Why Do Most Experts Make It Sound So Easy?

Last Update: Nov 16, 2018

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After a point, it gets a tad irritating.

Their smiling faces.

The poise, the confidence.

And the sometimes saccharin-laced imploring about why it’s not as difficult as people make it out to be, how success was around the bend ahead.

To someone who’s giving it everything and religiously going by the book but without any traffic, no amount of pep-talk actually helps. It’s the results one wants to see. It’s just to see if this damn online business thing actually works.

I think the root of all these frustrations lie in our arbitrary generalisation of the term “beginner”.

A beginner is anybody who’s yet to see success in the online business. A beginner is someone who’s yet to make a sale from his or her website.

Further, beginners could be classified into subcategories depending upon how many hours one could dedicate on his website realistically.

If you’re someone who’s already with a 9-5 job or with other work commitments that do not permit you to work on your site for, say 12 hours in a day, then it makes no sense comparing yourself to someone who’s on his business fulltime.

It’s a no-brainer. The progress-curve for a person who dedicates only 3 hours daily will be different from someone who’s all free to dedicate 14 hours in a day on his website. More hours, more posts. More hours, more scope for experimentation.

The success paths for all persons are never the same for the simple reason that our life situations are different.

Each one of us has our own potential success story to be written.

We have to create our own hero’s journey.

All those hacks and tips from the successful people are not always useful. In fact, many a time, they could be counter-productive.

How convenient it would have been if there was a perfect blueprint for online success!

Yet every expert right from Neil Patel to John Chow speak as if success would happen if we replicate their strategies.

That sucks, actually!

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Finally, someone who speaks the truth. My current business (the one that pays the bills and is off line) takes up at least 10 hrs of my day. Then there's my family, I need to give them time as well, but how much time depends on the circumstances. Then there's our property, it needs maintenance on a regular basis. So I'm not left a lot of time in the day. Now I'm not complaining it's just that for a while there I forgot why I joined WA. It was to develope a Niche on my favorite topic. I was high jacked for a while. So many people were telling me that in order to be successful I needed to complete bootcamp. Something that in reality I have no time for at the moment. Fortunately I realised I was straying from my reason for being here and have gone back to basics. Jim

Let's all write our success stories someday, Jim!

I know my success has been very slow coming because I've had several health issues that have kept me from working on the training and my websites for long periods of time. I have also had problems with content creation - periods where I have not created content because of 'mind block' and just plain procrastination on my part.

I figure that most of us have reasons why we have not achieved our goals yet.

You have just said a hard-hitting truth, Shirley. Maybe not all, but most of us know why we haven't achieved our goals.

There are so many different situations in play within this group of affiliates that what you say is certainly going to apply to at least 80 to 90% of us.

People who are ill and cannot work, who struggle to put in an hour a day to those who are working full time on their business here in WA most likely covers the range of people who are members here.

I think the success rate is quite for this reason. To me, anyone who successfully works out a niche to run with, develops a website and produces content is a winner.

Trouble is it takes time. Keep on going and you will get there.

Hope to write mu\y own success story someday, Stephen. But if I do, I'll write mostly about the struggles and the dark side of creating an online business.

I'm so glad that someone is actually speaking a genuine truth rather than trying to hype me up into buying some £2000+ course from them.

Honestly i'd given up on the whole internet business/marketing thing for a min, but I then realized that all of these people promoting their courses know full well the financial situation others are in, yet ask them to fork out insane amounts in hopes of getting rich from their course.

No More, I'll take my time, ad make my own success story, and teach others to do it as well without the bogus SUCCESS IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER internet gurus.

Let's tell our honest stories of struggles and fears, Eva. That would make for a more palatable success story.

Hello, This is probably the best Post I have seen on WA ! - I am a Beginner and trying my best. I too get a bit low, when you see the Guru's saying "it is so easy" etc. Nearly thrown in the towel a few times, but still going ! thanks again, this post is actually so uplifting ! and very happy to follow you if that is OK - Rich

I have followed you back, Richie. I have been here for fourteen months but I still consider myself a beginner. It's a constant fight whether to give it all up or to continue. But I'm giving myself a longer rope :)

That is why I like to see honest posts here about the low times not just the successes. If we see both the ups and downs, then the whole thing feels more believable and realistic. Some here think we should write only positives, only successes but I believe that can alienate beginners who may be struggling and not realize the successful people struggle too and certainly struggled when they were starting out. If we see examples of struggle and then success, we know we can get through the lows and still make it in the end.

However, there is so much negativity and stress in our lives, it definitely helps to have positives to focus on. If we only talked about the struggle no one would want to give this a try and they would not know how successful they can be.

Let's write our own honest stories of the struggles we had. Let's write about the many feelings of self-doubts someday. About how difficult it had been for us. Thanks for your thoughts there, Jessica. Much appreciated.

As an ambassador here at WA there is some pressure to be positive all the time. Some people think that is the job of an ambassador. I think it is good to be realistic and truthful. Guess what, I am an ambassador but I struggle. I am an ambassador but I don't make as much money yet as I would like. I don't put enough time in because I have a full time job and health problems. I have gotten discouraged many times and wondered if I should quit.

It isn't all peachy all the time. I DO believe in WA however. I know this works if you have the time to make it work. You have to be persistent and keep going but it does work. I make a profit so I am happy but it is very time consuming to get to this point.

Excellent post and really brings it home. Never thought about the different lengths of a beginner before. So true.

One of the main things to think about is the fact that the only pressure to succeed is the pressure we put on ourselves.

Take that away and life is a bowl of cherries!

Have a great day

BY my own definition of a beginner, I think the majority of us here are beginners. Isn't that so, Jonathan?

I think you are right. There are even some days when after 10 years online, I feel like one too!!!!

Hi Sukumar
This post is interesting and I see people who because they are consistently adding content even though it may be 1 piece each week, to me this is a success as they being proactive consistently when they have time
I also believe what Tony Robbins says" If you want to be truly successful do what successful people do" and this how I build my business online
Success starts with the 1st step :)

Thanks for your comment, Vicki. Waiting for my own success story to tell the world. I would like to believe that I have already taken my first step towards it. Cheers.

You sure have done this Sukumar and do what you can when you can to continue growing :)

Everything you have pointed out here is so true!
Some people reach success faster because they
have more time to dedicate to working on their
business goals - some work very hard toward the
goals they have set but only have little time to do
the work.

In the online world, I feel the time is yours to make your
business what you want it to be, does it have to be
done quickly not for me!

This system that Carson and Kyle have given us works
not quickly but eventually after failing we learn what and
how we should be doing things so no there is no specific
time for making money online.

Thanks, Susan for your comments. Let's wait together for our own success stories to unfold :)

I believe we will succeed together

Hope so. Fingers crossed :)

Good post sukumarth, you kinda 'nailed it' there as they say, meaning you're post is very true.

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