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Too many spam e-mails - what should I do?

Too many spam e-mails - what should I do?

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I have my website's e-mail displayed in my websites.
but I am getting too many spam e-mails which is a waste of time to delete.
Should I just remove my e-mail from the we

Thanks to all for your suggestions and comments! :)

Marion's approach works best. If you don't engage the problem you don't need an app or plugin!

I like Marion's simple approach. But you have to get crafty, because the automated apps that crawl the web for emails don't have to be too clever to figure out they should also harvest anything that contains (at) (dot) (com).

Find another way to spell out your email without providing it to the letter.

This is taking me back, but in the early noughties, when I was still bothering to code, I used to have a special link for the spam spiders, that would take them into an oubliette that generated endless email addresses. I don't think anyone does that anymore.

I don't know if you have the Akismet plugin as well to support.

Akismet is not needed and should not be installed on WA-hosted sites. Anti-spam protection is now done at the server level,

So is Kyle's lesson needing an update because I am just learning it from his tutorials.

Yes, there's an update needed to the training. (Part of the problem is that Akismet was used for many years here at WA and has references in much of the training.)

Thanks Bob let me throw it away.

You can't eradicate them, unfortunately ;-(

People, will, "suggest" on your site! It's free advertising for them!
I have no problem telling them to get off and stay, away! Delete their message and send them a personal. how dare, you! public or private! It's spam! ..and, how do others see you, on your site!!
each, one immediately, or, your message will become the site!
baad conversation...What was her blog, about!?
Erase, and growl!!

I don't have my email address on my website because of all the spam emails it attracts. Instead, like a lot of big name bloggers, I use the format marion[at]marionblackonline.com and that seems to work.

Hi Marion, thanks for your response to my question.
Does that mean you use that same e-mail address for all your websites?
Even if I display a different e-mail address e.g. info@suetay.com, it would still attract spam, wouldn't it?

I use the same format for all my email addresses on my websites.

It's the '@' symbol that the robots search for so they can scrape email addresses off the internet. Using [at] instead of @ means the robots don't find it but people know what email addresses are supposed to look like.

Thank you for the clarification, Marion.
I get what you mean now. :)

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