perhaps nothing as important as the titles we choose in this business. A great title:Captures people's attentionTells the reader what the post will be aboutUses keywords which we have determined are in demandIs logical and helpfulI just saw a great example of this. My husband wrote an insighful and philosophical post about time here a few days ago. It is a joy to read (yes I am biased but it really is). It is actually a very optimistic post but his title must have given a different imp
I have been very lucky so far with Amazon sales. I had only a few returned items up to this point and they were returned before I was paid so they didn't affect me too much. This week I had a shock however. I logged in to Amazon Associates and saw I had a negative balance for the day! My first thought was "Oh no, do I own Amazon money?" I made a few sales that gave me a profit of several dollars but I had a returned item for -$9. So the net was -$7. I have made enough this month that I still ha