Doctor's Orders

Last Update: May 11, 2016

I started putting off doing the courses and my website again, as I was too busy with other stuff. But while seeing my pain specialist he suggested I see a psychologist due to long term chronic pain from an injury.

I wasn't sure at first as I have never done anything like that before, but my family agreed that I should see someone, as they see the differences in me.

After a couple of sessions and me rambling - going from one subject to another, which I tend to do a lot, I got around to talking about my blog website and WA.

She had a look and seemed to be impressed, saying that blogging ticks off some ways to cope with certain problems. I also told my adult daughter, who was also impressed (even though I do mention her - without names - in my blogs).

Both told me to concentrate on my website whenever I can - this is my homework from now on.

Hearing their opinions has made me very keen to get stuck into all the WA training and my website.

I haven't stopped for the last few days, whenever I get a chance that is...

I have a long way to go and so much I want to do on my site. But I am learning more everyday.

I am really enjoying it as well, and can't wait until achieve the finished product.

I am just doing as I am told after all!

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Funkydunc208 Premium
I hope it gives you a great deal of strength and comfort. Enjoy all that you learn.
LoreDonna Premium
Hi Gail, blogging is indeed a strong psychological remedy for many, even they don't realize this... ALL THE information here can be a little overwhelming, but take your time. .Baby steps!
Take care of your arms!
Ultimateless Premium
WOW! That's a new one on me....blogging is good for health!
WillingToTry Premium
Hello Gail, you certainly got my attention when you spoke about the benefits of blogging. I know the feeling of being overwhelmed that one gets when faced by the opportunities for training and learning here at W.A.

I thoroughly recommend that you "stick to your guns", just learn to pace yourself and don't suffer "burnout" in the meantime!

More strength to your arms,
kind regards,
storm57 Premium
Thanks Arthur, I was surprised when I was told about the benefits as well.
JudeP Premium
Well done on your progress so far. Make sure to reach out for help or just a chat if you need to :)
storm57 Premium
Thanks Jude and will do