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I have been a member here at WA for years and this is the first time I have requested a comment and waited all day without getting one! It used to be you would request comments and get one right away or sometimes get multiple comments at once. What has changed? Is it the low quality of comments recently that has scared everyone away? I know some members have stopped using Site Comments but that is a real shame. I got a good one yesterday very quickly but in general I have noticed fewer comments
I just spent hours updating one post with new links. It normally doesn't take me so long but I had to find a better affiliate since the first one I tried in place of Amazon (where all my links pointed previously) only pays 0.8% commissions! That is way worse than Amazon even after they lowered their commissions last year. It is hard to tell how much some companies pay in commissions since the rates change and what they paid last year is not what they pay now. You can read a review of an affilia
January 16, 2021
I wrote a new post for my work from home website (my small, youngest site) about the Google December 2020 Core Update. That was apperently the cause of my dramatic loss of traffic from Google. After the traffic dissapeared for a few days, I could see Google crawling my site and then the traffic started to come back. So, no calamity in the end. As with all major Google core updates we just need to wait while the bumps are smoothed out and that can take weeks. I thought I might as well write abou
I went to look up what was going on with Google the last few days. It has been bugging me but I am happy to say my traffic is back up now. Anyway, my last post here at WA was at the top of the Bing search results! How neat is that!! I also looked up specific cat health issues yesterday since we are tying to figure out one of our boy's issues. A post I had written a year and a half ago was the featured snippet! I had forgotten that I had even written about that! I started reading the snippet and
I noticed starting early this morning that my website traffic seemed low. I didn't think too much about it until I looked again this afternoon and saw it is still really low or nonexistant at times. I did some digging and found out Google is having outages in service lately. Here is a graph showing reported Google outages or problems in the last 24 hours. It is much higher than normal I guess (I have never really looked into this before today). I went to Google Analytics and went to see where m
I am so excited! I have found more featured snippets on the search engines pulling from my site! Most are on Bing but a few are still on Google as well. I also see several of them have images from the companies whose product I am reviewing rather than images I used. I have never seen these images before and they have an attribution directly from the company.The search engine matches up my post with an image from the comapany directly and puts them together to create a featured snippet. I also s
January 05, 2021
Happy Tuesday everyone,I am so happy to report I have been approved for more affiliates, updated more of my posts with new affiliate links and discovered that I still have many featured snippets on the Bing search results! After 8 months barely touching my first website (I went months and didn't even look at it), I am still ranked in position zero on Bing for many keywords! How amazing is that? It is not really amazing but a testimate to the great training we get here at WA! With no activity, n
It feels so good to be back at work on my first original, my pet site! It has been a long time but I am back! I have signed up with several new affiliates and I am in the process of switching out all my affiliate links. No more Amazon at least for now. I still feel Amazon is a great way for beginners to get up and running easily. It is harder to scrounge around to lots of different affiliates if you have a broad niche. I am happy with FlexOffers so far. They are an affiliate platfo
December 31, 2020
I started seeing New Year's Posts here and wondered why for a second. It was only December 30th here, not yet New Year's Eve. Then I remememberd for many of you it is already New Year's Eve! Since I am in Alaska I am almost a full day behind Australia and Japan and 12 hours behind Europe. By the time it is New Year's here, it has been celebrated by most everyone else on the planet. The only place behind us is Hawaii and Polynesia and the far Western part of our Aleutian Chain with one hour diff
December 30, 2020
Hi everyone. I am so excited! I finally signed up with some new affiliates to make the transition away from Amazon. If you read my posts earlier this year you may know I was speeding along toward success and then drove off a cliff in my online business when forces beyond my control derailed me. Well, after all this time I am back! I can finally go and swap out my links in existing posts to start making money again. I am using FlexOffers now and so far have been approved for PetCo and Jackson Ga