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February 18, 2020
I had no idea when I wrote posts here a few weeks ago about friend's and extended family suffering many calamties and deaths, that this would all get much closer to home. It seemed like there were more than enough disasters and sickness to go around.Last week I found out my Mom has a tumor on her spine. I was still holding out hope that it would be benign. I saw her for dinner and had a nice time. I started coughing however and ended up getting the same bug my husband had. We got very sick with
February 13, 2020
Good news and bad news today. First the Good News. I had 10 sales on Amazon by noon today! Wow! That must be a new record for me. They were all through my second site. I think my post on clinically proven supplements for corona viruses is doing really well. It is not #1 on Google anymore but it is doing very well on Bing and Yahoo and people are still finding it on Google as well. We Must Be Careful Not To Mislead People!I see a website for a supplement called Coronavita when I search for my po
I used this image last year when I did a post about comments I believe. It is just so cute! I wanted to point out the amazing power of comments on our websites if anyone is not familiar with this yet. I have been requesting comments through the Site Comments again recently. It always amazes me when I do this and my post ranking and or traffic suddenly go up in the next day. There is a direct connection between getting traffic and comments (if you get a comment you inherently got a visitor to yo
I am making progress I think...maybe...I hope. It feels like 2 steps forward and 2 steps back. My post from a few weeks ago is no longer #1 on Google but it is still #1 or high on other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.I wrote a new post on pets and coronavirus which does not rank well at all on Google but went to #1 on the others.Last night I was about to go home from work when I saw someone had sent me a message asking if they could see the apatment we are trying to rent at the 6-plex we ma
Following up on yesterday's post: In addition to one person I know with drug resistant MRSA and one who just passed away from complications of the pneumonia and flu going around, there are many others suffering now as well. The older sister of one of my friends committed suicide last month. She was a military veteran. One of our friends has a child with autism who is in the hospital. My best friend's daughter survived 6 months of chemo and had her knee removed due to bone cancer. She just finis
There are a lot of dangerous bugs going around. Coronavirus is getting worse and will turn into a pandemic I think. Some of you laugh but wait a few weeks then tell me what you think then. This post is not about that however. A ton of people are getting pneumonia from the flu that is going around or other bugs...I am not sure which. In any case, a friend's Dad who was like my husband's adopted Dad, just died from complications of this fl/pneumonia a few days ago. My husand was there when he die
I have been thinking about caronavirus since the flight from Wuhan China to evacuate American citizens came through our airport in Anchorage Alaska yesterday. Everyone was screened here and if they showed any signs of illness they would be held at our hospitals and not allowed to continue on. We are the gateway aperently. I don't know if there will be more such flights since some people in Wuhan were not allowed on that fligth and told there was not enough room.I started researching coronavirus
January 28, 2020
I had a problem I have hardly ever (maybe never?) encountered before yesterday when trying to submit a new post to Google to index. Google refused! I got a message that basically said they may index it but it was not mobile friendly. I waited a few days kept trying and kept getting the same message. Normally my posts index instantly. I suspected the problem had something to do with the table I had inserted in this post. I used TablePress to create a table comparing the active ingredients of dif
I am by nature an optimist. I am naturally happy to enjoy little things like a nice cold drink when I am hot, a warm gush of air when I open the oven door if am cold. I get total joy from the song of a bird or a gorgeous sunset or the sound of wind in the leaves. I am happy to see pretty clouds in the sky and always think ahead to all the interesting things I want to do and see. So, when I feel down it is certainly not my usual state. I know when I get sick I tend to get a bit depressed. All th
Our natural gas bill for the last month is $673. That does not include electricity, water, trash etc. The utilities alone will be over $1,000 this month. And of course that does not include internet and phone bills, property taxes and mortgage. It got very cold so I knew the gas bill would be high but this is a new record!Thank goodness I know how to build my websites and get a second stream of income. It is very comforting to know I can always work harder here and make more if I need to!Just