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Which attribute to add for affiliate links?

Which attribute to add for affiliate links?

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nofollow or sponsored or UGC

Which attributes do you add for the affiliate link??

As Trish states, all affiliate links need to be set to sponsored.


Hi Alex, I'm sure I read in the WA training to make affiliate links "nofollow" ... however, looking at SEJ they do recommend the "sponsored" attribute.

I guess you could use both.


Apologies, yes, you would want them to be no follow as well.


Thanks Alex :-)

Hey Sujith,

See screen print below... if you're using the Block Editor.

Hope you find this helpful.

Thanks for the comment, Trish. Most people mentioned adding "Sponsored" to the link.

I would use sponsored as Monica suggested.

Thanks for the comment, Susan.

I use sponsored for affiliate links.

Thanks for the comment, Monica. Will use "Sponsored" for the link.

Yes sponsored. UGC would be if you're linking to sites or pages that are user generated like Wikipedia or forums like Quora

Thanks for letting me know when to use UGC. Will use "sponsored" for the affiliate links.

Not long ago I asked the same question and I received immediate and amazing advice. It was my turn to help.
Much success to you!!


Thanks stephen...😊

I believe it's "sponsored" on an affiliate link

Thanks for the comment Tai, Most of the members also said to add "sponsored".


Hi Rohan

Most of the members tell that to add "sponsored" to the link. You have mentioned that you learned nofollow from WA. I will also once look into it. By the way, thanks for the comment, Rohan.

Below is the screenshot of what I am talking about...

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