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Why Does 1 of The Posts on My Website Get Way More Traffic Than the Rest?It just dawned on me why 1 of my posts gets so much more traffic than all the others. It is't the newest, it isn't the longest. It isn't the oldest. It isn't the best post. It is "average". It gets 5 times more traffic than my other posts however. It does this day after day, week after week, month after month. That 1 post always has more traffic than the others. I am talking about traffic in general but the majority of my
I have seen duplicate comments in Site Comments where someone copies a comment on my site, adds a few more sentances and pastes it onto Site Comments. Now I am seeing this in organic comments as well. I always dissaprove these and explain, plagiarism is not allowed! I never know if it is the same person with multiple names or the second person is copying the first. I try to keep the first one and trash the second.Hopefully these organic copycats have nothing to do with WA or Site Comments. I ha
As many of you know, I have two niche websites in pet health and human health. I have a few WA premium referrals even though I don't have a work from home website. I had some friends and family sign up and a few random referrals from social media as well. I really appreciate how easy it is for us to get referrals to WA! I know I don't have time for a third website now but if I can get premium referrals without a website it should be easier WITH a website right! I won't have time to really focus
September 06, 2019
I happened to be in Google Analytics and saw someone from a Bing Search spent 20 minutes on my latest post on my health site today. I was curious what kind of traffic I was getting from Bing so I went to Bing Webmaster Tools and looked around. I saw there are a ton of keywords which were ranking highly that I was not targeting specifically. Most of these are variations on my keywords which is to be expected. I did some searches on Bing as well and discovered I am ranking at #2 for many of the h
I wrote a new post on my website last night with an extensive list of evacuation shelters on the east coast of Florida that accept pets as well as other information for people that want to help pets in the affected area through rescue groups. It is arranged by county, north to south so someone in the area could easily find shelters in their area where they can escape with their pets. Pets are very vulnerable in these storms since many shelters do not accept pets and rescue groups simply don't h
It took all day, my hands are sore, but I completed my post of pet friendly evacuation shelters in East Florida in the path of Hurricane Dorian. Note, there are no affiliate links in the post, I am sharing this for information people can use if they are in the affected area or want to help and as an example of our websites helping vs. selling. This post lists all the pet friendly evacutation shelters by county (there are a lot) and also other information applicable. It also lists some of the lo
I am very happy to report that I am just $5 shy of my all time record for Amazon sales commissions in a month. I have one day left to break my record which was set in April. After a slump this summer in June and early July, with very few sales, lower traffic and lower post rankings, things picked back up in late July. First I set a new record for days in a row of sales. Then August started off great as well. Now I am thrilled that August has been my second highest month for sales to date and I
As many of you understand when we have a regular job, any day at home feels like an opportuntiy to make progress on our websites. The problem is that when you are sick and totally foggy headed it is hard to think let alone write.I want to do something productive so I am requesting comments on Site Comments. Some added traffic and comments to our sites are always beneficial. This way I feel like I am doing something productive. Always trying to move forward one way or another. Then I need to try
August 19, 2019
We had a great reprieve from smoke and the fires for a few weeks. It is still extremely dry however and then the wind picked up. Fires burst back to life and many new fires started. We had two small ones within a few miles of our home and my in-law's had their third large fire within 5 or 10 miles. They have been near an evacuation zone 3 times this summer. Here is the fire that is near them now:
Checking Amazon I see I have 7 sales already today! Wow. That is awesome! The run of sales in 13 out of 14 days came to a halt and I have hardly had any sales since. Today it all picked back up!I am glad to see that I am getting sales from my health site since it is the younger, smaller site. I have been noticing a steady trickle of sales there lately and today 5 of the 7 are from that site though none of those products are ones I review. Whatever works though. If I can get people to Amazon and