Another Reason to Celebrate

Last Update: December 02, 2020

Hi WA Friends, today I celebrate 2 small achievements.

Google Adsense

I managed to insert some Google Adsense ads into my website.

I have 2 in the side-bar, 1 in a post that has affiliate links and another in a post that has no affiliate links.

Getting approved so quickly by Google Adsense was in itself a surprise as my first 2 websites were not approved by Google Adsense when I applied a few years ago.

Now Rank #184

The second surprise I got today was when I saw my rank in WA rising so quickly and received a message congratulating me on achieving a rank within the top 200 in WA.


I was never one to celebrate small achievements. But they do mean something to me as I have struggles with learning Google Analytics and now Google Adsense too.

Just like many if not all of us here, being able to achieve results and eventual success is a goal that I have set my heart to do. I feel that I have wasted so much time having stopped working on my websites for a few years.

I am most thankful for the WA commnunity, Ambassadors and Site Support for all the support given thus far.

Without your training tutorials and being there to answer my questions, I would have been stuck many times.

I'd like to say THANK YOU to all.

Best Wishes,

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JulietAA Premium
Well done Sue
suetay Premium
Thanks for your encouragement, Juliet. :)
Eugene Premium Plus
Congrats, I guess Google is approving much quicker AdSense and that is good news.
suetay Premium
Hi Eugene, thank you for reading my post.

Yes, I think so as my site only had 12 posts when I applied.
davebux Premium Plus
Sue, looks like things are starting to work for you. Well done.
suetay Premium
Thanks, Dave! :)
RoseLee2020 Premium
Congratulations Sue!~^

Keep moving up!~

Rose 💕
suetay Premium
Thanks for cheering me on, Rose! :)
beautiful801 Premium
Congratulations on your achievement. Alicia
suetay Premium
Thank you, Alicia! :)