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My posts that have been bringing in all the traffic for the last three weeks and allowing my site to thrive with 350-800 visitors per day are gone from the Bing and Yahoo search results. I even searched for them in quotes and can't find them. These posts were ranked #1 on Bing and Yahoo for weeks. The primary one was ranked #1 for a month now. This is quite the dramatic fall. I understand if they went down to #2 or #5 or something but they are not anywhere to be found. The only search result I
What is the best way to prevent spread of coronavirus? Stay away from other people, wash your hands and don't touch your face. Our office has decided to close to the public so the doors inside the building (a high rise) are closed. That may sound like a good idea except our office has very little public traffic anyway. We may go all week and not have a single member of the public come in! We are a state govenment office in a very specialized field. The powers that be have decided to close the i
If you have any doubt you can make money with a website utilizing organic traffic, I am here to show you it works! I have made $500 so far in 2020 and $300 in the first 11 days of March alone. These are all Amazon commissions. I have some WA commissions too but I am just looking at Amazon earning from my niche sites here. My record sales for a month was $64 until 2 months ago. I made $141 in February as this sales train started to take off. I have made $299 in March as of yesterday but there ar
This is so exciting! Amazon is finally catching up with my crazy sales this week. I had 36 items ordered today and 35 shipped for a total of $37.56 in sales in just one day! That is my highest one day sales ever from Amazon. I have had higher paydays from monthly Wealthy Affiliate commissions but this is a new record for my websites. You may recall I had 55 sales a few days ago. Not many of them shipped yet however. For the first three days of March I have made $86.95! Wow! That is way more tha
This is a snapshot of traffic on my site today. I am averaging at least 20 people per hour on my second website. I have had around 300 per day for the last few days now and today I just reached 400! I will probably top 450 today.This is amazing! I have had surges in traffic in the past a few times but nothing like this that is sustainable. In the past I had just a handful of times (over 4 years) where a post went viral on social media and took off for a day or two. That was exciting but there a
Well, the month of February ended with $148 of comissions on items shipped from Amazon. There are 45 items still to ship so March will be amazing! My previous record was $64 for one month of Amazon commissions so February was over twice that much! I also have earned some more from WA commissions so I will reach and surpass a total of $500 for the year in March from WA and my websites! Not bad for only the third month of the year! This is becoming a real source of income!I updated a post on my p
February 27, 2020
This is incredable! 55 sales so far on Amazon today from my second site! I posted two days ago that I had 26 sales that day. Yesterday I had 20 more and today is just blowing up! I am officially at $99 for the month as of yesterday. I have no idea how many items will ship today and what the total will be but I have at least 10 items still to ship before the 55 items ordered today so that is 65 items still to ship. I will be WELL over $100 for the month of February.This is nice since it is the o
February 25, 2020
I am so excited! I have had 26 sales today on Amazon! This is certainly a new record for me. I have set a new monthly sales record as well. I don't know where I will end up this month but I know I have surpassed my previous high dollar amount for a month ($64.45). I am up to $84 today! I will not be surprised if I reach my first $100 month for Amazon sales! Once the rest of these items ship I will be at about $90.All of these sales are from my human health site so most have only a 4.5% commissi
February 18, 2020
I had no idea when I wrote posts here a few weeks ago about friend's and extended family suffering many calamties and deaths, that this would all get much closer to home. It seemed like there were more than enough disasters and sickness to go around.Last week I found out my Mom has a tumor on her spine. I was still holding out hope that it would be benign. I saw her for dinner and had a nice time. I started coughing however and ended up getting the same bug my husband had. We got very sick with
February 13, 2020
Good news and bad news today. First the Good News. I had 10 sales on Amazon by noon today! Wow! That must be a new record for me. They were all through my second site. I think my post on clinically proven supplements for corona viruses is doing really well. It is not #1 on Google anymore but it is doing very well on Bing and Yahoo and people are still finding it on Google as well. We Must Be Careful Not To Mislead People!I see a website for a supplement called Coronavita when I search for my po