My Current Rank in WA is #1XXX

Last Update: November 02, 2020

Hi everyone,

It's been awhile since I last blogged on the WA platform, or should I say it's been a few years.

I hope everyone has been well and keeping safe.

My WA Rank is...

Today is a good day to write this post since I am at Lesson 10 of the Level 2 training, and when Kyle asked us to check our WA ranking, I saw that my rank sits at 1000.

After having been away from WA for a very long time, my rank rose by leaps and bounds from # 20 to the thousands level.

However, I have been a WA member for long enough to know that your rank or mine is just a number. More importantly, I still see many familiar names and faces here in WA as well as many more friendly and helpful new members and Ambassadors. It helps to put me at ease and makes coming back to WA so much more comfortable.

My First Domain At WA

Since starting on the OEC training over again, I registered my first domain at WA on 11 October and it was indexed on 28 October. The niche I am working on is about nature and healthy lifestyle.

To-date, I have 4 posts on my site and 3 site comments. I enjoy giving site comments and I look forward to seeing the comments received on my site as it gives me a real sense of reward for the work I put in. Thank you to my site commenters for taking time to read my posts.

I can imagine the feeling when I receive my first affiliate sale through my site will be even more rewarding. ;)

My Happy Place :)

Today, I am writing a new post in my blog about my happy place. As I sit here writing this post, I just realized that I can say that WA is a happy place for me. It's a place where I could literally spend hours a day and inspite of the hard work I need to put in, it will not feel like work most of the time because I enjoy what I am doing and it makes me happy.

Next Steps

I owe an apology to many of the new members whom I have yet to follow because I had not been following back my followers during my long absence. Thank you for following me and I will be following you back. I would like to say a belated welcome to the WA family.

Moving forward, I plan to keep up the momentum going through the training and keep on writing content. At the pace I am going, it is not very fast but I would like to publish at least 1 post a week. With less distraction (slowly cutting down on other non-productive activities) I should be able to make more progress.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely week ahead!

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    BrightSales Premium
    That is awesome news friend. Keep up the good work. All the best!
    suetay Premium
    Thank you John.
    All the best to you too.
    Kyle Premium Plus
    Great to hear from you Sue and good to hear you are doing well. Nothing but the best for you moving forward and if you ever need a hand, you have a community of help and support to lean on here.

    Keep us in the loop!
    suetay Premium
    Wow... I have received a comment on my blog from the #1 man in WA! ;)
    Thanks Kyle for the great training. The updates that have been made are very helpful. I am looking forward to making more progress.
    Thank you for your support and encouragement always.
    Sue #1K
    AlexEvans Premium
    Welcome back, good to see you, Sue and best wishes as you reconnect with the community and your online journey.
    suetay Premium
    Thank you Alex. It's nice to hear from you.
    Best wishes to you too.
    Chazdb Premium
    Hi Sue, Welcome back!, I have had my problems along the way and am trying to get back into a routine and get something moving after a very tumultuous 2020. we have to take our next steps and realize that the only way from here is forward.
    suetay Premium
    Hi Charles, hope you are going well with the training.
    Yes, it is not easy getting back into a routine but keep going and just do your best.
    Best wishes to you.
    arlowa Premium
    Hello Sue, welcome back I wish you lots of success with your new domain!
    suetay Premium
    Hello Andrea, nice to meet you.
    Thank you so much. I've followed you back.
    I wish you lots of success too!