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February 19, 2021
I was thinking of my Dad today as we watched the Perseverance landing on Mars. I signed up last summer when it launched to have my name, my husband's and my Dad's on the craft along with millions of other people. Dad passed away in 2014 but he always wished he could go to space. He was fascinated with the universe, with space flight. He remembered seeing Sputnik and that spurred a life long dream. He became a pilot. That was as close as he could get. If not for health problems he might have mad
Hi everyone, I was very glad to have WA last week since I had a stressful time with my regular job. Suffice it to say I am looking forward to being done with it someday. I am comforted to know what I learn here can help make that possible. Between rental properties and my websites I fully intend to be my own boss within just a few years. I will not be retired since I will still be working but I can "retire" in my early 40's from working for someone else. I will be extremely proud of that!I went
Hi everyone,I was worried about Google traffic again last week (after the last update destroyed my traffic for awhile). It came back up again. Now I see some of my posts are falling in rank on Google. There is always a change around the corner in this business. You go way up (like I did last year) and then come crashing down and have to rebuild. It may seem like things are hopeless and you may wonder if you should give it up when you are at the bottom but things will go back up.You have to be a
I have been at WA for 5 years today. Here is what 5 years at WA has meant for me.3 websites, 2 of which made good money at timesOver 2,100 comments on my websites (many from wonderful WA members)!The ability to get and keep featured snippets in the search results at all times for several years.675 days as an ambassador624 posts here5.3 thousand followersA 100% approval rate on comments I have left for members on Site CommentsThousands of interesting interactions with members. Hundreds of new fr
January 29, 2021
I was totally surprised to see the box pop up just now telling me I have been a member here at WA for 5 years! Yay! I love WA and I am so thrilled to be able to say I have been a member here for 5 amazing years. I feel like it's my birthday!This is such an amazing place and I am lucky to know so many great members here. Though the last year has been very rough, I am applying what I have learned here over the years to rebuild my sites. I have the utmost confidence in what is taught here and I ca
January 28, 2021
I had high traffic yesterday (high being relative since I am rebuilding my site) but today my traffic is dismal. I feel like Google is up to something again or having outages. I checked the DownDetector site and it shows high levels of outages and problems reported today. I had more traffic from other sources yesterday too however so I am not sure how/if a Google issue could affect everything else. Is anyone else noticing less traffic today?Last time this happened it was because Google was doin
It was raining last week, now it only got to 13 degrees F today. It is about 0 at night. We go from one extreme to the other anymore. The top picture shows pink light of sunset with the moon rising. The photo doesn't do it justice. It looked much more pink in real life. Here was the crisp blue sky and frosted trees earlier. We went for a walk in the sun. I have hardly been in the sun for months so I didn't even mind the 13 degree temperature! With a scarf around my face I was fine. Our days ar
I have been a member here at WA for years and this is the first time I have requested a comment and waited all day without getting one! It used to be you would request comments and get one right away or sometimes get multiple comments at once. What has changed? Is it the low quality of comments recently that has scared everyone away? I know some members have stopped using Site Comments but that is a real shame. I got a good one yesterday very quickly but in general I have noticed fewer comments
I just spent hours updating one post with new links. It normally doesn't take me so long but I had to find a better affiliate since the first one I tried in place of Amazon (where all my links pointed previously) only pays 0.8% commissions! That is way worse than Amazon even after they lowered their commissions last year. It is hard to tell how much some companies pay in commissions since the rates change and what they paid last year is not what they pay now. You can read a review of an affilia
January 16, 2021
I wrote a new post for my work from home website (my small, youngest site) about the Google December 2020 Core Update. That was apperently the cause of my dramatic loss of traffic from Google. After the traffic dissapeared for a few days, I could see Google crawling my site and then the traffic started to come back. So, no calamity in the end. As with all major Google core updates we just need to wait while the bumps are smoothed out and that can take weeks. I thought I might as well write abou